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a video game by Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Editor Rating: 9/10, based upon 1 review, 2 evaluate are shown
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 31 votes
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Believe it or not, Mario is a big friend that the RPG style currently and has been because that a lengthy time now. Even from the super Nintendo times, there"s been video game after video game moving the trusted plumber in different scenarios in this genre. This time we"re going to be checking out paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the second paper Mario game ever released, ~ the initial one for the N64.

There"s been a lot of talk over the years among the fans to asking Nintendo to bring ago this title together a remake for newer generations. But the Japanese agency has never replied to it. So, let"s watch what the fans love therefore much around this game.

About the game

Mario obtain a mysterious letter native Princess Peach, questioning for his help in investigate a secret Thousand-Year Door in a suspiciously town. However as quickly as Mario arrives, that finds out that the Princess has disappeared, leave no map behind. Not just this, yet the city is overflowing v suspicious beings and also evil goombas and the central plaza has actually gallows prepared.

Now Mario has to rescue Princess Peach, however to carry out this he"ll an initial have to i found it the mystery of wherein she is. But to execute so, he"ll additionally have to discover this town and discover what"s the an enig of the legendary door, and what keys lie behind it. Luckily, Mario"s in good company even from the beginning, so obtain ready for this interesting adventure.

Papercraft and also action

The video game is pretty similar to Mario and Luigi for the GameBoy advance in regards to gameplay, and even an ext so through the original paper Mario for the N64. The strategy turn-based combat is present, v the exploration and also interactions we"re currently used to in this type of game.

The human being of file Mario stands out from the rest because of that is unique and cute art style. Every character is do from paper and also the scenery. The looks nearly as if you can have this game civilization sitting in a desk, and also you"re playing about with them.


The video game is fantastic example the what Mario gamings can be as soon as taken the end of its comfort zone. Not just is that in a various style 보다 most key titles indigenous the Italian plumber, but additionally it"s in a an extremely different world.

One of Mario"s finest known for is because that going on adventures in all kinds of various scenarios, and even planets, but document Mario: The Thousand-Year Door simplifies. Centering in a smaller world, and focusing an ext on the story, it delivers a really refreshing experience. An entry-level RPG the can become really challenging, complete of funny-looking characters, great design, and also even an amazing and also entertaining story.

Graphics and Visuals: The element of surprise in the title is no really there because it"s the 2nd game to look prefer this. However it makes up for this by creating tons the characters, beautiful 3D scenery, and great art direction. The video game has most of the things that make the very first one great, however they look for this reason much better in here. Not to point out all that"s new.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty different from what you"d expect in a Mario game, but it"s precisely what you"d intend from a file Mario game. Trying out your surroundings, interacting with characters and getting the rate of the fights is vital to beating this game.

Sound: The sound architecture is pretty straightforward and straightforward here. However the music is excellent, a quite cartoony version of the Mario music. And some themes perfectly fit the RPG game style.

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It definitely is much more facility than the normal Mario music.