In Mathews county of Virginia, turn off the coastline of Gloucester, is the small, unassuming city of Diggs. The a cozy tiny place, surrounding by the Chesapeake Bay, offering coastal views and also respite. It appears normal, boring in fact. But don’t permit the see fool you! because that if you take trip down the coast Haven roadway just outside of town, you come to a 50-acre patch of dense woodland. The Old residence Woods is so complete of paranormal activity and apparitions that it might be the most haunted woods in America. Where else deserve to you find ghost pirates looking for their shed gold? brothers Redcoats stalking the night? Armored skeletons questioning for directions and even…headless ghost cows?

Okay, let’s DIGG into these creepy legends, chandelier we?

The plenty of Legends the the Old residence Woods

The Forest and the Frannie knight House

The Old house Woods to be a scary ar when the colonists involved this country. The dense woods along the s were so special the sky couldn’t it is in seen through the tree limbs. It to be the perfect port for guys to hide and also lay short from the law. Thieves and also pirates were so notorious in the area the travelers to be warned to remain away native the woods. The woods were used as a mystery port by both Revolutionary sailors and also Civil battle ones. 

The woods were filled with stories the thievery and murder before the very first incident even occurred. The name Old house Woods actually reflected the reality that in the so late 1700s an old colonial building stood in the middle of the woods. It was abandoned and believed come be full of upset spirits. The house, called the Frannie article house, spontaneously recorded on fire. Then, it to placed itself back out with no intervention. Years later, the exact same house caught fire again. But, this time it permitted itself to minimize the home to dust. The forest has since taken the house’s remains back. 

The flying Ghost pearls of Old residence Woods

In the 19th century, a fisherman called Ben Faribee coming the end from White’s Creek claimed he observed a huge, 3-masted ghost galleon the end on the water. It had lit lanterns along its deck and also spectral guys aboard, feather off into the distance. The ship to be heading straight for him, but his calls to be ignored. At the last minute when there should have been an impact, the ship simply floated over his head and also continued to float up come the beach. 

There was a sound the a harp ~ the ship passed, and Faribee watched in terror together the ghost delivery floated up over the tree of the forest. The stopped over the pines and he asserted to check out rope ladders thrown over the sides. Guys with “tools and also other contraptions,” climbed down to disappear right into the woods below. 

This strange delivery is no the only one to it is in seen, and it periodically is seen floating at the very least fifty-feet end the ocean’s waves. A mysterious fog hides the ship. 

A ghostly ship engulfed in fog in Old home WoodsMultiple stories exist of paris ghost pearl haunting the Old house Woods

 Looking for hidden Treasure In Old residence Woods

In the center of the woods in White’s Creek, and also one legend states that in the 1600s, a tape of pirates buried their loot somewhere along its banks. Regrettably for them, a large storm kicked up and also flooded the entire creek, washing the men out to sea. Unwilling to offer up their treasure, the ghostly pirates have actually apparently to be seen searching the creek at night ever before since. 

The following story involving treasure has a treasure ship belonging come King Charles II sent out from England come America in 1651 in the wake up of the fight of Worcester. If that was compelled to flee England, he wanted to make sure he had resources to restart his life in the colonies. The story goes that as the ship was on its method to Jamestown, a storm forced it turn off course and it ended up White Creek. 

There, the ship was assaulted by bandits, who killed the crew and also managed to relocate the loot right into the forest. Indigenous there, they to be either eliminated for your crimes, or your ship sank at sea. Currently it’s thought that ghosts of the crew try to defend the buried loot while ghost bandits shot to destruction it up. It’s stated they have the right to be seen moving lanterns that glow green at night.

Finally, a team of british Redcoats is seen carrying lanterns and also digging in parts of the forest. Some stories imply that in the fight of Yorktown in 1781, basic Charles Cornwallis had soldiers hide a happiness of gold in the thick patch the woods. Unfortunately, they were stated to it is in captured and also arrested, therefore leaving the prey behind. The ghostly Redcoats may be in search of their general’s horde. 


Rude Spirits

One creepy story says that a duck hunter called Henry Forrest was searching in the woods as soon as he saw black shapes on the water of White Creek. As he said his gun to fire at what he thought were ducks, the black color blobs shifted right into the develops of number of angry-looking Redcoat soldiers! therefore scared, the ran v the woods back to his boat, just to find another ghostly Redcoat waiting in it because that him. 

When he endangered to shooting the spirit, the told him “You shoot and also the devil’s curse to you and your traitors breed.” that tried to traction the trigger however his gun refused to fire. After ~ trying and failing an additional shot, that threw his gun at the ghost and ran far in terror. 

The Portent that a Storm

Not just ghosts the sailors and soldiers aunt the Old home Woods. A woman apparition in a white gown, that glows an unearthly eco-friendly or pale blue, will rise over the woods at night. She’ll let out an unearthly scream, a portent to sailors out in ~ sea that a devastating incoming storm, and to evacuate the area. She’s become known as the “Storm Woman.” 

Phantom Animals

Ghostly animals haunt the woods together well. There have actually been multiple reports the black steeds that assault people in the woods. Ghost crows will certainly cackle and also screech indigenous the tree canopy.

 Two black ghost dogs will chase trespassers away. They’ll pounce in ~ people, and even have been well-known to jump into the bed of trucks, leaving deep claw marks prior to disembarking. The sound of their howls are enough to cause fearless guys to shiver. 

If the upset phantoms of black Dogs nothing work, climate the woods will send the end the big guns: phantom headless cows.

Lost Skeleton Knights

Perhaps the strangest story on this list include two separate cases in the Old residence Woods. In 1926, a guy named Jesse Hudgins reported that a group of strangers v lanterns approached him. As they gained closer, he was able to make the end that they to be wearing some form of old armor. The wearers were nothing however animated skeletons underneath! One pulled out of a large, ancient sword and also waved it in ~ him in a terrifying manner, bring about him to flee for his life. 

The 2nd incident took ar on the road leading with the woods. A male had car trouble in the center of the night and was stuck. Together he to be trying to fix it, a figure that he defined to be a skeleton wearing old armor, strode up to him v purpose and asked “Is this the king highway? I’ve shed my ship.” The man was so scared he ran away, leaving his vehicle behind. 

What’s really Happening in the Old home Woods?

People who have actually lived in the area of the woods speak they haven’t experienced such ghostly shenanigans. The scariest thing they have to deal with is the massive mosquitos the come indigenous the marshes. Many think the stories are simply creepy city legends to keep people off of personal property (which the woods are, now). 

However, paranormal investigators do get proof in the woods of something: digital voice phenomenon (EVPS) that unsure animals and people have actually been captured. Pictures and also videos of creepy points are all over the internet. 

Still, an metropolitan legend is identified as a story that flourished from a kernel of truth.

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So, what was the beginning point of all these insane tales?

Maybe friend should involved the Old residence Woods and also find the end for you yourself (after asking the owner’s permission, that course.)


The large Book the Virginia Ghost stories by L.B Taylor Jr. (2010) (pages 345-352)

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