Discover what skilled housepainters have actually known because that years: paint buckets deserve to save girlfriend time and also effort on your next painting project.

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Best for Cutting-In and also Touch-Ups

For edging into corners, paint wood trim or act touch-ups, the Bercom 2500-CT Handy paint Pail holds simply the appropriate amount of paint for these smaller sized tasks. No an ext lugging around heavy repaint cans. The ergonomically designed coffee cup-style grip reduces hand fatigue, and also the adjustable strap keeps you from dropping it. The pail can even be attached come a tool belt because that hands-free use.

Solvent resistant, that works with any form of repaint or stain. A fill of six pail liners is marketed separately.

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Best for paint on a Ladder

Painting hard-to-reach places is easier and less stressful with the tiny Giant Ladder Fuel Tank paint Tray. It mounts on any type of ladder utilizing the flexible hooks, and a magnetic brush holder keeps repaint brushes in place when repositioning the ladder.

Though the small Giant is marketed as a “tray,” we think that the above-mentioned features, plus its one-gallon capacity and standalone-friendly base, qualify it for our “best bucket list” honors.

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Best for paint With 2 or much more People

The Purdy dual Roll-Off Five-Gallon Bucket with a two-sided grid pattern allows multiple artist to role a room so you have the right to cover double the square feet in half the time. The deep bucket holds increase to four gallons the paint, and also the ergonomic grip offers carrying and pouring comfort.

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Best for painting on big Job Sites

Carrying paint roughly can it is in so physical demanding. Zorr Corp RBC-323 role A Bucket to the rescue! The sturdy, six-gallon wheeled scuttle will conserve you native lugging heavy paint buckets almost everywhere the job site, conserving you time and earlier strain. The four three-inch casters role smoothly, also over tarps. It additionally has a safety and security brake for this reason there are no runaway buckets to chase down.

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Best for paint Like a agree on a Budget

A combo bucket and also grid setup is an efficient and also professional method to paint a wall fast at an affordable price (less than $9 for both pieces!). The Wooster Brush F0001 Acme deluxe Five-Gallon net is a sturdy metal display that hangs inside any five-gallon bucket purchased native your local hardware store.

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This dynamic duo allows you repaint in less time with much less effort. Emboldened the roller right into the bucket, operation it atop the wire display until the paint is worked evenly into the roller nap, and voilà!

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