Pokémon Ultra sun & Moon are an extensive adventures, but Nintendo"s handheld RPGs market a ton of post-game contents for players to enjoy.

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The Pokemon games have always collection very clear purposes in former of the player. Usually, this involves stopping a criminal organization and becoming the Pokemon organization champion. This frequently requires a an excellent amount that time and effort together you build your own team the Pokemon. Yet what around after you"ve perfect the game?

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there has constantly been a small something extra to execute after ending up being the champion. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is no various but since they take location on several islands, it deserve to be confound on where to start. Through that said, here are 10 post-game things to carry out after you beat Pokemon Ultra sun & Moon.

Updated December 25th, 2020 by Tanner Kinney: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are mostly old news at this point. In regards to that generation that Pokemon, they are the critical experiences. Lock were rather controversial on relax mainly since they released so shortly after Sun and also Moon, and also on a platform the was slowly getting phased out. However, the amount of points to perform in Ultra Sun and also Moon, also after beating the game, is more than a most entries in the series. Because that post-game enthusiasts, here"s just about everything you have the right to do after beating the video game normally.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and also Moon title Defense Challengers Guzma Hau
Re-challenging the Elite 4 is a an excellent way to do money in a fairly easy manner. Grinding it out through an Amulet Coin may not it is in the most efficient way to do money, however it is basic way. In ahead games, the suffer hardly readjusted aside indigenous the Elite four boasting slightly stronger Pokemon.

In Ultra Sun and Moon, there"s a bit much more flavor included to re-challenging the upstream Four: title Defense. Very first added in Sun and Moon, location defense changes the champion fight to a variety of competitors, as you are the champion. This ranges from her rival, Hau, come a repertoire of other personalities like the psychological captains, vital NPCs, and even the very first trainer you fought in the whole game. The battles aren"t much much more difficult, however seeing all of them renders defending her title precious it to do.

Pokemon Anime TM Disc
TMs enable trainers to switch up your Pokemon"s movesets top top the fly, in addition to opening move choices not natively possible. It"s in your finest interest as a trainer to hunt down every one of the TMs in each game to make certain you"re extended for any battle in the battle Tower or online. No every relocate is useful, however even the niche ones can have a purpose.

There room 100 TMs that can be uncovered in Ultra Sun and Moon. They"re generally found while the end exploring, back a arsenal of TMs have the right to only be discovered by an overwhelming every trainer ~ above a details route. Some are in PokeMarts, others are discovered through minigames. As long as you bring a guide with you, it"s not a daunting process.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Trainer and Rotom Dex
The QR Scan feature, accessible in both of the Gen 7 releases, renders use the the 3DS Camera to read QR password to add information to the Pokedex. The native means of doing this is come exchange information between two versions of the game, opened the entrance on one person"s game and scanning it with an additional copy. Alternatively, there are websites that generate QR password for simple use.

The Pokedex details isn"t important. What matters is the after scanning sufficient QR codes, a special Pokemon have the right to be found depending on where the Island Scanner to be used and also what work it is. This contains Pokemon not able to be acquired normally in Alola, including other starter Pokemon and some spicier options. For those looking to obtain some rarer Pokemon, this is a method to uncover them.

Pokemon residence Nintendo move Screenshot crate List
After all is said and done, there"s not much else to execute in Ultra Sun and Moon. The main parts of the neighborhood have moved onto the latest entry, for this reason online attributes are likely much more barren than on launch. However, there room a most memories in these games, and those who have actually completed the Pokedex don"t want to check out that time go to waste.

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Nintendo"s newest features to profession Pokemon up incorporate both Pokemon Bank and also Pokemon Home. As soon as a Pokemon is sent to residence through Bank, it can"t go back to Alola. Additionally, if a Pokemon doesn"t have a green card to obtain into Galar, that is compelled to sit in home purgatory until its job comes. However, it"s a safe ar to keep your Pokemon and also frees up her copy the Ultra sun or Moon for other use.

as soon as your copy the Pokemon Ultra sun or Moon is cleared out and all of your Pokemon are safe in Pokemon financial institution or Home, it"s the perfect time come reset and start a brand-new adventure. Because that those who haven"t played in a while, the games hold up very well and shine in methods that Sword and Shield don"t. It"s worth it come revisit them, particularly if friend were burnt out by the back-to-back Alola releases.

challenge runs are simply the method to make an old game fresh. Even if it is you go v a classic Nuzlocke challenge, a monotype run, or sport on currently challenges, there"s many of funny to be had. Plus, playing v the game again offers you a opportunity to use and also raise new Pokemon, which is always fun. If there"s naught left come do, restart and do it every again.

Close come the end of the game, ~ resolving countless different issues, you challenge off versus Necrozma to lug light back to Alola. After accomplishing this and also much more, including ending up being the champion the Alola, you get the opportunity to go back to Ultra Megalopolis. The factor for this is so that you can get the Pokemon and Ultra Beast, Poipole.

Poipole evolves right into Naganadel by leveling it increase while it to know Dragon Pulse. Naganadel is a poison and dragon kind Pokemon that has a beastly lot of special attack and also speed. Also, while you"re going with wormholes anyway, you"ll have specific opportunities gift to you.

The Ultra Wormhole is how you initially gain to Ultra Megalopolis but in the article game, it offer another, really useful, purpose. Other than getting Poipole you have the right to travel to various environments through Ultra Space, finding other Ultra Wormholes. In these wormholes you can find various Pokemon and Ultra Beasts.

