Anime hair shade is regularly symbolic of the character’s personality, so anime characters with violet hair are no exception. Be on the look the end for exactly how anime personalities with purple hair enhance their personality and hair color.

What is Anime?


In Japan, anime is any form of cartoon, yet globally anime is well-known as Japanese cartoons with a details style. Anime is a style of animation originating in Japan, identified by the use of color and also thin present in contrast to other creates of animation. Some anime shows are based turn off light novels or manga series.

Fans frequently love anime since it is a rest from real life and also you have the right to travel to different people from the lull of your own home.

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Some that the ideal anime girls have unnatural hair shade like white hair, pink hair, or environment-friendly hair. However, there are still many characters with brown hair or blonde hair favor Kuranosuke Koibuchi .

These anime collection are considered a form of art v a specific stylistic expression that is looked for in that is productions. Some of this stylistic expression may be designing an anime girl with purple hair.

Anime has end up being a globally renowned genre and continues to grow in popularity. There space thousands of anime series for world to watch and also get fastened to. That is difficult to pick the best anime personality ever, but these are several of our favorites with purple hair!

50 ideal Anime personalities with violet Hair

1. Faye Valentine is a cute anime girl v violet hair. She is a member of the bounty hunting crew in the anime series, Cowboy Bebop native 1998. Faye, that looks 23, is actually 55 after gift frozen gradually in a cryogenic freezer.

Valentine provides her body to seduce men and also she is generally, arrogant and lazy. However, Faye has actually a serious character arc as soon as she concerns trust and also show affection to her companions.

2. Dorothy Unsworth is a young, purple haired witch native the Witches woodland in the Dark Clover series. She wears a witch’s hat and cloak and is the human hold for the elf, Reve.

When possessed by Reve, she has actually two tattoos on she cheeks and also her ears room pointy. Dorothy is most frequently asleep, however when she is not asleep Dorothy deserve to be very energetic and carefree.

3. Sheele has purple hair and purple eyes! from the collection Akame Ga Kill! Sheele is an extremely clumsy and also often loses her glasses, however is a member that the assassin group, Night Raid. The purple colour of she hair perfect matches she eyes and is a price of an enig that fans love.

When working as an assassin, Sheele’s airhead demeanor readjusted into a cold, talented killer. Sheele wielded the Teigu Extase i beg your pardon is a pair the scissors the can reduced through any type of material and is solid enough to resist bullets.

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4. Azusa Hamaoka is a supporting character indigenous the cool Blue manga series. Azusa has curly, shoulder-length violet hair. She is really playful and shameless as soon as it comes to showing off she body.

She often wears summer clothes and frolicks through members the the club. Azusa also admitted to gift bisexual regardless of her behavior roughly men.

5. Kirie Motoba indigenous Himouto! Umaru-chan costume as a usual schoolgirl with her purple hair in a ponytail, however she can be scary with a menacing aura. She intimidates countless of her classmates, that refuse to obtain to understand her until her girlfriend Umaru’s indoor mode helps her be an ext social v others.

6. Anko Mitarashi teaches in ~ Konohagakure’s Academy in the Naruto anime series. In the anime, Anko has violet hair pulled into spikes. Anko trained to be a experienced fighter and was traction under Orochimaru’s wing whereby she learned numerous of his techniques. She is stubborn and often faces difficulties alone to buy time or distract enemies for her friends and family.

She is additionally one of the much more popular violet hair anime characters on this list!

7. Yuki Nagato produced by Noizi Ito because that the anime “The Melancholy the Haruhi Suzumiya” has purple hair. As a humanoid interface, Nagato has limited abilities such together communication. She regularly speaks in monotone voice and also has short hair that is purple and also never grows.

The purple shade of she hair stand out versus her brown eyes and also fans have a soft spot because that her subtle style.

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8. Shampoo is a woman Amazon from China in the series Ranma. Shampoo becomes among Ranma’s fiancees ~ he beat her in a challenge. Together the rule state, an Amazon warrior must marry them if defeated by a male counterpart. She is a devious, strategy character that ultimately falls in love with Ranma after adhering to him for revenge. Her violet hair is a notable feature of she appearance and she has adorable buns ~ above the earlier of she head.

9. Haqua du many Herminium indigenous Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai aka The people God just Knows is a purple haired tritagonist wherein she is a great leader and function model to her best friend Elsie. Haqua is a member the the Runaway heart Squad whereby she many recapture souls. She is very intelligent and also graduated valedictorian, yet is very hard ~ above herself together she has yet to capture any souls. Also, she is a pretty girl through fair skin and fans love her style.

10. Yuuko Kanoe is a bubbly, violet haired ghost v a twisted past. In the Tasogare Otome x Amnesia series, Kanoe haunts the Seikyou Academy whereby she died and also encounters Teiichi Niiya who can see her. Together they walk on adventures trying to discover her memories.

11. Blair is a cat witch indigenous the anime series, heart Eater. In person form, Blair is a woman with lengthy purple hair and also her surname is one allusion to the movie the Blair Witch Project.

Blair has actually a number of special ability including intensified strength and also acrobatic ability in her cat form. Similar to a cat, Blair can only be killed permanently after shedding her ripe lives.

12. Izuna Hatsuse is a Werebeast girl with purple hair and also tail in the anime series, No video game No Life. Izuna has both human and werewolf qualities and also has special attributes that just a few werewolf individuals have.

She have the right to transform right into her Blood Beast kind where she transforms red, but only because that a couple of seconds. Izuna has actually a sweet personality and the various other characters, Sora and Shiro, adore her.

