Raghav ran behind Naina together she ran and also entered she room , heknew she to be crying , cryingbadly...though that didn"t knew the reason for the , he want to recognize it.

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"Naina , Naina pleaseopen the door , you re welcome Naina , what happened? Naina please tell me , did ns dosomething?? If yes you re welcome tell me what , you re welcome Naina..." Raghav was yellingwhile he to be crying consistently banging the closed door of the room in a hopethat Naina will open it yet to no avail.

He heard some sluggish sounds that sobs , "Naina..." He said onelast time as now his own cries choked his throat and also he wasn"t able come speakmore, that sat taking the assistance of the door together streams that tears felled under hischeeks.

Raghav"s POV:

" Tumhe Kabhi Apni Zindagi Mein Kuch Nahi Samajhta Tha...

Ajj Tum Meri Zindagi half Chuki Ho...

Tumhare Ansoon Kabhi Mayine Nahi Rakhte The...

Ajj Wo only Ansoon ban Chuke Hain...

(There to be times once I didn"t assumed you as anything...NowYou space my life...Your tears didn"t matter to me then...Now lock aremine...)"

I claimed the lines together I heard she tears , those work weredifferent , this day was totally different ,from a stranger she became my Soul.

Writer"s POV:

Naina sat on thefloor taking the assistance of the door nearby to Raghav from she side , she wasstill crying despite trying to stop her cries so that Raghav doesn"t listen.

"Raghav , i am sorry..." Naina tried come speak through muchdifficulty as she do the efforts to protect against her tears , she wasn"t able to...

Naina"s POV:

" Tum Meri Zindagi The , Ho , Rahoge...

Par Mein Tumhari Zindagi Mein Koi Vajod Nahi Rakhti...

Tum only Jeene Ke Maine Ho...

Par Mein Tumhari Kuch Nahi Lagti...

(You were My life...you room , you will be...but Idon"t have any place in her life...you room the reason for mySurvival...but still ns am nothing to you)"

I thought the lines which ns myself penned under 5 years earlier , things have readjusted , i havechanged , he has changed...THINGS have CHANGED.

"Naina , remember our very first so -called meet..." Raghavasked me if his voice conveniently revealed come me that he was crying, he ongoing speaking as I kept listening.

Raghav"s POV:

" the day to be a normal day , we were in 7thstandard , together in the same section from critical 2 years still we didn"t eventalked a little bit , perhaps it was our ego only..." ns was trying to talkto Naina as soon as she cut in the middle.

" It was ego from your side Raghav , from my side , that wasonly my surprise LOVE..." i closed my eyes together I heard her.

" yes , from your side the was your love the didn"t permityou to talk to me, class"s chui-Mui Naina that spoke so small , for this reason slow(invoice) , so fast(In words) that even teachers essential to questioning again the whatwere girlfriend saying..." I said as a smile itself climbed up me together I remembered she funny antics.

" teacher , Unhi Se come Dar Lagta Tha (I was afraid ofteachers only)..." She stated as now her crying voice seemed to readjust a bitinto some compelled laughter"s.

" Acha , what i was speak , we didn"t talk to each other from2 year though being together , the day , i was sitting in the course whilenext day it to be our Hindi Exam and me gift the topper essential to maintainit..."

" ns wasn"t less either..." Naina stated in a teasing tone.

" still , you to be always second sweetheart and if we addyour course performance in all those public speak Marks , You short a lotbehind me..." I responded enthusiasm pour it until it is full me now.

" Yaa , yaa , a human like you that is so provided to publicspeaking , just how would he understand the pains of a stage-fearer..." Nainareplied and it appeared that annoyance climbed up her because of my comment.

" Ok, allow me continue , don"t become the collage Naina now , therefore I necessary to it is in the topper and also I to be doubtful regarding thesyllabus and all mine lovely dumbo friends took leave due to the fact that they had to study ,rest were those left that weren"t really an alleged to study for the exams , theyall passed v my support..." This girl again cut me.

" You understand what Raghav , i hated this around you , youcheater prick , i don"t understand how a person"s principal"s can allow him tocheat..."

