MapleStory is an old yet amazing giant multiplayer online role-playing game that is popular among gamers across the entire globe. However, there are a couple of who have actually reported MapleStory no launching in home windows 10 and also crashing on startup. Because of these errors, players room not maybe to suffer the MMORPG ~ above their home windows 10. This guide will assist to deal with these issues and resolve every start-up errors v MapleStory.

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4 methods To settle MapleStory no Launching ~ above Startup in windows 10?

There space four basic troubleshooting methods to deal with MapleStory no launching in home windows 10. You can try out each method and check if the issue has been solved which way you have the right to ignore the remaining techniques if your problem has been resolved.

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Method 1: Elevated Mode

One of the first fixes to attempt while MapleStory crashes on start-up is to run the application in elevated or administrative mode. Right here are the actions to use this method:

Step 1: locate the MapleStory Nexon Launcher and make a right-click on it followed by picking Properties from the paper definition menu.

Step 2: In the Properties window, click on the Compatibility Tab.

Step 3: place a checkmark in the inspect box labeled together Run this program as an Administrator.


Step 4: click the apply button followed by the OK switch located in the appropriate bottom corner.

Step 5: start the game normally and also check if the MapleStory not launching issue has been resolved.

Method 2: Compatibility Mode

If the Admin mode method does no work, then us can try the alternative troubleshooting measures which are to run the video game in compatibility mode. The MapleStory is one old game and hence may not it is in compatible with the latest variation of home windows 10. Here are the procedures to readjust the compatibility mode:

Step 1: Navigate come the MapleStory game folder by making use of the following path.


Note: You might copy this path and paste that in the deal with bar the the record Explorer.

Step 2: locate the MapleStory.exe game executable file and make a right-click on that to disclose the context menu.

Step 3: click on Properties in the context food selection to open the Properties window.

Step 4: find the Compatibility tab and also then ar a checkmark in the examine box labelled as Run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows 7 from the drop-down list.

Step 5: click the inspect box beside Run this regime as an Administrator.


Step 6: click on Apply complied with by Ok.

Step 7: open up the game via the launcher and also check if the MapleStory crashes top top the start-up problem has been resolved.

Method 3: it is registered Changes

There is a Registry settle recommended by gaming specialists to fix MapleStory no launching in home windows 10. Here are the procedures to make the minor readjust via it is registered Editor in home windows 10:

Step 1: Make certain that you have closed the MapleStory game and also the Nexon launcher. You can use the task Manager to finish Tasks regarded the game.

Step 2: now press home windows + R to open the run box and type Regedit in the text an are followed by enter key.


Step 3: once the registry Editor window opens, press Windows + F to open the search food selection and kind soScreenMode complied with by the enter key.

Step 4: as soon as the Registry vital is located, double click on the and readjust the value from 0 to 3.

Step 5: conserve the change and departure the it is registered Editor. Currently launch the video game to examine if the MapleStory crashes on start-up is fixed.

Method 4: update Drivers

The final option to solve MapleStory not launching in home windows 10 is to upgrade your graphic drivers. This can be done in two ways: hand-operated & Automatic. The manual method involves downloading and install the recent driver upgrade from the graphics map manufacturer’s website and installing it on your system. It is quite a time and also effort-consuming procedure and requires certain tech skills related to downloading, extracting, and also installing a driver. ~ above the other hand, to simplify the procedure and complete it v a few mouse clicks, we imply you opt for a driver updater application like Smart Driver Care. Here are the procedures to usage Smart Driver Updater on her computer:

Step 1: Download & Install clever Driver care by click the download button below:


Step 3: permit the app scan her computer’s hardware and allude out the driver worries in your system.

Step 4: locate your graphic driver in the perform displayed and click ~ above the update Driver attach next come it.


Step 5: once the graphic driver is updated, leave the application and restart the computer.

Launch the game to determine if the MapleStory crashes on the start-up problem has been resolved.

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The last Word On just how To settle Maplestory not Launching ~ above Startup In home windows 10?

One of these 4 troubleshooting methods will aid to resolve the MapleStory no launching issue on your computer. You deserve to always shot using the smart Driver treatment to update all vehicle drivers in your PC, including the graphics drivers. With updated drivers, you have the right to remain assured the you will certainly not face any minor issues and also your pc will provide optimum power at every times. Follow united state on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.