In the state that Washington, the western section of the state receive far more rainfall than the eastern portion of the state. What accounts because that this distinct contrast?
The western part of the state experiences orographic precipitation, when the eastern part is in the rain shadow.

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Which that the following attributes is not associated with a well-developed newly developed cP wait mass?
What weather instrument provides direct measurements around wind speed, direction, pressure, temperature, and humidity aloft?
After a cold former passes, the temperature ________ and also the push ________ (relative come the problems that existed prior to the i of the front).
cP waiting masses absorb heat and also moisture native the great Lakes and release precipitation as they cool and move end the land.
Air displacement at a zone that discontinuity in between two waiting masses of various temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and also direction, and also cloud development is an example of ________ lifting.
different from one another because the Pacific wait mass usually has lower certain humidity than the Gulf/Atlantic air mass.
Which that the adhering to is false about wave-cyclone development, intensification, and also strengthening?
The severity the storm activity along a warm front is ________ that along many cold fronts because the rate of uplift is ________ along a warmth front.
After a warmth front passes, the temperature ________ and also the pressure ________ (relative to the problems that existed before the i of the front).
When a cold cP air mass passes over the warmer good Lakes, that absorbs warm energy and also moisture and also becomes humidified. This is well-known as the
The cold front advances faster 보다 the center of the storm, and the warmth front advances much more slowly than the center. The entire cyclone moves from west come east.Surface winds move counterclockwise.
The wetter, intercepting steep of a mountain is termed the ________ slope, whereas the drier, downwind steep is termed the ________ slope.
When a cold prior approaches, air press will initially ________ due to the displacement and uplift that ________ air.
Air rising as a result of being stimulated by neighborhood surface heating is an instance of ________ lifting.

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All that the following other than ________ are frequently used in weather forecasting and weather map preparation
Air flowing from various directions come an area of short pressure, comes together, and also being displaced upward is an instance of ________ lifting.