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Fans the the MMORPG genre are probably acquainted with both titles to part extent, but what important sets castle apart? this particular day we’ll take a watch at some of the key differences in between Diablo III and also Path that Exile.

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Release date

Diablo III released in 2012 and also had some huge shoes come fill as fans the the franchise were eagerly awaiting a worthy follower of Diablo II. Arguably, many were let under by the different direction the game went in and also it was further plagued by launch issues with servers, and also errors and the infamous in-game store. The initial price because that the game was $60.

Path of Exile exit in 2013 and also it was crowdfunded through fans. The location had an ext than 46,000 world participating in its open up beta and managed come raise end $240,000 through pre-purchase microtransactions. Unequal Diablo III, PoE relied top top the free-to-play model.


Diablo II was one of the darkest games at the time and also many expected that Diablo III to follow in its footsteps. While you can not say that it didn’t make an effort, the architecture and themes in D3 seem an ext like a dark fantasy setting when compared to the dark medieval feel the Diablo II.

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Path that Exile is to some level a far better continuation of Diablo II 보다 Diablo III. The game’s graphic are definitely not better than D3 yet they offer their purpose. The setting in the video game is together dark together it gets, through no constraints on blood, gore and violence throughout the main story.

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Overall, both titles have a mature theme, except Diablo III reminds us of Warcraft in some cases.

Character customization

Diablo II had a lot of alternatives to build your character and also customize items. Sadly, a lot of them were gotten rid of with Diablo III. Rune native which to be a fan-favorite means to make the precise item girlfriend need, space no longer there. Features are likewise unlike Diablo II, wherein you received some points every time you level up. In Diablo III, characteristics can just be acquired through equipment or ability tree talents. Great in Diablo III define a lot of your gameplay as you’ll be limited to specific spells and also talents based upon the personality you chose.

In route of Exile, qualities are also gained v the passive skill tree or items. Uneven D3, though, classes don’t issue as much. The passive tree in PoE is enormous and also your beginning class only specifies where top top the tree girlfriend start. In situation you desire to do a assignment caster v a emphasis on element damage, picking Witch will bring you the the next to many of the associated talents. Yet there’s likewise nothing wrong v going for Marauder and making it work-related along the way.

Spells in the game are not tied to a class yet are instead obtained through ability gems that you equip in your items. Anyone have the right to use castle as long as you possess the essential amount that attributes.


Diablo III supplied to have actually an auction residence where players might put up items because that sale. Over there were two versions the the AH, one using in-game currency, when the various other one used real-world money. The auction house was gotten rid of as a whole in 2019 and also for a great reason. Explained as the greatest failure in Diablo III, the real-world money AH was offered to drain the credit transaction cards the bewildered parents who never imagined the a legendary in-game weapon could go because that $100 or more.

Currently, players can only profession items if lock in a party and also within 2 hours, after which the item gets account-locked.

What the D3 auction house looked like. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Path the Exile is a video game that is practically entirely based upon trading and interacting with the community. This might be a dream come true or a hassle, depending upon how girlfriend look at it. The title has actually an insane lot of in-game money which is likewise used to handmade items.

There’s additionally an main trading platform on the PoE website and also another one permitted by the developers. Any item the drops in-game deserve to be traded, therefore gearing up with unique items native level 1 is completely possible.

One of the sites offered for trade in PoE. (Image credit: PoE trade)


Sometimes, it have the right to be tough to save player attention in the title as the content doesn’t change much. Diablo III walk a somewhat bad job in this as seasons feel much more like a refresh and a chance to start anew with obstacles being included to the pot. Since the game is greatly tied come its lore and also cinematic feel, the only large updates came with its biggest expansion, reaping machine of Souls.

In course of Exile, there are Leagues and every organization brings in brand-new mechanics, new bosses, new ways to craft or something rather entirely. Component of these changes remains in the game while others get scrapped at the finish of the League.

Future plans

Both title have already announced your plans because that the future. For Diablo, it will certainly be the fourth iteration that the game, yet so far we only have a trailer and also some seemingly watered-down personality stats.


Perhaps Blizzard will decide to do a return closer come Diablo II? Rumors space we’ll check out the fourth installment the Diablo in 2020, yet a an excellent guess would certainly be 2021.

Path that Exile also released a trailer for PoE 2, yet the game won’t it is in a sequel as lot as a brand-new campaign and from what it seems, a graphic update. The game’s story is already an ext than engaging as instead of play the exact same thing 3 times (once because that each difficulty), quests and locations differ making the story unfold naturally. Adding a brand-new campaign will no doubt include entire brand-new regions, items, lore and more.

At the finish of the day, both titles carry out a great job of keeping your interest. Diablo III aims for a wider audience v a an ext polished feel and also a smoother leveling suffer at the cost of late-game content. Course of Exile walk the opposite, with challenge spikes periodically punishing your construct hard, while the end-game contents is more than enough. Both title will obtain a new release in the surrounding future and by the look at of it, things will only obtain better.

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