And various other follower equipment, in general. Native what I'm reading, these space super expensive increase front and have slow however permanent payouts. 30expulsom/100 siren's pollen/30 anchor weed is going to it is in a big upfront cost, and from what civilization are speak it may take 2+ months to return the basic raw mats price (and due to the fact that prices drop, you're tho behind in raw gold).

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Has anyone in reality done the math through a big sample size?


It'll run with the entire expansion, it deserve to still be buffed, and also even if it's not, it's most likely you'll gain your money earlier in the long run

I would personally happen on it as a purchase for myself, however if you're looking to sell... Maybe. The return is too slow and also unpredictable because that my taste.

This is specifically why i dont make them together an alchemist anymore. I made exactly 1 when prices to be peaking at around 70k (cost 20k mats) that seemed choose a dream. Ended up having actually to camp ah every day and also undercut the following guy. Mine was at some point the only one that marketed that job at approximately 60k, but to me the 40k benefit for a job of camping wasnt precious it

My sample so far (keeping in mind sending 3 medicine minions ~ above the exact same mission is counted together 3 different missions, which ns justify since I've gotten double procs indigenous those very same mission with two types of herbs):

Missions: 206; Hits: 15

5x Winter Kiss: 36, 36, 37, 36, 34

2x Star Moss: 36, 39

3x Riverbud: 40, 37, 35

2x Akunda's Bite: 31, 36

1x Siren's Pollen: 35

1x Anchor Weed: 5

1x Sea Stalk: 34

TL;DR: they’re walk to provide gold forever (unless they change) however they won’t do you affluent / this is sleeper OP.

This is an extremely passive thing where the value will actually decline over time as the price that herbs and also value the herb-crafted things decline. But once girlfriend make earlier your initial investment it’s every profit, even if a little amount as long as she running objectives regularly.

Not something you’re going to get rich from for sure. As the price for crafting lock drops your return price will to decrease (you’ll be able to “pay off” your investment quicker).

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It’s for this reason insignificant that the real decision have to be if you deserve to afford to buy/craft this without also much affect to your income or liquidity. Outfitting alts and also such would an extremely likely be low priority. I would certainly guess us see transforms to the follower equipment as the development moves on more than likely making these much less valuable.