General Information

website Rating: P2+ or P1 under direct instructor supervision site Support: site is paid for, managed and also maintained by the Northwest Paragliding Club. Washington State DNR (Department of natural Resources) expects the all pilots paris Tiger space NWPC members. Visiting Pilot Memberships are available. Ideal months come fly: April - August, but flyable every year. Best times come fly: provided an 8:30 afternoon sunset, thermals are best from 1-4pm. Glass offs often run from 5 come 8:30 pm.

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Glide ratio to LZ : 2:1 Wind Direction: right N through NW. West with NNE ok Wind Strength: Min: 0, Ideal: 7, Max: 12 MPH (Max 15 MPH for HG)
Elevation: 1,680". Gps Coordinates: 47°29"48"N 122°0"38"W when launching indigenous south, pilots need to navigate out and around come the best to clean the southwest arm of Tiger in stimulate to then fly phibìc to the LZ. Glide proportion to LZ : 3:1 Wind Direction: right SSE to SW East winds in overfill of 2 kts create hazardous conditions Wind Strength: Min: 0, Ideal: 7, Max: 12 MPH (Max 15 MPH for HG)
Elevation: 180". General practitioners Coordinates: 47°30"01.6"N 122°01"19.1"W


Site needs

Helmets are required. Conditions at Tiger Mountain have the right to be unpredictable and adjust rapidly. A site briefing is strong advised. A NWPC visiting pilot membership has a site briefing. Use excessive caution when eastern winds are existing or possible. Pilots have to follow every USHPA rules as soon as flying in ~ Tiger Mountain, consisting of utilization of proper safety equipment (reserve parachute, radio, boots, ago protection, speed bar, etc). Every pilots are required to follow USHPA right-of-way rules and also to preserve adequate separation from various other pilots. Motorized paragliders and motorized hang gliders space not permitted in the LZ. The minimum rating because that hang pilots is H2 with instructor or H3 without. Usage of the upper north launch is prohibition when steeds are present.


Tiger mountain is a beautiful place to fly v majestic views of Mt. Rainier, the Cascade and also Olympic mountain ranges, together with Puget Sound and the lakes and cities that the higher metropolitan area. The views, in addition to the easy access to launch, and great consistent flying have made Tiger hill one that the most famous flying website in the unified States.
extensive work has been done at Tiger through the paragliding community, Northwest paragliding club and also Team Chirico end the last 15 years. Trees have actually been clearing (in collaboration with DNR), grass planted, commodes installed, and an ext artificial turf laid on north launch to support an upper and lower launch, as well as a brand-new 80" weather tower providing problems every 5 minutes.The club also worked v DNR to build an access road for the shuttle organization which eliminates a 300 yd hike v the woods come transfer right into a second shuttle, instead enabling the shuttle to drive from the LZ directly to launch.The city the Issaquah officially list paragliding in ~ Tiger mountain as a community treasure.
Tiger is flyable through winds indigenous the south, west and, preferably, the north. Throughout peak season, Tiger Mt. Provides prolific lift for beginner pilots to reap hour lengthy flights. An ext advanced pilots will uncover ample cross country potential at Tiger. Flights native Tiger have gone as far North as the Canadian border, South previous Mt. Rainier, and also East v Snoqualmie pass right into eastern Washington. A soaring trip over launch offers spectacular see of Mt. Rainier to the south, Mt. Si, to the east, Mt Baker and also Lake Sammamish come the north, and Seattle’s skyline come the west. It’s beautiful. With prolonged daylight hrs in the summer the last flights generally land approximately 9pm. If timed properly one have the right to launch, record the glass off, and also watch the sunset from the air. Complimenting the an excellent flying are the countless pilots that hang out at Tiger. A fast 30 minute journey from downtown Seattle make’s it possible to catch a quick flight after ~ work, or also as prolonged lunch flight. Neighborhood pilots frequently gather for an excellent flying, post flying BBQs, and an excellent company. The popular of the site have the right to make for rather crowded problems on launch and in the air.
traditional ridge rules apply at Tiger: Pilot through the ridge ~ above the right has actually the best of way. First one in the thermal determines direction. Gliders on optimal yield come gliders below. The Tiger LZ supplies a traditional aircraft strategy of downwind to basic leg come final. Because that safety, the downwind approach should more than the tree on the east side that the LZ. The west side of the LZ has power lines, light poles and also can distract traffic on the road.

