Patricia A. Riley is a judge on the Indiana Court of Appeals, representing the fourth District. She was appointed to the court by democratic Governor Evan Bayh top top January 1, 1994, and also was preserved by voter in 1996, 2006, and also 2016.

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Riley got her bachelor\"s level from Indiana university at Bloomington in 1971 and also her J.D. Indigenous the Indiana college at Indianapolis Robert H. McKinney institution of legislation in 1974.<1>


Riley started her legit career together a deputy prosecutor for Marion County. She likewise worked together a windy defender. She then functioned as an lawyer in private practice in Jasper County until 1990, as soon as she was appointed come the Jasper County exceptional Court. Riley served on this court till her appointment to the Indiana Court the Appeals in 1994.<1>

Awards and associations

Indianapolis Bar AssociationMarion county Bar AssociationIndiana State Bar combination Co-chair, Indiana State Bar Association\"s racial Diversity in the profession SectionMember, Indiana State Bar Association\"s females in the law CommitteeMember, Indiana State Bar Association\"s Committee on improvements in the judicial SystemFormer chair, American Bar Association\"s Appellate practice SectionMember, American Bar Association\"s Judicial division International courts CommitteeMember, Indiana Judges AssociationBoard of Directors, nationwide Association of women JudgesBoard the Directors, better Indianapolis health FoundationBoard of Directors, an international Peace InitiativesBoard of Directors and also Treasurer, Indiana University school of law – Indianapolis Alumni Association



Judge Riley filed to was standing for retention in 2016.<2>

Election resultsPatricia A. Riley was preserved in the Indiana Court the Appeals, fourth District election through 75.31% that the vote.

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Indiana Court the Appeals, 4th District, 2016
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