How long can you walk in the enlistment process before it’s also late to earlier out? What specifically constitutes lying on your enlistment paperwork? exactly how much weed can you actually admit to smoking prior to the military won’t accept you anymore? These room questions numerous recruits questioning themselves as they go through the enlistment process. The difficulty with asking yourself is the you don’t know and the answer will certainly still elude you.

If friend lied to your recruiter to get to the army Entrance processing Station, and also you lied there too, there’s one place in the enlistment procedure where you should more than likely come clean.


MEPS: whereby memories of your first-ever awkward army moments are born.

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The army Entrance Procession terminal is where potential armed forces recruits are sent out to test their suitability to sign up with the military. It’s in ~ MEPS you’ll gain your first taste of forming acronyms, share a hotel room with a stranger, and also having the yonsei gawk at her naked body while measuring you like you’re a Saint Bernard at the Westminster Dog Show. An ext than that, it’s usually where you’ll be drug tested v someone city hall you for the an initial time, take it the ASVAB test, and where most of united state lie about how lot pot us smoked (for the record, you never ever tried it more than twice).

After your 2nd visit come MEPS, girlfriend won’t be going home, you’ll be off to straightforward training, where that might be. When you’re inprocessing in ~ your simple training unit, you’ll likely be grilled about any personal information you can have neglected come tell her recruiter ago home. This is whereby the reality makes or breaks your job – and also integrity matters.

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Just ask these guys.

Basic training is where you’ll do a ton the paperwork, and also most important amongst that paperwork is your actual, real armed forces contract. Once you go to sign this paper, the human working v you is going come ask if there’s anything friend haven’t divulged that could affect your capability to enlist. Once you sign this paper, they own you, and also it’s too late to earlier out. The federal government will relocate next to examine out its new investment. The is come say, they’re in reality going to examine up ~ above you. So when the Army, waiting Force, Navy, maritime Corps, or shore Guard asks friend if there’s anything else, this is the “Moment that Truth.”

If friend lie in ~ this point, it will certainly be held against you. Convictions, medicine busts, massive debt, debilitating diseases, anything through a record trail, (and remember friend only ever smoked pot twice and also you disliked it, so you never tried the again), all must be set out. If girlfriend come clean in ~ the “Moment the Truth,” there’s a great chance you’ll have the ability to stay and enter the military. If girlfriend don’t and it come up later, there’s a good chance you won’t.


Remember when you to be going to be an Airborne Crytological Linguist yet you lied around all her parking tickets? you will.

What girlfriend lied about may not be something that would require you acquiring kicked out of the military. Of course, there’s a factor you lied around it, for this reason it likely would be serious sufficient for the military to think about kicking you out. Also if it isn’t the serious, it to be a test of truth in which friend failed. In short, this is coming ago to haunt you for the rest of your military career.