Subzero temperatures, winds at end 100 mph, and 50,000 volts of electric current. These room the work conditions in among the many dangerous work on the planet, but just an additional day in ~ the office because that an upstream few: Alaska power Linemen.

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CarolynReviewed in the United says on September 25, 2018
Great show! mine husband and also I love this show. My husband go maintenance and loves city hall these guys work. I additionally like city hall the challenges these guys challenge in the frigid temps. Great they had more seasons. I would absolutely buy them.
Vandy C FisherReviewed in the United claims on in march 19, 2019
susan MelloReviewed in the United states on January 9, 2017
Jacque StratchReviewed in the United claims on march 7, 2016
I really enjoyed and looked front to watching every episode and also hope it will certainly be renewed because that season 2.
Douglas H.Reviewed in the United says on November 24, 2019

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I"ve really enjoyed this for this reason far. We"re only two illustration in, therefore I"ll update if it goes turn off the rails, yet as it is now, its quite good. The show has some remarkable visual of Alaska that ns haven"t really watched done before. I recognize that"s a bolder statement provide the saturation of Alaska shows, however its true! an additional review here complains of too lot bleeping . . . I don"t really think its end the top, and I wouldn"t provide a negative review reason of the irritant. I"ve review some reviews from yes, really linemen that poop ~ above this show since it doesn"t present line work. IMO actual line job-related is boring as hell. If they had actually filmed the we"d be looking in ~ the bottom that a bucket van while males 25 feet up twisted wires. Really dangerous because that the lineman, really boring to watch.Instead this collection is around the hardships about linework in Alaska. I think thats a terrific way come go. Getting a million dollars precious of devices to a project site and all the problems approximately that is lot much more interesting show than watching them string lines. For this reason far, a very big, really fun show that i hope keeps going!