NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 illustration 9 Review: Glasnost

Callen and his father had actually an uncomfortable reunion, together Garrison was discovered protecting the comatose Katerina from gunmen at a hospital.

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Garrison promised Callen answers the following time castle met, and also he acquired them, also if the didn"t like them much. Garrison continued to be away from Callen and her sisters in the expect of keeping them far from his attention business. Callen didn"t purchase that.

i don"t forgive you, and I don"t recognize that I ever before will.


Callen also finds out he has actually a half-sister, Alex, native Garrison"s affair through Katerina when he was serving together her CIA handler. It will certainly be amazing to see how lone-wolf Callen deals with having actual family members rather of just being funny uncle Callen come Sam"s youngsters on significant holidays.

Kensi is actually making progress in her rehab, going native barely taking steps in a pedestrian on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 illustration 8 come walking far from she lunch with Callen and also Hanna.

Kensi : I miss this, you guys, ns really miss this.Hanna: You"ll be earlier in no time. Simply keep in ~ it.

Some of that progress has to be attributed to she interactions through her rehab frenemy Sullivan, v whom she got into a food fight. Your bickering, through his one-of-a-kind K nickname for her, seems to have lit a fire under her, also if, as their rehab therapist notes, castle act choose a couple of 6-year-olds. Ns still chalk his being there up to coincidence fairly than part Machiavellian beat by Hetty, but whatever; it"s working.

But lot of the credit needs to go to ever-patient Deeks. He"s certainly frustrated, yet not about Kensi. It was five so sweet to see her wrap her bad hand (as she called it, her claw) approximately Deeks" hand.

Even Eric placed in a optimistic vote for Kensi.

Eric: Kensi will be ago in the field. I"m sure of it.Deeks: Thanks, man.Eric: No, Deeks. I"m serious. Perform you know how I know Kensi will be earlier in the field? due to the fact that I"m in the field. If you"d have actually said I"d be out here, interrogating people, cram grenades, moving a gun, if you"d have actually said that 3 years ago, I"d have said impossible. However you guys helped me, sustained me, and also that"s what you"re doing for Kensi. So yeah, she"ll it is in back.

How long until she"s back. Absolutely after the holidays, because she"s theoretically just two months in to a six-month rehab. Yet then TV does have actually its methods for flash-forwarding, for this reason who"s come say?

Eric obtained himself earlier into the field in a specifically Eric way.

Nell: because he"s the one who took Fedor down, he cases to have actually a unique insight into what provides him tick.Hanna: he threw a flash-bang in ~ the guy. He didn"t carry out a psych profile.Nell: Oh, yet he did. And also it"s 17 pages long. I think by page 5, Granger just wanted the to obtain out that here.

There"s no doubt that, unlike Nell, Eric is too socially aer to allowed out in the basic population, whether he"s making use of a radiation meter in a overfilled cafe or trying to intimidate a Russian spy through a grenade full of jelly beans. Uneven they need someone to walk undercover in ~ Comic-Con or a renaissance fair, I inquiry if he"d it is in the very first choice.

Still, this was his most successful outing to date, back that"s a relatively low bar.

Callen: Where"s Eric? did he obtain hurt?Deeks: He"s inside interviewing witnesses. He did great, actually. He could have kinda, sorta saved my life, maybe.Hanna: Don"t worry, Deeks. We won"t tell anyone.

A welcome return was devious Arkady, who came ago to help Callen and also Hanna navigate the murky civilization of Russian spies. Together he notes, his intel isn"t what it once was, however Arkady still comes through, if just by irritating NCIS agents working through him.

I"m start to think that Granger isn"t long for this show. He"s always been gravelly voiced, yet he"s gone end to mumbling and also barely intelligible. I"m wonder if Granger"s recent health troubles may reflect part medical issue of Miguel Ferrer as has been rumored top top line. He"d it is in a identify loss, yet he"s getting written out on regular basis this season anyway.

Based ~ above the previews, that looks like NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 illustration 10 promises some motion on the mole-hunt front, simply in time for an extended holiday break. Then maybe Kensi can be magically healed in a vacation miracle.

To record up on these dangling storylines, watch NCIS: Los Angeles online.

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Eric and/or Nell, in the field, in Ops, or some mix of the two? go you enjoy seeing Arkady or Garrison again? exactly how will Callen handle having a sibling? Comment below.