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This is the story that the life that Nisa, a member of the !Kung tribe of hunter-gatherers from southern Africa"s Kalahari desert. Told in her very own words—earthy, emotional, vivid—to one anthropologist who succeeded, with Nisa"s collaboration, in breaking with the barriers of language and also culture, the story is a fascinating view of a exceptional woman.

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Marjorie Shostak to be a research Associate in the department of anthropology at Emory University and also an award-winning photographer.

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advent 1. Earliest memory 2. Household Life 3. Life in the shrub 4. Finding out Sex 5. Trial marital relationships 6. Marital relationship 7. Wives and also Co-Wives 8. An initial Birth 9. Motherhood and Loss 10. Adjust 11. Women and Men 12. Acquisition Lovers 13. A Healing routine 14. More Losses 15. Farming Older Epilogue notes Glossary Acknowledgments table of contents

When i reread Nisa, together I have actually done consistently in to teach over the years, I experience its originality, poignancy, and also excitement afresh every time. Couple of books that were so significant in changing the look and feel of ethnography for entire generations the anthropologists have actually held increase so well. The is a classic, with currency and also continuing possibility.— George Marcus, Professor that Anthropology, Rice University

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When ns reread Nisa, together I have done routinely in teaching over the years, I suffer its originality, poignancy, and also excitement afresh every time. Couple of books that were so influential in transforming the look and also feel that ethnography for entire generations of anthropologists have actually held up so well. It is a classic, with currency and also continuing possibility.

George Marcus

scrupulous, sad, interesting book.

New York Times

We have a remarkable anthropologist to say thanks to for an taking in account.

New York evaluation of Books

Both Nisa and also Shostak space unusual people, and also their teamwork has caused an unrivaled account of !Kung life from a an individual rather 보다 social or ecological perspective. Even more important, their occupational results in a revelation that the universality that women"s experiences and feelings despite large differences in society and society. Nisa helps us recognize what it method to be !Kung, to it is in a woman, and finally, to it is in human.

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Nisa is a humbling and inspiring book.

Wall Street newspaper - Tim Jeal

Nisa is a humbling and inspiring book.— Tim Jeal