Global Hit music Plays in ~ The Smith center for the Performing Arts may 31- June 1

Las Vegas, NV (May 12, 2017) – Triple George Grill will certainly debut a new The Phantom the the Opera food selection in respect of the smash Broadway musical’s run at The Smith center for the Performing Arts. The unique a la carte food selection will be available May 31 – June 11, 2017.

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Fans the the Andrew Lloyd Webber standard musical will certainly be handled a culinary journey with dishes specially created to highlight the themes of The Phantom that the Opera. To begin the night, the Twisted Every Way cocktail will set the mysterious mood, special Prosecco, pamplemoussse rose and a grapefruit twist. Act I will then move the guest to the famous Palais Garnier. For the very first course guests have a choice of The Mirror, through tuna tartar and seared ahi tuna, the Lasso, a perfect cooked Beef Wellington v horseradish cream dive or the Masquerade Ball, combine Arancini, parmesan and also a velvety pesto cream sauce.

Act two brings the meal to a crescendo, with choices including The suggest Of No Return, a 14 oz. K.C. New york strip, foie gras, steak frites, bordelaise and asparagus, the Bravo Monsier, consist of of a trout almandine, haircot verts and also quinoa or the Wandering Child, a French classic featuring totally free range coq au vin, wild mushrooms and also potato hash.

As the drama unfolds, dessert is served and guests are given a heavenly choice of the Opera, spices of opera cake, coffee, almond and chocolate or the Angel the Music, a deliciously light point of view food cake v lemon curd, strawberry and whip cream.

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Menu Details

The Phantom the the Opera specialty a la carte menu is easily accessible during lunch Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. Come 4 p.m. And also daily because that dinner native 4 come 10 p.m. Might 31-June 11. Triple George likewise offers a complete a la carte menu of classic dishes featuring American-style seafood, steaks, chops, pasta and also more. Triple George Grill is located at 201 N. Third Street. To do a reservation, please contact (702) 384-2761. Complimentary valet parking is accessible at Downtown Grand. Reservations might be made online, or by phone call (702) 384-2761. For an ext information, visit