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----------------------------------------Heh, Galand is just playing around against Jericho and also Ban currently as lock flee. They should of included the scene in the previous episode (would of fit in lot more)The best component of this episode imo is the appearance of Escanor. Around time the guy showed up! Melascula and Galand's reaction come booze is gold LOL. It's pretty similar to the manga and I'm satisfied through the way they adapted that.In the meantime, Galand challenges Escanor to a \"game\". Shit acquired real as soon as Escanor entered his work form. What a titanic badass! prayer THE SUN!

Sun motherf*ckers, perform you praise it?All hail unbeatable Escanor-sama!It was perfect, however shame the there wasn't any type of epic soundtrack favor pt9 or Perfect Time.

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The lady at limit for escaping v two people on her ago and large rocks attack in coming.\"My Sweet Gluttony\"? The owner recognizes Suzuki-san's character.Both that them came to be captive the alcohol, lol. Game said for lives.The guy who looks weak turns out the really last member that sins. Ah, the releases power with sun.The fact enemy acquired afraid of his opponent getting stronger and got stoned himself.The lady opponent got melted by the heart she got and ate.FukuJun's character finally uncovered them.Showing titan lady dancing.
Finally!!!! An illustration I deserve to be hyped for! A1 yielded with Escanor and alot the stills looked nice too. Sugita Tomokazu likewise did great voicing Escanor 10/10
Wojtini21 said:It to be perfect, yet shame the there wasn't any type of epic soundtrack choose pt9 or Perfect Time.
What a good episode, epic shit right there. Tomokazu Sugita's voice fits perfectly because that Escanor. Melascula, muerta por jugarle al vergas.
No tomo malas decisiones, me gusta apoyar causas perdidas.Disfruté Mayoiga, Ou-sama Game, evil or Live, Mirai Nikki y Arifureta. Así de jodido está mi gusto en anime, y estoy bien pinche orgulloso de ello.

Wojtini21 said:It to be perfect, however shame the there wasn't any kind of epic soundtrack like pt9 or Perfect Time.
yup, escanor's ost kinda... Well it's great n all yet u know, it ain't the memoriable , that kinda unsatisfying xDost is really huge part of every char in anime imo.remember when reiner n berthold was transforming into titans, the ost that was strong in the elevator is really² epic n amazing asf dude.
yeah ultimately the only reason and the just worth point on Nanatsu no Taizai Appearhmm very first time i didnt feel Gintoki voice top top Sugita VoiceOFFICIAL BALANCE IS damaged ON NANATSU NO TAIZAIMelascula kinda hot(if she mouth close) but
The sunlight was certainly praised. They go justice to the \"fight\" (more prefer a rape) that Escanor against Galand and also Melascula. If i would add a complaint, would be the the OST could have been better, but I'm tho happy v the last result.Sugita's power was great. I didn't meant night Escanor would had actually that stuttering and also shy voice, I assumed Sugita would use his typical range, however the result was perfect. And also day Escanor to be perfect. Now things have been balanced between the Commandments and also the 7DS.
Also, Jericho deserves some prayer too. If she wouldn't had actually standed all the assaults of Galand and reach to Escanor's tavern, Ban and Elaine would have actually been dead through now. It's amazing just how much I pertained to like her, considering that I disliked her in the first season. She's together a great girl.
Drunk Melascula to be love
Too negative she was damaged (and Escanor didn't also had to perform anything, lol).
The method Galand to be petrified to be hilarious. The poor bastard didn't stand a chance. The funniest point is that, if the would have actually finished Escanor as soon as he pertained to the tavern rather of wasting time drinking, that would've won. And also that's youngsters why girlfriend don't take your vices take the ideal of you.I kinda feel negative for him, though, that was one of my favourite members that the Commandments, however he really tempted fate.
P R A ns S E the S U NEscanor just blasted those two away together if they to be nothing, as a manga leader I was very excited coming into this episode to seeing his arrival to be animated, and I obtain an impressive result.
That start tho, Galand playing golf through Ban and the others lmao. Jericho is tough.The best component of the illustration is for certain the figure of Escanor, the is such a man with pride. Melascula and also Galand drinking deals with was hilarious. I'm safisfied in the method the adjusted this part good job. Galand's best mistake to be to an obstacle Escanor. One face figh showing a glimpse the Escanor's power, what a badass. Melascula got rekted as well, get shed snake! prayer THE SUN!That ending with Diana and the Giants tribe. Was weird imo.
The hype for Escanor certain as hell delivered, divine fuck the was amazing.Galand determined the wrong enemy and ended up obtaining petrified by his very own power after trying to run away indigenous his very own challenge, that's exactly how freaking badass that guy is, and he wasn't even full strength yet.This second cour is looking therefore promising, i can't wait to watch more.
It’s finally time to worship the sun!The man is so damaged that even his spirit is op!Escanor aside, Jericho continues being amazing :)

