Then He claimed to them, “Thus the is written, and thus the was vital for the Christ come suffer and also to climb from the dead the third day, and that repentance and also remission the sins should be taught in His surname to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. Luke 24:46-47 NKJV

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The an excellent gospel truth concerning the death and also resurrection of Jesus Christ should be published to the youngsters of men (v. 46): thus it was created in the sealed publication of the magnificent counsels native eternity, the volume that that book of the commitment of redemption; and thus that was composed in the open publication of the Old Testament, among the points revealed; and also therefore thus it behoved Christ to suffer, because that the divine counsels should be performed, and care taken that no native of God autumn to the ground. "Go, and also tell the world," First, "That Christ suffered, as it was written of him. Go, preach Christ crucified; be not ashamed that his cross, not ashamed that a enduring Jesus. Tell lock what the suffered, and why the suffered, and also how all the bibles of the Old testament were fulfilled in his sufferings. Tell them that it behoved him to suffer, the it was important to the acquisition away that the sin of the world, and also the deliverance of mankind from death and ruin: nay, it became him to it is in perfected with sufferings," Heb. 2:10. Secondly, "That he rose from the dead on the 3rd day, through which not only all the offence the the cross to be rolled away, yet he was claimed to be the kid of God v power, and in this also the bibles were fulfilled (see 1 Corinthians 15:3, 4); go, call the human being how frequently you saw him after ~ he climbed from the dead, and how intimately friend conversed v him. Her eyes see" (as Joseph said to his brethren, as soon as his discovering himself to them was together life indigenous the dead) "that it is mine mouth that speaketh depend you, Genesis 45:12. Go, and tell them, then, that he that was dead is alive, and lives because that evermore, and has the keys of death and also the grave,"

The good gospel duty of repentance must be pressed top top the children of men. Repentance because that sin have to be taught in Christ"s name, and also by his authority, all guys every where must be called and commanded come repent, acts 17:30. "Go, and tell all human being that the God that made them, and the Lord that bought them, expects and requires that, instantly upon this an alert given, they revolve from the praise of the gods the they have made to the worship of the God the made them; and also not just so, but from serving the interests of the world and also the flesh; they need to turn come the business of God in Christ, should mortify every sinful habits, and also forsake all sinful practices. Their hearts and lives have to be changed, and they should be universally renewed and also reformed."

The an excellent gospel privilege the the remission the sins must be proposed come all, and also assured to all that repent, and also believe the gospel. "Go, call a guilty world, the stands convicted and also condemned in ~ God"s bar, the an plot of indemnity has actually passed the imperial assent, which all that repent and also believe shall have actually the benefit of, and also not only be pardoned, however preferred by. Phone call them the there is hope concerning them."

To who they need to preach. Whither need to they bring these proposals, and how far does their commission extend? they are right here told, that they should preach this among all nations. They must disperse themselves, choose the sons of noah after the flood, some one method and some another, and carry this light in addition to them where they go. The prophets had actually preached repentance and also remission to the Jews, yet the apostles must preach them to every the world.

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None room exempted native the obligations the gospel lays upon males to repent, nor are any excluded native those inestimable services which are consisted of in the remission that sins, but those that by their unbelief and impenitency put a bar in their very own door. - Matthew Henry