The human form has lengthy fascinated plenty of artists throughout the thousands of years in recent history.

Going earlier as much as the at an early stage Renaissance, artists were collaborating v medical experts to examine the human body and also gain a much better understanding of just how they could an ext accurately portray it to your viewers.

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Over the centuries, various cultures and also art movements perfected the ability to depict the image of guys in their artwork.

Cultures all across the world have sought to both celebrate and also immortalize their leaders through painting as the was basically a method to ‘capture’ the person’s appearance because that future generations to view and also appreciate.

Famous paintings of Men

In this article, we will cover 10 the the most renowned paintings of men ever created, while likewise examining the motivations behind the artist when it pertained to painting these pieces.

1. Portrait the a guy in Red Chalk(Self-Portrait) – Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci is remembered together a understand of the human form. One of da Vinci’s works, known as the Vitruvian Man, has long been celebrated as maybe the most important illustration of human being anatomy ever before done.

However, there is one more work the was done in red chalk that is also widely celebrated for its depiction of man.

The illustration is recognized as Portrait of a guy in Red Chalk(Self-Portrait) and also is thought by countless art critics and also historians to it is in a self-portrait that da Vinci himself.

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The portrait to be done on file with red chalk, which was among the more popular products used by da Vinci and other artist to lay out out their works prior to painting or sculpting the final product.

This job-related is thought to have actually been excellent in 1512 once da Vinci would have been an aged man.

The illustration is essentially a picture of one elderly man who display screens a face with deeply marked lines across his forehead, and also what appears to be lacking front teeth, which to be common among elderly individuals during this time.

The brownish-looking splotches on the drawing are native the accumulation of stole salts because of the record being save in a rather moist atmosphere for numerous years.

2. Lansdowne PortraitGilbert Stuart


One the the many iconic work-related in American background is Gilbert Stuart’s portrait that George Washington that’s known as Lansdowne Portrait.

This painting was done on a somewhat huge canvas and also one variation still hangs in the national Portrait collection in Washington, D.C.

The work was perfect in 1796, but many casual viewers space unaware that the push that Stuart to be under to finish the painting at this time.

The portrait attributes a full-bodied presentation of Washington, who had actually just been chosen president that the newly-formed United states government.

Washington was working difficult to coast up British and also American relationships to avoid another war in which British pressures would possibly have actually the top hand if it chose to walk the mass of the military pressures to the campaign.

The painting was meant as a gift to British element Minister wilhelm Petty, 1st Marquess the Lansdowne, which is whereby the work attracted its namesake from.

Stuart had a very short lot of time to sit through Washington and spent the bulk of the meeting focusing on paint the president’s head and also face.

He would later go earlier and end up the body using another model, but small is known about who in reality stood in together the model for Washington’s body for this particular work.

3. Self-portrait through Felt HatVincent valve Gogh


Vincent van Gogh is regarded as one of the best painters in history as plenty of of his works featured one uncanny capability to bring out the vivid beauty and colors in most natural scenes or even portraits.

He painted a variety of self portraits in his career, however one the the most famed is known as Self-portrait through Felt Hat.

Completed in 1887, this occupational depicts valve Gogh as wearing a feeling hat, i beg your pardon was rather popular and stylish at the time.

He rarely portrayed himself wearing any sort that hat, but this one in specific seemed to provide a unique sense the composition that would come to be one the his most famous self-portraits.

The painting featured valve Gogh’s characteristic layered brushstrokes the seem to practically give a feeling of life to the work.

He additionally used a deep blue background and portrayed himself as wearing a blue overcoat, i m sorry is thought to have been symbolic the the depressed state the often discovered himself in throughout this time.

4. Portrait the Abraham LincolnGeorge Henry Story


Another one of the most famous paintings in American background was done by George Henry Story. The work attributes Abraham Lincoln, who was chairman of the joined States at this time in his life.

Story started his career as a skilled wood-carver, however would obtain a significant reputation together a artist after examining abroad in Europe during his youth.

Story to be tasked through assisting in posing the President because that his an initial official presidential photograph. During this process, Story sat and made in-depth sketches of Lincoln that he would later use to repaint this portrait indigenous memory.

The result was an incredibly realistic depiction of Lincoln and wasn’t completed till 1916, well after the President’s assassination decades earlier.

Story sat through Lincoln on 3 occasions while the posed in various positions because that photographers.

