Blending of a culturally unique groups right into a solitary group v a common society and identity. (p. 243)
cultural pluralismPolicy that permits each team in culture to save its unique social identity. (p. 242)
de facto segregationsegregation based on informal norms (p. 243)
de jure segregationSegregation based upon laws. (p. 243)
discriminationDenial the equal therapy to individuals based on their team membership. (p. 238)
ethnic cleansingThe process of removing a team from a details area v terror, expulsion and mass murder. (p. 246)
ethnic groupIndividuals that share a common cultural background and common feeling of identity. (p. 233)
ethnicitySec of cultural characteristics that differentiated one team from another. (p. 233)
genocideExtermination aimed at purposely destroying an entire targeted population. (p. 244)
institutionalized discriminationDiscrimination that is one outgrowth the the structure of society. (p. 239)
legal discriminationDiscrimination the is upheld by law. (p. 239)
minority groupCategory of world who share physical characteristics or cultural practices that result in the group being denied same treatment. (p. 235)
prejudiceUnsupported generalizations around a category of people. (p. 238)
raceCategory of civilization who re-publishing inherited characteristics and also who are viewed by others together being a distinctive group. (p. 232)
racismBelief the one's very own race or ethnic group is naturally superior to other races or ethnic groups. (p. 240)
scapegoatingPractice of place blame for one's problem on an innocent individual or group. (p. 240)
segregationPhysical separation of a minority team from the leading group. (p. 243)
self fulfilling prophecyPrediction that outcomes in actions that renders the forecast come true. (p. 239)
slaveryOwnership of one team of civilization by one more group the people. (p. 244)
stereotypeOversimplified, exaggeration or unfavorable generalizations around a group of people. (p. 239)
subjugationMaintaining manage over a team through force.

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(p. 244)
white ethnicsCollective referral to immigrant from the predominately Catholic nations of Ireland, Italy, France, Poland and also Greece.