"Naina , the was common , everyone in the course cheated ,even Aditya , You recognize that sanskari Mahapurush however he too told the test toanyone who asked , but off course exceptions like you are constantly there, Youknow my friends sit in the exam hall with you provided to curse you because youdidn"t also move her eyes native your record , acha Baba , permit me mental mymemories , don"t speak...so ns was compelled to questioning syllabus from you who Ijust knew dated last year that too since you scored much more than me insome exams , therefore yup , ns asked you Naina , what is the Grammer Syllabus fortomorrow..." and also what I acquired was a pen dropping sound since you acquired tooalarmed through someone"s speak to , climate a filmy turn of a sehmi si Heroine that staredat me favor I was there to eat she up Raghavappne Bulaya..." I could understand your lips reading because nothing seemed toreach my ears from your mouth and also I simply repeated the sentence wishing to endthe conversation as quickly as feasible what I obtained was some blankreply from which I can neither do a head or tail , your speed and then theway girlfriend speak , in a 2nd and for this reason slow..."

" but you construed , appropriate , it is why you stated thanks andwent...???" Naina request me together I laughed.


" thanks was a courtesy Naina and what i heard to be nothing ,I thought I would ask Aditya only due to the fact that I couldn"t proceed the conversation...(I laugh againforgetting my tears that appeared to be as well old now) that was prefer nothing , Ididn"t thought around you after the though ns remember reasoning not to speak toyou ever..." ns was laughing favor hell now.

Naina"s POV:

" Yaa , I know its so basic for girlfriend , you know that job waslike the best day of mine life , the whole day at home I to be thinking about you," that asked me a concern , wow , that considers me intelligent , that knows that Iexist and also so many an ext , your confront seemed to come in my mind everynow and then, because of you only na I shed my 1 note in Hindi in which ns wasthe best , even far better than you..." ns told him together I remembered that day ,expressing the in words wasn"t feasible but quiet the totality day to be rocking and shocking , i wasn"t one introvert in ~ homethough , in reality I to be a full to enjoyable coolbie at house , ns don"t know whathappened to me in school however lets leave the topic , i was roaming about in myhome v my Hindi publication in mine hand and my Raghav Malhotra in my mind , his oneword as well mattered prefer hell come me.

" Acha Raghav , it is why friend didn"t speak to me for almost6 month after the , how mean..." i told him v anger.

" therefore what , you were so median , you never told me the youliked me..."

" I had fallen because that you the very first day I witnessed you in myclass in 5th standard but I was afraid , ns wasn"t the end of thosecool-cool girls in the colleges , those v puffs , clips in the hair , messyhair quiet looking awesome, ns was a kind of girl who had actually those well tied hair ,a girl who would fall almost everywhere , anytime and also look the most funniest biology inthe civilization , girte- Padte rehna meri aadat thi aur tum , tumpar to kain Marti-Girtithi..."

" exactly how do you know???"

" i don"t know , i heard it somewhere that Anuradha provided tolike friend , and also then she provided to struggle so much with girlfriend , I supplied to discover youboth a perfect pair , that serial type , Ladte Hain ,Par Pyaar Bhi Karte Hain(They fight however Love each other too), she offered to it is in a topper as well and also in 10thclass see you roaming roughly with heron pilgrimage , friend know exactly how I felt..." I claimed to him together he cut.

" Acha , thats why when I and Anuradha were sitting togetherin the ice cream parlour ~ above Trip, you turned your confront towards your friendslike...I just had a glance at you and also I was prefer I don"t look for this reason badthat she required to rotate her face..." Yaar , we were just friends who supplied tofight , you know she was jealous of me..."

" there was an additional Raghav , Samukshi..."

" your friend Samukshi...seriously? She called you?"

" No , yet what your friend , she was her friend too ,in fact an ext than me..."

" I recognize you didn"t had any friends na..." that teased me.

" ns heard the somewhere the she too preferred you , you understand Iwas prefer she to be perfect for you , a an excellent debater , she was even great instudies and also I even saw girlfriend happily talking to her..."

" five God , Naina I never ever imagined girlfriend were together a jealouscreature...seriously , they were my friend yaar..."

" however you to be a part of those Boyfriend-Girlfriend typegroups , ns know, don"t deny now..." ns asked desperately.

" Yaa , however that doesn"t average I had actually a girl friend..." Hesaid in his angry monkey tone , wish I can see him however the door to be stillbetween us.