During this process, Story would certainly quietly attract the subtle alters in Lincoln’s expression together he handled governmental work for quick moments prior to again being seated and also looking at the camera.

5. Portrait of an Old ManRembrandt valve Rijn 


Rembrandt valve Rijn is psychic as among the most commemorated Dutch artists in background and one who was a main figure that the Dutch golden age and the Baroque period.

His paintings feature impressive levels of realism and he was recognized for making really careful brushstrokes in order come perfect the photo of his subjects.

One that his most renowned works is referred to as Portrait of an Old Man. This paint was excellent in 1632 and also features a weathering old man who is unidentified.

The guy stares downward towards the ground as if he is remembering something native the past.

It is believed that Rembrandt posed the in this way to record the essence of life and also how conveniently it deserve to pass by and remain together nothing but a storage to an old man.

6. Portrait of MendeleevIlya Repin

Ilya Repin was a famous Russian artist who climbed to prominence during the Realism era when it was common for painters to focus on recording the world roughly them as it truly appeared, rather of as they thought it should. This brought about some works that deserve to be perceived as less than flattering in plenty of ways.

One of Repin’s paintings is considered to be among the most iconic paints of guys as it reflects the portrait that a guy in a much an ext realistic, reflective pose.

The job-related is title Portrait of Mendeleev and also was excellent in 1885. It has an astounding level of reality detail in spite of being excellent in watercolor, which was usual during this time period.

The painting is of well known Russian chemist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev. He is attributed with discovering and forming the an easy laws the chemistry.

In this portrait, Mendeleev is viewed slouching in a chair wearing a cap and also gown.

He’s checked out holding a book which the has certain pages significant with his fingers as if to indicate that he’s in the middle of researching the book’s contents.

7. Portrait of Woodrow WilsonJohn Singer Sargent

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th chairman of the united States and also is remembered together a progressive leader that pulled the nation through the risks of world War I.

His decision-making and role in working through other civilization leaders solidified his legacy as one of the most essential leaders in American history.

John Singer Sargent recorded one that the most essential portraits that Wilson.

Completed in 1917, Sargent’s paint featured an tremendous level the realism to the point that the portrait virtually appears to be a shade photograph.

The oil on canvas painting features Wilson wearing a dark suit and also he is sit in former of a darkened background, which possibly symbolizes the dark and also dangerous task he had to attain to carry victory come the Allied forces in the very first World War.

8. Thomas Jefferson Rembrandt Peale

Thomas Jefferson is psychic as among the most influential leaders of the united States and was heavily-involved in the formation of the an initial government in America.

He is credited with writing the declaration of Independence and also one portrait of him is perhaps more famous than any other.

Rembrandt Peale developed a portrait the Jefferson in 1800, just a few years ~ the united States had officially defeated and cast out British pressures from the former colonies.

Jefferson is portrayed as having actually a look at of perseverance and also determination that he was recognized for and also many art chroniclers comment the Peale truly recorded the essence of Jefferson’s personality in this work.

9. The no hope ManGustave Courbet

One of the most iconic and also famous paintings of men ever created is a unique work the was done by Gustave Courbet.

This painting was created in 1845 and actually functions Courbet himself with a frazzled, desperate look that seems to be fixed on the viewer.

Courbet’s work features an significant amount of reality detail and in numerous ways shows up to convey a feeling of desperation ~ above the viewer.

This painting is among the much more early works from Courbet, yet it is one the is among the most easily-recognized native the masterful painter that worked during the 19th century.

10. Napoleon crossing the Alps – Jacques-Louis David

Few males in history were as an effective and successful as Napoleon Bonaparte of France. He controlled to conquer nearly every one of Europe throughout his regime as Emperor of France.

He is additionally the central figure in among the most famed paintings in French history.

Jacques-Louis David created his most celebrated work in 1801 together a means to celebrate the success of Napoleon in a effective campaign versus a formidable opponent.

The paint depicts Napoleon placed upon a rearing horse, pointing toward a high mountain range ahead, i m sorry is well-known to be the Alps.

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The painting commemorates Napoleon’s efforts to command his troops v the Alps right into Italy to reinforce his troops that had actually been stationed in the country prior to retaking areas that had actually been seized by Austrian troops.

The commission because that this painting was part of a treaty the was brokered in between the French and Charles IV of Spain.