Tiger north Launch optimal Landing Protocol

peak landing might only it is in attempted once the area come be landing in is clear of pilots and also spectators. Height landing should never interfere through launching pilots. If a pilot is set up come launch, you should stay completely clear of their launching operation. As soon as the launch is busy, top landings should be avoided. As soon as the launch is busy, the *may* be acceptable to side land on the west face yet only if the landing pilot and wing does no interfere with task on launch and also only if the west confront is clear of pilots and spectators. Pilots and also spectators room not supposed to scramble out of the method for peak landing pilots. Optimal landing is specifically prohibited when steeds are present. Optimal landing pilots must constantly yield come to launching traffic and people top top the launch. Top landing pilots should never fly end the heads of pilots or spectators top top launch, and also especially never fly end a glider all set to be traction up. Once students space launching, provide an even larger margin of security over the over prescribed rules.

North strategy


South Approach


No Landing Zones

Some folks roughly the Tiger area carry out not favor us landing at their property. The google maps attach shows girlfriend the no landing area that the club is at this time aware of close to the sites that we fly.. Please do not floor in this area. The Openair text paper allows friend to load it right into xcsoar, xctrack,lk8000 and Oudie if you convert it to cub style using SeeYou software. These locations will then be presented as restricted airspace in ~ ground level on your flying instruments.

Openair Airspace message file

Google maps no landing zones

Soaring and also Airspace

Tiger hill is exceptionally soarable. Many XC pilots occupational Tiger up to cloudbase, and also then, relying on wind direction, fly southern to Enumclaw, east towards Mt. Si or north in the direction of Duval. Because of airspace restrictions and also the absence of LZs there is very small XC potential to the west. Regulated airspace straight over Tiger Mt. North and also south launches is 5,000 and also rises to 6,000" about 1/2 means between launches and the Tiger summit. Commercial jet can and also do get vectored over Tiger. Carry out NOT break airspace. Commercial jets room also enabled to paris in listed below controlled airspace. If you uncover yourself above 4,000" above Tiger on a phibìc day, keep your eye open and head ~ above a swivel.
from Seattle take it I-90 east to departure #17, front Street leave in Issaquah. Head south on former Street. It at some point turns into Issaquah-Hobart Road. After leaving downtown Issaquah, monitor for about 2 an ext miles to where the roadway widens through a 2-way left turn lane. The LZ parking and also grass ar will be on your left. Parking is restricted so friend may discover yourself parking top top the street. There is also a $5 salary lot top top the west side of the street about 50 yards prior to the LZ. - GPS works with - 47º 30" 01.6"N 122º 01" 19.1"W
Hike The Chirico trail is a moderate 1 hour (+/- 20 minutes) hike straight from the LZ come south and also north launches. The trail entrance is easily found on the east side of the LZ. The trace is moderately an overwhelming with 1,500’ elevation get over 2 miles.

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Shuttle Those who execute not want to hike up deserve to ride the Tiger Shuttle. See because that schedule and info. The shuttle leaves from both Seattle Paragliding (for Seattle Paragliding guests and also pilots) and also from the Landing zone parking lot wooden wing racks by the street. - a usual mid-week schedule might be 12:00, 2:30, 5:00 and also 6:45. - a typical summer weekend schedule might be 10:30, 12:00, 1:00, 2:30, 4:00, 5:00, 6:30. Check the schedule in ~ for actual leave times. Pilots deserve to register for an account to get a discount, and also can then acquisition a digital punch map for more discounts.