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T native Colorado Love exactly how this write-up was created by someone that didnt go through this stuff. Joe Thetruth Shmo native Somewhere not Here, Kentucky California, IndiaI will go a step additional than Dan, this is a HORRIDLY MISGUIDED songopinion, by a human who had actually never watched LoG live. Every single time lock play this (in the US) lock DEDICATE the track to "the men and also women the the unified States equipped forces" (every show, Randall Blythe), .The track is speak "now you"ve (you the soldier) have actually something to die for" bush has started something the you need to die for. Soldiers execute what they space told, the decisions space made through Bush. This song is sympathy because that the soldier. Bushes orders are: "Send the children to the fire, Sons and daughters ridge the pyre, Stoke the flame of the empire , Live come lie an additional day Face the hypocrisy Raping democracy "This is a track aimed in ~ soldiers with the message, "I feel your pain, this sucks, F**k bush."Branden indigenous Orange Park, FlLamb of God live to be so awesome man seen them ago last year in Jacksonville! W/Dan from Nas Whidbey Island, WaFirst that all, man who wrote the "songfact" was posting a "songopinion." Secondly, many world in the military listen to music choose this. Through a song like Metallica"s "One" they appreciate the realism and also don"t mind as soon as an artist is play "Devil"s Advocate" favor vocalist Randy Blythe in this song.Mike indigenous Denver, Coi agree with sam indigenous chicago. Aiming at soldiers isnt cool. Lock die and also suffer because that our freedom. God bless the united state armySam native Chicago, IlWhen I an initial listened come the lyrics, I thought this song was around how the Bush management needed an excuse to send troops to Iraq. If the is command negatively at the soldiers, that"s no cool in ~ all. In the native of Mike Birbiglia, "If the wasn"t them, it would be me."Mike from mountain Ramon, Catruly one of the biggest bands ever. Great song.see an ext comments
Lady MarmaladeLabelle

"Lady Marmalade" is the just song come hit #1 twice in both the UK and also US.

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The PhoenixFall the end Boy

Fall the end Boy"s "The Phoenix" samples the classical work "Allegro no Troppo," i m sorry was composed by Dmitri Shostakovich in 1941. Vocalist Patrick Stump was inspired by "the creepiness" of the strings.

I obtained You BabeSonny & Cher

"I gained You Babe" provides Sonny Bono the only human being to do on a #1 hit and also get elected to congress.

Piano ManBilly Joel

Billy Joel is surprised the "Piano Man" is therefore successful. He referred to as it "an old, lengthy song about a man at a boring piano bar."

right Here, appropriate NowJesus Jones

The Jesus Jones tune "Right Here, appropriate Now" was conceived together an positive version the Prince"s "Sign O" The Times."

Mr. Tambourine ManThe Byrds

"Mr. Tambourine Man" is the only song Bob Dylan created that became a #1 fight on the warm 100.

Tommy JamesSongwriter Interviews

"Mony Mony." "Crimson and also Clover." "Draggin" The Line." The hits maintained coming because that Tommy James, and in a plot line fit for a movie, his record firm was controlled by the mafia.

dUg Pinnick that King"s XSongwriter Interviews

dUg dIgs into his King"s X metal classics and his plenty of side projects, consisting of the one with Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.

Harold Brown the WarSongwriter Interviews

A establishing member the the tape War, Harold provides a first-person account of among the most essential periods in music history.

What musician Are associated to various other Musicians?Song writing

A large list of musical marriages and family relations varying from the an easy to the important dysfunctional.

Album sheathe InspirationsSong writing

Some album art was at the very least "inspired" through others. A look at part very comparable covers.

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track CitiesMusic Quiz

Nirvana, Billy Joel and also Bruce Springsteen are amongst those that wrote songs through cities that present up in this quiz.