Do you have anything in your mind? execute you have actually anything on her mind?

The very first form seems to be the most generally used one. Yet the second type is also used in some instances. And also I am not sure if over there is any difference at all. If both room correct, what is the difference?


I don"t think in her mind would be provided as in your example. Yet we carry out say:

Do you have anything in mind?

which method "What is that you room thinking of?" or "Do you have a preference/suggestion?"

Want to go out for lunch?

Sure. What execute you have in mind?

How about that brand-new Thai place?

in your mind is used to typical "in her imagination".

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I swear, that guy is after ~ me.

Oh relax, it"s just in your mind.

And on her mind indicates concern or preoccupation.

You watch worried. Perform you have actually anything on her mind?



and why would Facebook say: What's on her mind? walk that average worries... I don't think so.
When other or who is on your mind, it method that friend think and also worry around this thing or human being a lot.

When you have actually something or who in her mind, you just think that this thing or person without the concerned connotation.


When speaking of, or questioning about, what someone is reasoning (or planning come do), overwhelmingly the most typical wording is to ask what they have actually in psychic (never have top top mind)...

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I can"t usage a graph to show the difference between have in your mind and also have on your mind, however normally the in version reflects the over thinking, planning sense. The on version is only offered in respect of obsessive, troubling thoughts which space preying on your mind. Sometimes rather less too much - not so lot oppressive together ever so slightly bothersome. Just things which because that some factor you"re diffident around saying to various other people.

OP"s Do you have actually anything in her mind? would certainly not generally be offered in any kind of context - except maybe facetiously, to median something choose Do friend not have actually any ability to think in ~ all? The second version would certainly be regular phrasing if you had actually reason to doubt something can be bothering the various other person, but weren"t sure. If girlfriend knew something was wrong you"d ask What"s on her mind?