CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) —The national Transportation safety and security Board has actually released an official report because that a deadly crash in centre County that eliminated two human being in 2019.Their report cites deteriorating weather conditions and the pilot’s decision to usage a intuitive flight setup as the two factors leading come the crash. “It is most likely that after ~ departing, the pilot encountered deteriorating weather problems that hidden the like the mountain terrain, and also resulted in the pilot’s managed flight into terrain,” the report said.

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The aircraft took off from university Park on might 31, 2019 and was heading come Burlington, Vermont. The pilot, Joseph T. Bernardo 55, of State College and his wife, Valerie D. Bernardo 54, to be killed. The airplane crashed right into trees and terrain in Taylor Township.

According come the report, Joseph Bernardo initially filed one instrument trip plan, which enables pilots to use different modern technology to fly with small visibility, but readjusted that plan before acquisition off regardless of the weather conditions. The reasoning for transforming the setup could not be determined by the security board.

“It is most likely that after ~ departing, the pilot encountered deteriorating weather problems that hidden the like the mountain terrain, and resulted in the pilot’s regulated flight into terrain,” the report said.

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Ex-Facebook data scientist alleges social network fed the Capitol riot, chooses earnings over safety

by The associated Press, Nexstar Media cable / Oct 4, 2021

NEW YORK (AP) — A data scientist that was revealed Sunday as the on facebook whistleblower claims that anytime there to be a conflict between the public good and what benefited the company, the social media gigantic would select its own interests.

Frances Haugen was figured out in a “60 Minutes” interview Sunday as the woman that anonymously filed complaints through federal law enforcement that the company"s own research shows exactly how it magnifies hate and also misinformation.


CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)-- when the shade pink is offered for breast cancer awareness in October, yet what around ovarian cancer awareness because that September? A neighborhood high school is raising awareness for ovarian cancer i beg your pardon is commemorated in September.

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Students and also faculty at Bishop Carroll High school in Ebensburg sported teal shirts and also ribbons for the month of September in order come raise awareness. The institution has always recognized October for chest cancer awareness and November because that testicular awareness and decided to add September those months as well.