Parallel lines room two or an ext lines the lie in the same aircraft and never intersect. To display that lines are parallel, arrows room used.

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Figure \(\PageIndex1\)Label ItSay It
\(\overleftrightarrowAB \parallel \overleftrightarrowMN\) Line \(AB\) is parallel to line \(MN\)
\(l\parallel m\) Line \(l\) is parallel to line \(m\).

In the meaning of parallel words “line” is used. However, line segments, rays and planes can additionally be parallel. The image listed below shows 2 parallel planes, with a 3rd blue airplane that is perpendicular to both that them.

Figure \(\PageIndex2\)

Skew lines space lines that room in different planes and also never intersect. They are different from parallel lines since parallel currently lie in the same plane. In the cube below, \(\overlineAB\) and \(\overlineFH\) room skew and \(\overlineAC\) and \(\overlineEF\) room skew.

api/deki/files/1197/f-d_597cd854a3f47509da6a94587202e51f73ba3423305e087b258521b6%252BIMAGE_TINY%252BIMAGE_TINY.png?revision=1&size=bestfit&width=450" />Figure \(\PageIndex4\)


Figure \(\PageIndex5\)

Postulate: For any type of line and also a point not ~ above the line, over there is one heat parallel come this line v the point. There space infinitely countless lines that go through \(A\), however only one that is parallel come \(l\).

Figure \(\PageIndex6\)

A transversal is a line the intersects two various other lines. The area between \(l\) and also \(m\) is the interior. The area outside \(l\) and also \(m\) is the exterior.

api/deki/files/1193/f-d_dc6bed64085f2a2d510741341c01148f593a03c99081005265f67cee%252BIMAGE_TINY%252BIMAGE_TINY.png?revision=1&size=bestfit&width=450" />Figure \(\PageIndex8\)

Example \(\PageIndex2\)

For \(\overlineXY\), how numerous parallel lines would pass through suggest \(D\)? surname this/these line(s).


One line, \(\overlineCD\)

Example \(\PageIndex3\)

True or false: some pairs of skew lines are also parallel.


This is false, by definition skew lines room in different planes and also parallel lines are in the same plane. Two lines could be skew or parallel (or neither), yet never both.

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Example \(\PageIndex4\)

Using the cube below, perform a pair of parallel lines.


Review (Answers)

To check out the evaluation answers, open up this PDF record and watch for section 3.1.