In the past, sleep piercings were a rarity because that both men and women in the western world. Men had actually rigid criter to abide by once it involved external appearance, and also even colors were gender-specific.

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Nowadays, society"s beauty beauty ideals room evolving, and nose piercing for men is no taboo no one uncommon.

In various other countries, males pierce their noses for religious, tribal, and social reasons. Males in some Australian aboriginal tribes have septum piercings. The Papua new Guinean Bundi tribe additionally embraces this kind of body modification. In the past, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian, and also Persian men additionally wore nose rings.

Today, septum piercing is usual practice in both men and also women. The jewelry and location that the piercing vary, with different styles easily accessible depending on her aesthetic. V a range of different styles, you deserve to opt because that a not-too-obvious piece or one that renders a interlocutor statement.

Regardless of your preference, don’t let gift male stop you from getting a nose piercing. You no alone.


Our Favourite nose Piercing Jewelry

Should guys gain nose piercings?

Gender have to not determine what girlfriend can and cannot wear.

Nose rings are fashionable accessories that male celebrities and influencers famously present off. Part stars who sport nose rings encompass Lenny Kravitz, Tupac Shakur, Justin Bieber, Travie McCoy, and even legendary guns N" Roses guitarist Slash. Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker likewise has a nose ring, and also so walk rapper Wiz Khalifa.

If you choose the look at of a nose ring and want to add flair to her style, you can purchase magnetic nose rings come see just how it looks before committing. If you prefer it, walk ahead and also schedule your piercing.

Which side have to guys gain their nose

In part cultures, like India, women get piercings on their left nostril. This preference is due to the id that the piercing strengthens the womb and makes it easier for a woman to give birth. However, in most other places, it provides no distinction which next of your nose you pierce as long as you like the way it looks. Most human being have a preference simply due to the fact that they feel the nose piercing looks much better on one side of your face.

You can use photo editing software to view whether the jewelry looks much better on her left or best nostril. Regardless, your piercing location is a an individual decision. Her opinion matters most when it comes to where girlfriend pierce your nose.


What space the most typical places to pierce the nose?

One misconception about nose piercings is that there are only a few styles. Nose rings are as diverse as any kind of piercing, and the jewelry can decorate a surprising variety of places. The most popular places to gain a sleep piercing include:

Nostril:The nostril is rather versatile and also is perfect because that hoops, rings, bead rings, L-shape, nose screws, and nose bones.High nostril:This piercing is on optimal of the fleshy side of the nose and works v nose bones, screws, studs, and also L-shape pins.Septum:This part is in between the left and also right nostrils. The ideal jewelry layouts for it room the one barbell and the captive bead ring.Bridge:Piercings because that the leg don"t involve puncturing bone or cartilage and are terrific option for men. The finest styles because that it incorporate circular barbell jewelry and also the curved barbell.Vertical tip:Although no as famous as the various other options, upright tips space unique and also stylish and involve a curved barbell the starts in ~ the pointer of the nose to the bottom.Nasallang:This complex style requires three point out of penetration — both political parties of the nostrils and the septum.

Our Favourite Septum Piercing Jewelry

The placement of your sleep ring is up to you. Many of these styles have a typical healing time of three to six weeks and also don"t require comprehensive care. We also recommend going v threadless jewelry, i m sorry adjusts to your nose rather of the push-on format that have the right to fit loosely.

What kind of nose piercing jewelry should I wear?

The form of sleep jewelry you pick depends on where your piercing is and also the product you choose. Because that example, what looks good on a nostril may not work also on your septum or bridge. Constantly purchase jewel from a source you trust.

At, we only occupational with honest brands the manufacture high-grade jewelry, favor Junipurr Jewelry, Buddha jewel Organics, and BVLA. As soon as possible, we recommend gold body jewelry that is 14k and above. Gold is much less likely to cause infections or irritate the skin, especially if that does no contain impurities.

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Our professional piercers can assist you choose the kind of jewelry that looks ideal for you confront shape and also lifestyle. If you already have a piercing and also need brand-new jewelry, examine out our virtual shop. Through so plenty of styles and also materials to pick from, you"re certain to find perfect nose jewelry for her needs.