exactly how do girlfriend tell the difference in between otters and mink? American mink have actually spread rapidly throughout Britain due to the fact that they first escaped indigenous fur farms 50 year ago. Now firmly established along rivers and also lakes, this newcomers can quickly be mistaken because that otters, due to the fact that both room long and slender with brief legs and long tails. So exactly how do girlfriend tell lock apart?


Colour: Usually pale brown

Tail: Otter tails are thick and also tapering with brief hairs

Size: Adult otters space distinctly bigger than a cat


What have the right to I look because that in water? A swimming otter is greatly submerged and creates a broad, U-shaped tide on the surface with that nose.

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What can I look for on land? Otters leaving prominently placed spraints on continuous territory-marking spots, such as waterside logs and also rocks. Otter spraints space messy smudges through a distinct, not unpleasant smell, and contain bones and fish range remains. Tracks are usually at least 2cm broad (wider than your thumbprint).

Habitat: Otters have the right to be uncovered beside rivers, streams and lakes, mainly in north and also west England and also Wales. Also found along the west coast of Scotland. Shy and also mainly nocturnal, though coastal otters have the right to be seen throughout the day.



Scientific name: Mustela vison

Nose: Mink have actually pointed noses

Markings: Sometimes has a pure white point out under the chin

Colour: Usually an extremely dark, virtually black

Tail: Mink tails are virtually bushy as soon as dry

Size: Mink are around the very same size together ferrets, which renders them significantly smaller 보다 otters, through a length of 30-45cm and also a tail the 15-25cm on top. The greatest distinction is in their bulk, together the biggest male mink only weigh a tiny over 1.5kg, while otters mean 7-12kg and can be also heavier.


What have the right to I look because that in water? A mink swims greater out of the water than an otter, therefore the whole length of its back is often visible. It creates a narrow, V-shape tide on the surface ar with its nose.

What can I look because that on land? Mink deposit scats in similar locations to otters. They are 3cm long, black, smell distinctly nasty and also contain fur, feathers and bones. Their tracks room barely 1cm large (narrower than your thumbprint).

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Habitat: Mink are discovered beside rivers, streams and also lakes over most of lowland England and also Wales. Lock can additionally be uncovered along areas of the Scottish coast. Mink are bolder than otters and can be watched day and night.


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