" Raghav , you know , you supposed the world to me , ns wasafraid come tell friend , i felt you"ll humiliation me in front of everyone and it willspread choose a gossip , you know I was a sort of person who to be happy hidingbehind supporters quite than coming into limelight myself , I even hated as soon as someonetalked around me , someone tried to lug me to front climate how might I acceptthat thing , ns was fear of you and also I had my reasons , I had actually the newest ofthoughts of the people , the things which other human being didn"t think to enhance ,I wanted to carry out that , I wanted to fight versus biased ness between girls andboys and also I myself was..." I had tears psychic those worst memories of mylife when I provided to cry just due to the fact that as usual ns wasn"t able to speak unique insome course speaking thing , the wasn"t as soon as , it taken place to me every time i hadto speak , I appeared to it is in so secret , I seemed to it is in so rather , it was all, all an outcome of my fear , i was scared to face people, ns was scared that whatmight a human think about me, I had actually my worst the the experiences.

" Raghav , i was damaged then , I seemed to it is in happy fromoutside yet I can"t speak just how my lifewas."

" Naina , i was the cool dude of institution , every girl wantedme yet still i never discovered my princess in them , you understand why due to the fact that I wasn"tsuppose to get a princess , ns was claimed to obtain a fairy , an angel...andIt to be you..."

" Raghav , you re welcome , don"t simply tell me that you love mebecause i do...I understand you don"t why would certainly you???" i asked him as my past camein former of mine eyes.

Raghav"s POV:

" Naina , i really do , you know you didn"t issue to me for lot of the time yet that work , thatday as soon as I experienced you , it was favor a life-changer , i can"t re-publishing what ns feltthat work , ours farewell party , it hadbeen 2 years because our sections were changed , that day I simply saw friend andsomething happened to me , because that the very first time , some unique feeling , my angel, I discovered her... I don"t know why mine emotions took so lot time to be revealedbut that was special yaar..." i told her.

Sounds that some slow sobs appeared to come from the other side, " ours farewell party Raghav , I can never forget the , it was the critical timeI experienced you , last time before collage..." She claimed as she again started tocry.

" for me it to be the very first time to me the youexisted...You come in the auditorium in that light pink suit v your curly hair and also the same are afraid on her face...all girls and also boys werelooking towards you , nobody knew that that girl v two pleats could look sogood , i remember Anaihita was talking to me once suddenly she paused , i waslike , what happened and she simply said revolve Back" i did and I was shocked ,you recognize for following 10 minutes my eye were to win on you..." she cut me.

" Alright , you found me beautiful on one occasion and youthink you love me...great..." she anger clearly shows in she voice.

" No Naina , it wasn"t choose that , that was just that Inoticed you, i looked in ~ you and then was never able come look anywhereelse..." I stated as i remembered the day.

" perform you yes, really love meRaghav..???" her innocent concern came next.

" do you have actually a doubt Naina..???"I asked.

" i am i m really sorry Raghav for every little thing I go in collage..." Ilaughed the end loud , she collage antics , Ok allow me just clear , after school Ihad shed my heart to her yet was no able come tell her and contact with her ,Impossible , till to add 2 ns don"t even think she had a phone because that her own selfand her nature , no doubt I had actually to turn a Romeo , climate she checked out some othercity , Ok to be specific to Mumbai wherein I landed 6 months earlier after a completeof 2 year of separation.

Naina"s POV:

After college , I concerned Mumbai for my additional studies , Idon"t know just how , when and also why yet I was fully changed in an year ,completely , native the darpok Naina I became the Naina , Collage"s Divaand the angry Young girl who would rest someone"s head if someone messed withme , Ragging students v my corridor , enjoying v them , chilling outeverything was my life , ns loved this life , much an ext than my institution life andhere came the twisted in mine life , My college love ago in my life but completelychanged , Raghav came however I never involved know the he was my Raghav , great Ihad , Me and also my friends ragged the Shy young from a tiny city and also made funny ofour classmate Raghav never learning that he to be My Raghav Malhotra , wish ns hadknown , it was something prefer a duty reversal in between us , i turned out to himand he turned the end to be me.

" Kahan Kho Gayi..." Raghav asked as I was rememberingthose days.

" Raghav , why you never told her caste...?? You were sochanged confront wise it is why i wasn"t may be to acknowledge you..." ns complained.