I regret nothong . Because that so long i've heard people talkin about escanor and I to be hyped to the level that I have actually bookmarked the manga in the browser . And also the struggle and desire to look at this guy I was really fucked up . However I've waited and also no regret . This personality is lit af and really precious the wait . An excellent episode i think now I'm officially praising the sun
ESCAGOAT!! holy shet, Galand got rekt like a baby.Jericho finest Girl
Now Elain and King reunited... Ns wonder what will certainly be his reaction.Diane dancing? heh, I'd choose to view that
Just provide them a pair of over sized breasts and also a happy ending and also they'll oink for much more every time
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As if we needed more evidence that Jericho is fucking finest girl.And damn based Escanor.Awesome episode in pretty much every aspect.
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Escanor is fucking amazing!!!!!!Awesome illustration as Escanor to be not just entertaining but really gibberish too. I shall praise THE SUN! too.
I was waiting for Escanor come finally appear after hearing so much about how awesome and also badass that was, and also truly, Escanor's size and power is as substantial as his Pride!
Fantastic episode.Jericho was pretty cool this episode.Drunk Galland and also Melascula were hilarious. The said, drunk Melascula is quite attractive. XDHoly shit! The hype because that Escanor sure delivered here. He completely wrecked both Galland and also Melascula. Galland specifically got wrecked by his own reality commandment. I don't view how any kind of of the commandments stand a chance versus this guy, he have the right to probably solo every one of them. XDPraise the Sun!We require Dark Souls meme's through Escanor now, unless they already exist?
To be honest, ns don´t feel choose the anime ceded the hype it should have actually from the Manga. Naught compared...
I've been wait for this ever since I very first read the in the manga, and also it satisfies me to view the non-manga readers additionally PRAISING THE FUCKING SUN!!I agree that the OST might have been much better to add more impact however Escanor's thin badassery to be still amazing. The hype because that this moment absolutely delivered. Don't fuck through that guy when it's high noon (which is miscellaneous Galan and also Melascula learned the difficult way).

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man just exactly how f**king an effective is escanor,what an remarkable fight(even though is was totally one sided)All praise The Sun!!!so now galand and also that girl are dead??..we won't view them anymore??
You know just how they an outbreak into the tune after short opening sequence... For this reason I'm favor \"yes, sing along time!\"#Are friend satisfied?...Then it was like \"damn, where's that gone?!\"\"God dammit, the adjusted the OP.\"GAAAAHAnyways, this illustration highlighted why Jericho is the best. INDISPUTABLE.It was apparent to me that Melascula and Garland were going to obtain drunk as quickly as lock hit that bar (a dead pun intended)Other than that, lord Escanor is so jokes, at very first I thought it'd be strange because that anyone come be more powerful than Meliodas; however if his energy resource (I guess?) is the sun, climate yeah. Provides sense.But taking out two of the commandments like that, Sheesh.Actually, mine favourite moment is how they discovered him, that's a coincidence gone also far
Escanor is the best. Make Galland piss his trousers lol. Bad Melascula despite :( simply a reminder to never mess w/ the sunlight haha
Great episode. Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 finally gets an episode with great animation. It’s about time. My favorite component is once galand and Melascula obtained drunk. And of course, escanor elevating his axe, about to to win galand to be also an excellent too.
Combat course still annoys the dogshit the end of me each time it's mentioned.And pls no gigantic clan committed episode following week, they room so boring :(
Damn he destroyed Galand and Melascula!So strong and Op.Cannot wait come see much more of him.10/10 illustration for me.


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