Heading into the earlier end that their continual season schedule, the Texas A&M Aggies will travel to Oxford to take on quarterback Matt Corral and the Ole miss Rebels, and also their danger high paris offense.

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Led by second-year head coach lane Kiffin, the Rebels burst top top the scene last season, providing some of the peak teams in the conference a significant run for their money.

Ole miss was able to attain that many thanks to Kiffin's brilliant offeninter-base.netve scheme, i beg your pardon was among the most productive in the entire country last season. 

Luckily for the Rebels, the bulk of that offense returns, including Corral, that is a dark horse Heisman candidate.  

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Now on come the Rebels.

Ole Miss

2021 Record: 5-5

Head coach: lane Kiffin

Kiffin is entering his 2nd year as the rebels head coach

Offeninter-base.netve set: Multiple

Defeninter-base.netve set: Multiple

Returning starters ~ above offense: 8

Last season, the Ole miss offense was among the best in the country, v the Rebels finishing third in the country in complete offense (555.5 yards per game), 14th in scoring violation (39.2 points every game), seventh in pasinter-base.netng violation (344.9 yards per game), and 26th in rushing offense (210.6 yards per game)

The Rebels will need to replace previous star and now new York jet wideout Elijah Moore, though the talent in the receiving team should be up because that the task.

Projected starters ~ above Offense:

QB: Matt Corral*

RB: Jerrion Ealy*

WR1: Braylon Sanders

WR2: Dontario Drummond*

WR3: Jonathan Mingo*

TE: Casey Rogers

LT: Nick Broeker*

LG: Caleb Warren*




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C: Orlando Umana

RG: Ben Brown

RT: Jeremy James*

* Denotes return starters

Returning starters ~ above Defense: 6

Unlike that is offense, the Ole miss defense was one of the worst in the nation in 2020, finishing close to the bottom in the nation in nearly every significant statistical rank. 

Projected starters ~ above Defense:

DE: Cedric Johnson

DT: Isaiah Iton

DT: Quintin Bivens

Buck: Sam Williams*

LB: chance Campbell

LB: Lakia Henry*

Star: Otis Reese*

CB: Jaylon Jones*

CB: Deane Leonard

S: Jake Springer

S: A.J. Finley*

Newcomers come Know:

DB Tysheem Johnson

One the the Rebels optimal recruits indigenous the 2021 class, Johnson has actually a opportunity to check out the ar immediately and also make a significant impact for and Ole miss out on defense that was one of the worst in the country against the happen last season.

WR Braylon Sanders

While not precisely a newcomer, Sanders will return to the beginning lineup whereby he will be counted on to take it the same duty as Elijah Moore together the Rebels perform it all hazard at receiver. Sanders has immense talent, and if he have the right to stay healthy, will be a large difference-maker for the Rebels.

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