Project Blue book Season 1 episode 7 Review: The Scoutmaster

There have to be a million think racing v Quinn"s mind, however Harding dangling assures of better appointments ahead is blinding our favourite Air pressure captain.

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Quinn was pumped to be questioning what he assumed was a Russian spy about a absent "sensitive" object stolen native the Air force base.

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He assumed this was a action up from searching down and discrediting paris saucer cases, yet he was in for a large surprise.

The scenes between Quinn and Rizzuto were some of the finest of the series so far. Quinn wasn"t playing around, and if he had the chance, the would have shot Rizzuto just for gift a traitor to his country.


But he easily realized something to be seriously wrong as soon as Rizzuto began shouting in the air. It to be too hard for him to believe, yet (and I referred to as it in my task Blue publication Season 1 episode 6 Review) Rizzuto was a double agent.

Not just was he functioning both sides, yet Harding was making use of him to find out if Quinn had stolen the object himself. Talk about a slap in the face to Quinn!

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Yet as pissed together Quinn was about the revelation, he easily softened once Harding stroked his ego and made much more promises.


Harding is a bastard that knows just how Quinn works, yet when will certainly Quinn realize the Harding is full of crap and also just leading him along?

One that us needs to jump into our TV sets and also slap Quinn approximately a little to help him view the light!

And he needs to protect against being suspiciously of Hynek -- also if Hynek unknowingly came right into possession that the perceptible object.

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What i don"t get is if Harding is for this reason anti-Hynek, why not just kick that off project Blue Book? Why shot to develop a rift in between Quinn and also Hynek?

I don"t think that Harding knows that the two found the alien at the basic they were at, however I don"t remember which base the was, and also if it"s the one Harding claims, the object obtained stolen.


If it is the exact same base, then there"s a opportunity that Harding to know Hynek and also Quinn know around the alien, and he"s simply waiting to check out what they do.

I likewise have to wonder if Harding knows about Susie and her husband. There"s a solid possibility that Rizzuto could have told lock there are agents spying top top Hynek, however I"m no clear ~ above what Harding would obtain from that information, and also why the wouldn"t plot on the immediately.


I will seriously dice if it turns out Susie is a double agent, and also her entirety purpose is to see if Hynek is a Communist. That doesn"t make any sense either.

If the federal government or Air force thought the Hyneks to be Communists, they might take care of the case themselves there is no a 3rd party.

I guess the factor Harding isn"t canning Hynek is since of the Secretary that Defense who shows up to it is in on Hynek"s side. Serious inquiries would get raised if Harding eliminated Hynek now, for this reason the general just could be play it cool.

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Hynek is in a entirety lot of trouble if Quinn finds out that he does indeed have the object, and I"m guessing that the thing Hynek has is the one in question.

I don"t understand what he hopes to accomplish hiding the in his trunk due to the fact that that thing is dangerous. It activated the minute the closed the tribe which to be weird, so ns wonder if the men in the black Hats have something to carry out with that or if it"s something the is being traced by the waiting Force.

Was there even that type of tracing modern technology available back then?

Hynek remained in his element in Bowling Green. He desires to believe, and also yet he"ll do every little thing is vital to disprove a sighting.

Even after seeing the mysterious symbol in the cave, he to be erring top top the next of the hoax as soon as it pertained to the scoutmaster"s story.

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Project Blue publication took some liberties v the scoutmaster"s real-life conference in regards come the Choctaw interment ground and also sacred skull (I couldn"t find any type of evidence the it), however it didn"t do the story any less enjoyable. 

The actual scoutmaster obtained accused of manufacturing the hoax, yet what he saw and also claimed remains a mystery because that singed grass the couldn"t be explained.

But in our fictitious world, Hynek was favor a tiny kid ~ above Christmas as soon as he referred to as out Emmett and everyone else that was associated with the hoax. 

I to be glad Quinn to be there to witness Hynek"s diligence, yet not also thrilled about how conveniently he"s transforming against Hynek.

They have to be working as a team to discover out the truth, however it"s getting difficult for Hynek come be moral with Quinn due to the fact that Quinn continues to it is in hypnotized through Harding and his lies.

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If just Quinn would open up his eyes to what"s staring best in prior of him, however his desire to burned himself the investigating paris saucers is what"s blinding him in ~ the moment.

Maybe the males in black Hats must pay the a visit?

Project Blue publication gets much better each week. Everything about this display is optimal notch, and I can"t wait to view what"s next!