He laughed , " Naina , i was maybe to identify you verynicely and I to be loving the change in girlfriend so how might I tell friend that ns was Raghav, I believed you"ll beat me favor hell if ns told friend that i was the exact same Raghavwho had by mistake moved you down the bench in fifth standard..."That is bad.

" Raghav , I even ragged you and also you to be so changed , youbecame entirely shy..." i asked confused

" Ahan...I am not shy...not in ~ all but I just wanted to seeyour boldness ...remember once you and also your gang threw egg at me ~ above myentry..."

" Sorry..."

" when you tripped me down and I fell down..."

" Sorry..."

" as soon as you snatched mine project and also submitted it as yours ,you didn"t cheat , right???" he asked like a teacher.

" Raghav , it to be you that spilled coffee on mine project..."I complained.

" through mistake and on what , top top your half complete coverpage..." He was laughing in ~ my explanations.

" You and your collage antics Naina however the ideal one wastoday one when you acquired to recognize that i am Raghav Malhotra...Yaar , No problemna...why you started crying..." Raghav inquiry me tho laughing.

" ns am sad na Raghav , i hurt friend sooo lot , I used tospoil her homeworks , disturb girlfriend , and also every various other thing I can do so that Ican stay the topper and also you never minded , sorry na... " ns was againfeeling low.

" oh God Naina , I delighted in it na yaar , seriously , ns amloving this Naina a lot...don"t cry because of the infact i amsorry , ns know how much ns hurt you...first of all you love me so much andthen you had to bear for this reason much..." that assured me.

" Raghav , friend heard me this day backstage..."

" Yaa ns did..."

Raghav"s POV:

By the means I suppose I forgot come tell , this particular day was ourcollage fest and additionally award providing day and also so Naina Madam pertained to know mine namebecause my entirety name was announced as soon as I obtained the ideal sportsman compensation andthen she turned to Naina Tiwari -the bechari , Realisation struck my Naino andshe establish that ns am she Raghav Malhotra , by the way today , anotherrealization struck me too that she loves me.

" Raghav , what you heard...???" her voice come from theother side.

" Everything..." ns smiled.

" Raghav ..."

" yes sir Baba , I simply heard that you can"t love anyone elsebecause friend love a handsome hunk dubbed Raghav Malhotra..."

" oh God , I never used Handsome Hunk..." She angrilysaid.

" yes Baba i m really sorry , currently atleast open up this door , i am waitingfrom so much time so watch your face..." She didn"t reply after that.

Suddenly i felt the support behind me vanish together I almostfell down due to the fact that the door was opened however I obtained saved , Naina held my head inher lap.

" i won"t permit you fall down..." She smiled.

" girlfriend love me , right???" She inquiry again.

" girlfriend don"t trust me Naina..." I responded angrily tho inher lap.

She smiled together she laugh , " simply say that na then..."


" What??" ns asked naughtily.

" Raghav..."

" ok , now you space scaring me, Ok i love you Naina...I love you..." ns shouted prefer a mad. Shekept she hand on my lips and also closed she eyes.

" i love friend too..." She slowly said in my ears stillclosing her eyes. Ns hugged she tightly not to leave her ever.

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Besharmiyan, barbadiyan.. Hai ishq ki shaitaaniyan Ye fitoor jo sir pe sawaar ho Jeena bhi phir Dushwaar ho Kiski majal koi rok le Kiski majal koi tok le Ishq k junoon ruke nahi that bawari yeh aashiqui Gustaak si yeh aashiqui Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui Badi he ajaab kasi yeh talaab yeh the aashiqui ziddi badi...! badi saar firee hai yeh aashiqui Kiski majal koi rok le Kiski majal koi tok le Ishq k junun ruke nahi Hai baawaari yeh aashiqui Gustaak si yeh aashiqui Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui Bekhauf si ye aashiqui Jo yeh sang chaale Sang challe Jo yeh rang chadhe Rang Chade Phir kya fikaar koi kya kahe Yeh hai wo aag jo na bhuj benefits Aise baarishe jo na thaaam services Ishq ke junun ruke nahi Hai baawaari yeh aashiqui Gustak si yeh aashiqui Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui Bekhauf si ye aashiqui

(Yeh aashiqui bawriYeh aashiqui gustaakh si..)

This Is mine Naina , mine Naina , she is the Naina ns love her alot , a lot...No issue what she"ll constantly be mine and I"ll always behers. We both will always be each others.