The most Glitzy photo Bag Available! The front has clear home windows for your photos and the earlier is solid. Dual handles and also zipper close.

People are drawn to check out what you have actually in the picture slots so show off her product image or samples and also let the inquiries begin. Don"t forgot to have catalogs/samples/business cards ready to hand out!

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photo bag,January 12, 2009 ByMelodie Allen(Twentynine Palms, CA)
I had actually purchased a silver- bag in ~ a unit meeting for $40. Ns was dazzling to gain a pink one this critical Saturday at the Cookie Lee Fashion Week project Launch for just
9 Pocket photograph Bag- Pink,December 20, 2008 ByTrisha(Joshua, TX)
ns love this bag. It has actually lots of room in it. In the photograph pockets i have company cards, information around hosting & one that states I have actually Samples! The females come a running. I desire to gain the black.
Everyone want to understand where to gain this purse.,September 22, 2008 ByAnonymous(Northbridge, MA)
We got the purses we ordered in ~ our CL convention just in time to require to a seminar. It was attended by several different jewelry home present businesses and also everyone want to understand where us bought them. Can""t wait to take out in public and see just how much fist it will certainly generate.
I can""t wait because that my OWN!,April 19, 2008 ByElisa(Toppenish, WA)
my friend proved me her purse today and also now i am virtual purchasing my OWN! This is a perfect eye catching method to display my jewlery!
Rhinestone photograph Bag,September 23, 2006 ByPatty Avila(Chandler, AZ)
I simply received mine beautiful bag this mainly & ns love it! It functions perfect because that my jewel business and i"ve received may compliments top top the bag & the product I display screen in the picture pockets! I provide this items an A+++++

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