(I feel prefer the turtle were deliberately left vague, as with quite a bit of this show, so the you deserve to think around it because that a while.)

Some streamlined background stuff! turtle are associated with being constant as well as having longevity. Castle are additionally one of the earliest living animals; fossils of turtles date ago over 200 million years or so.

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In the East, the optimal of a turtle’s shell was representative that Heaven, and also the underside of the turtle was representative that Earth, therefore they can be thought about as an animal directly linking 2 worlds. Top top the other hand, in the West, at an early stage Christians viewed turtles as icons of evil. They were even taken into consideration to be citizens the Hell in Greece.

Moving on to the shade of this turtles: they’re black. The shade black has been linked with evil, v death, but additionally with Heaven and winter, and other things. So, a most symbolism for death surround these guys.

I think that the black color turtles in The Unknown are most likely one that the earliest parts. They’ve to be there due to the fact that the beginning and also kinda just… mental their very own business. Castle don’t really damage anybody; Greg puts liquid on one


the raccoon in episode 3 just picks one up and also throws it


Auntie Whispers also eats one with no injury coming to her


However, we do see the the dog in the an initial episode turns into a wild creature, v eyes reminiscent of the Beast’s.



And that is definitelystronglyimplied the it’s because of the turtle that the dog swallows, the he began looking and acting this way. Yet I don’t think that was ever the turtle’s fault.

My an individual thoughts top top this are: because the Woodsman (who basically has been doing the Beast’s bidding for years) is in the area that the an initial turtle was in, we deserve to assume the the Beast is at least nearby. He’s more than likely resided roughly there fairly a bit since he wants to stay near his lantern. Therefore he complies with the Woodsman.

I think that the Beast’s visibility kind of just… affect everything roughly him. The Beast is not a great presence to be about for any kind of amount of time.

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And this particular turtle was yes, really close come a newly harvested Edelwood tree, for this reason it’s no a stretch the it obtained some the the oil top top itself, i beg your pardon then to be ingested through the dog. The just one the “eats” the oil is the Beast, which the does through the lantern. It’s not an especially meant because that a dog come eat.