Those beautiful booty boxes in Overwatch are simply asking to obtain opened, and if friend don’t feel like spending real-world cash to earn more, there’s just one method available to you — earning XP and gaining levels. After ~ every level-up, you’ll unlock a complimentary loot crate. The leveling device is endless, so you will always have much more opportunities to earn complimentary loot boxes. Discover all the details top top XP, leveling up, and loot box needs right here. Just scroll down.

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There is no true progression mechanism in Overwatch. The only benefit to leveling up is earning prey boxes, which is a pretty good benefit, yet there’s nothing to unlock the isn’t totally cosmetic. Prey boxes contain brand-new skins, emotes, tags, and also tons of other fun stuff to customize her player profile, yet nothing that changes the balance that the game. Girlfriend won’t find new guns, heroes, or ability locked behind a loot crate pay-wall, and Blizzard has currently announced that all future heroes will be completely free.

How come Level Up quick & knife Loot Boxes

Earning XP is an easy — you obtain it because that playing digital in matches. Even if it is you win or lose, you’ll knife XP — but you always earn an ext for winning, for playing on a team, and for staying active. AFKers don’t gain XP.

After earning a certain amount that XP (each level’s XP requirement is noted below) you’ll earn a cost-free Loot Box. Opening a Loot box earns you 4 cosmetic items with 4 tiers the rarity; common, rare, epic and legendary. Every prey box features at least one rare, and duplicate items network you gold coins the you can spend to unlock cosmetics items of her choosing.


All XP (and cosmetics unlocks) space tracked by her account quite than through individual heroes. Noþeles unlocked need to remain on her account forever, and also which hero girlfriend play go not adjust how much XP you earn or what you’ll unlock when opening booty boxes.

How XP is Earned:

3-4 XP is earn per 2nd you are active in a match.20% much more XP is earned as soon as playing through a group.More XP is earned as soon as playing online vs. Against A.I. Bots.250 XP is bonus at the finish of a complement whether you victory or lose.500 XP is rewarded for winning a match.XP is rewarded for your greatest ranking medal. Gold = 150 XP, silver = 100 XP, bronze = 50 XP200 Bonus XP for each consecutive complement played.400 Bonus XP because that joining a match still-in-progress.1500 Bonus XP for your an initial win of the day. This is a daily reward and also renews every 24 hours.

Fulfilling most (or some!) of these XP challenges will earn you 2000 XP or more per round. Currently players have broken through the Level 100 mark, and also that method it’s very possible to grab 100 totally free loot boxes.

XP is not rewarded based upon solo merit. The yellow Medal 150 XP price is the only extr XP you’ll earn for being far better than anyone else, so the isn’t even required.

Fastest way to earn XP:

Currently, the fastest means to earn XP is as follows:

Play in a group. (20% XP acquire Bonus)Win one video game per day. (1500 XP Bonus)Stay in the queue. (200 XP Bonus per game.)Earn one yellow Medal every match. (150 XP Bonus)

Those bonuses, on peak of the XP earned because that being active per 2nd and the 250 / 500 XP bonus in ~ the end of the match, can stack up fast and also lead to rapid level-ups for you and your friends.

When do the efforts to earn XP, right here are some things you’ll desire to avoid.

What come Avoid:

Quitting matches before they’re complete.Going AFK when in a match.Leaving the queue in between matches.Playing solo.Not playing daily and lacking the daily XP bonus.

And that’s whatever you have to know about leveling up.

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Leveling increase – XP Requirements

The lot of XP forced to level-up boosts until Level 23. After that, the XP necessity stays the same.

Level 1 – 1500 XPLevel 2 – 3000 XPLevel 3 – 4500 XPLevel 4 – 6000 XPLevel 5 – 7500 XPLevel 6 – 8500 XPLevel 7 – 9500 XPLevel 8 – 10500 XPLevel 9 – 11500 XPLevel 10 – 12500 XPLevel 11 – 13500 XPLevel 12 – 14500 XPLevel 13 – 15500 XPLevel 14 – 16500 XPLevel 15 – 17500 XPLevel 16 – 18500 XPLevel 17 – 19000 XPLevel 18 – 19500 XPLevel 19 – 20000 XPLevel 20 – 20500 XPLevel 21 – 21000 XPLevel 22 – 21500 XPLevel 23 – 22000 XPLevel 23+ – 22000 XP

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