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simply finding an ext Ultra Beasts would be good enough, as they are quite powerful, but you can likewise find legendary Pokemon. These legend Pokemon space the same ones native the previous Pokemon games. You can only record them as soon as so be sure to gain the nature girlfriend want! Also, this deserve to let you get shiny version of the legend Pokemon if you have actually the patience because that that.

Another very unique and powerful set the Pokemon space the archipelago guardian deity"s, the Tapu"s. Ideal from the start of the game and continuing transparent the main story, girlfriend learn much more about them. Friend learn around the important role they play in Alola and likewise how terrible they can be. Which renders it every the more rewarding when you encounter them within your Ruins.

Just similar to every various other Pokemon encountered top top the world map, you can capture them however only once. While many of the Ultra Beasts space encountered in ~ their own Ultra Wormhole, there space some exception to this. Within Poni Grove you can encounter either Stakataka in Ultra Moon or Blacephalon in Ultra Sun.

when Mega advancement takes a backseat come Z-moves in ~ this generation, you deserve to still obtain it. After ending up being the champion, you need to travel come the Poni Plains and also it"s there that you"ll discover Dexio. You"ll have encountered him a few times before this however this time he"ll fight you and also show turn off his Mega Alakazam.

after ~ you defeat him, Dexio will, in addition to Sina, explain Mega Evolution. He will then offer you a vital stone to connect to her Z-Power ring and also the Alakazite, letting you use Mega Evolution. If you head end to the battle tree, then you"ll it is in able to fight for and buy the remainder of the mega stones.

The fight Tree is Ultra Sun and Moon"s main fight facility and also where you deserve to unlock a most very an effective items and also abilities. To acquire there, you need to traverse the Poni Gauntlet after becoming the champion. This is additionally where you will uncover a couple of really familiar faces and have the opportunity to fight them. The 2 main characters from the initial game, Red and also Blue, greet friend upon arrival.

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They will initially difficulty you to a battle and also you choose which one to fight. Afterwards, you can fight them again by rise the fight Tree. Castle are known as the battle Legends and also are faced at the end of the normal challenges as the 20th opponent. Furthermore, ~ above the supervisor challenges, they are the 50th opponent. The battle Tree is a great way to test your battling an abilities while also acquiring an excellent items.

The main new addition supposed to authorize the player in Ultra Sun and also Moon are the Z-Moves. You"ll encounter numerous of these along your journey v Alola and also use castle to conquer your opponents. But there will undoubtedly be numerous left to collect even after you become the champion. Several of them girlfriend may have just missed follow me the way but others won"t show up until after girlfriend beat the game.

an instance of this is Tapunium Z, i m sorry is acquired after defeating any of the Tapu. This turns their distinctive move, Nature"s Madness, into the Z-Move, Guardian of Alola. Totem sticker labels are another collectible the you can uncover along the way. It"s most likely that you"ll have actually missed some so now"s as great a time as any kind of to uncover them. The reward because that collecting them are special totem version of certain Pokemon.

The Festival Plaza is miscellaneous you can engage through at any point but it isn"t till you"ve come to be the champion the it really opens up up. As soon as you"ve come to be the champion, it allows you unlock certain premium items at the assorted stalls. You"ll also be may be to change the music and also theme that the Festival.

Festival Plaza chin is this generation"s means of communicating with other human being throughout the civilization over Wi-Fi. In the you deserve to upgrade facilities, invite and also befriend guests and even fight with others. The Battle agency is additionally located right here which allows you come borrow Pokemon and also battle against other trainers because that Festival Coins. The is likewise where illustration RR takes place.

possibly the most fitting post-game entrance is episode Rainbow Rocket. This is a sort of epilogue come the main story which has actually you as soon as again encountering down a criminal organization that has actually taken over Festival Plaza. However this isn"t just any group the criminals, it"s a collection of the previous games criminals all gathered together and lead by the original gamings criminal group, Team Rocket.

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Team Rainbow Rocket desire nothing much more than to regulate the Ultra Wormholes and use lock to take over various other worlds. In this very special epilogue, you fight the assorted criminal leaders of the ahead game and work to gain back everything ago to normal. In the end, after defeating their leader, every is restored.

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Mantine Surfing is an task that you will certainly be acquainted with. While proceeding through the story, you"ll must surf to gain to the following island. There are 4 courses, each v increasing difficulty and you"ll need to finish them all in order to unlock miscellaneous special. If you regulate to come to be the number one Mantine Surfer in Alola, head over to the ceo of the Surf Association located at your Heahea branch. You"ll be offered a Surfing Pikachu together a reward.

the course, the key thing to do after beating the game is pour it until it is full up your Pokédex. Numerous of the previous entries have actually mentioned methods to do this but there are a pair more methods of note. Girlfriend can uncover Zygarde at Resolution cave on Poni Island. One more Cosmog at the Lake that the Sunne/Moone through Solgaleo/Lunala after ~ going through a details Ultra Wormhole. And also of course, make certain to profession to collection them all!

The last post-game task to try your hand in ~ is structure a competitive team. This isn"t as basic as it sounds however can be exceptionally rewarding. You"ll require to capture multiple that the exact same kind that Pokemon, breed them come have particular abilites and also so much more. Making certain your Pokemon have actually the ideal EV"s and also IV"s is likewise important.

Finally, you deserve to mix and match her favorites to develop a varied team may be to take on various other players. Having Pokemon that can control the battlefield, take it a hit from anything and also sweep the various other teams" Pokemon will certainly all assist you become a true Pokemon champion.