In the wake of wartime scare that adhered to the Japanese assault of Pearl Harbor, an ext than 100,000 Japanese american residing along the West coast of the United says were uprooted from your homes and also their communities and banished come internment camps throughout the country.

Through an individual documents, art, and also propaganda, Only What We can Carry expresses v words, art, and haunting recollections, the fear, confusion and also anger that the camp experience. The only anthology of its kind, Only What We can Carry is an emotional and intellectual testament to the dignity, spirit and strength of the Japanese American internees.

A job of the California polite Liberties Public education Program.

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""Only What we Could carry gives us yet another way of looking in ~ an American tragedy....Above all, the is a repertoire of documents which, together, space a testimony to the human being spirit."" Roger Daniels, Charles Phelps Taft Professor the History, college of Cincinnati
""Only What we Could lug gathers together the voices that interment--private, an individual stories that can have to be lost, however will currently be heard and felt. It"s as if we have a seat in ~ a family dinner, hear to stories passed down from one generation to another, emotion the pain and the heart of hope.""David Mas Masumoto, author of Harvest Son: Planting root in American Soil
""Contained in these pages room what we have this stories room lifted increase our humanity, ours indomitable spirit and also dignity, one implacable pursuit for justice come redeem the crimes committed against an entire race-indeed whole nation.""Janice Mirikitani, Poet Laureate of mountain Francisco, 2000, writer of us the Dangerous and also Shedding Silence
""It conveys the deep anguish felt by Japanese who characterized themselves together citizens that the united States and also yet lost their civil liberties as citizens throughout a time of nationwide fear.""School Library Journal
""The visibility of such a volume inspires historical and also moral have fun on both the delicate building and construction of separation, personal, instance liberty and the ambiguities of national identity.""Doubletake


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