13. Aoi Yamada is a waitress in training with purple hair in the anime series, Working. Yamada is a very mysterious girl and often lies around things come people.

She is an extremely blunt and often division plates because that eats food in ~ the restaurant. She may also be bi-polar or switch her personalities regularly from gift sweet come evil.

14. Kyoka Jiro is a purple haired personality from the my Hero Academia series. She is enthusiastic around most things and often looks excited by various other people. Kyoka’s earlobes are headphone jacks that enable her to hear the currents of every little thing they room plugged into.

15. Toko Fukawa is a student at hope Peak’s Academy in the Danganronpa: create Happy destruction series. She has actually two long purple braids and may it is in older 보다 high institution age due to her memory loss.

Intellectually gifted Toko usually has a gloomy manner and also is suspicious of others because of the bullying she endured. She has an extreme talent because that writing and becomes the Ultimate writing Prodigy.

16. Rize Kamashiro was a ghoul v purple hair and foster daughter that Matasaka Kamashiro. She is indigenous the anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. She is well-known as “Binge Eater” as result of her eating behavior as a ghoul and is additionally forced to it is in the hold body because that Dragon before being put out of her misery. Rize was a femme fatale that fell victim to her very own crimes.

17. Kotomi Ichinose is a childhood friend of Tomoya Okazaki in the anime series, Clannad. She has long, indigo hair and is a genius, that spends most of her time reading. She has couple of social an abilities and depends on Tomoya to aid her. In ~ first, Tomoya to be unaware that they had actually been great friends before until a bus accident.

18. Sumire Kakei is a kunoichi of Konohagakure’s clinical Ninja tools Team in Boruto: Naruto next Generations. She has actually purple eyes and also long purple hair. Sumire is very dutiful and also respectful and has drive as soon as it involves training. Sumire have the right to hold she own because she is skilled and also a master of deception and manipulation.

19. Hitagi Senjougahara produced by Nitroplus for the anime “Bakemonogatari” is a an extremely popular anime character. She is a beautiful and mysterious student that decides to aid first-year student Koyomi Araragi. She billowy purple-black hair is stunning!

Gahara has a sharp tongue, yet is very sincere in everything she says. She goes to an excellent lengths to store her mystery from gift exposed.

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20. Miko Mido, native La Blue Girl, occupations room high college student and ninja. This bubbly high institution student ninja has actually long purple hair and also a pink bow. Together the critical descendent that a clan of powerful female ninjas, Miko learned a large quantity of an abilities and ‘sexual ninjutsu’ teach to she by she grandmother.

Purple-Haired key Characters

21. Aoba Suzukaze is the protagonist of the manga new Game! Like many purple haired anime girls, Aoba has a shining personality. Her violet hair color goes and also eye colour walk perfectly together!

As a graphic artist, she is hardworking yet has a childish next to her. Moreover, Aoba is really polite kind of girl and also has respect for her colleagues and her superiors.

22. Kagami Hiiragi is one of the 4 main anime girl from lucky Star. Kagami has actually long, purple hair tied increase in two red-purple bows.

She is the older pair sister of Tsukasa Hiiragi, who is likewise a little girl v purple hair. She can be egotistical and also intolerant, yet she is shy in ~ times. With lengthy hair and also pale skin and a highlight eye color she is among the an ext popular mrs anime characters. Tsukasa and her twin sister Kagami are few of fans favorite personalities ever.

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23. Yuri Nakamura is the charismatic purple haired leader of the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen) or the immortality Battlefront. The violet haired leader is the protagonist of Heaven’s Door and deuteragonist of angel Beats!. Yuri earns the respect of her team since of her fearless attitude.

24. Mizore Shirayuki is a Yuki-onna or a ”snow woman” with lengthy light violet hair. Mizore stars in Rosario + Vampire whereby she start out together a shy, misunderstood girl and ends up a stalker that Tsukune. As component of her outfit, she attract a hoodie whereby she keeps her journal about Tsukune in the prior pocket.

25. Saeko Busujima through purple hair is a personality in the manga and also anime collection “High school of the Dead”. Saeko, a member that the survivor group, gets dubbed upon to aid the group fight of zombies. She is a professional fighter and also combat specialist where she provides a sword provided to she by Souichiro Takagi.

26. Tsukasa Hiiragi, the younger pair sister the Kagami Hiiragi, also has purple hair She put on her short purple hair v with a yellow bow and also is the one more of the four protagonists of the lucky Star anime. Frequently overshadowed by her younger sister, Tsukasa is sweet, innocent and generally, never ever gets mad.

27. Maya Natsume is the key protagonist of the anime collection Tenjou Tenge. She is not shy about her body and often wears revealing clothing. Maya, a experienced martial arts fighter, stays in her childhood form to prevent herself native releasing too much chi.

28. Rize Tedeza is a key character of Is the stimulate a Rabbit? and also she had purple eyes and also purple hair pulled right into two pigtails. She is a difficult girl and very mature together she gives her friend advice. She is independent however carries a total or knife top top her due to paranoia.

29. Chihiro Shindou is a 16-year-old girl and also the little sister that Kei Shindou. She is just one of the main characters in Memories, the anime series. Chihiro has anterograde amnesia where she can’t gain new memories past 13 hours.

She additionally lost her left eye and significant mind damage as result of the car accident. She keeps a diary v her at every times and also writes in it transparent the day.

30. Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old woman v short, violet hair. She spends most of she time on a net game as she character Hayahi. Moriko is really shy and also ends increase quitting her task of 11 years and meets a new girl called Lily in the game. Though, Moriko becomes perplexed when she start to develop feelings because that Lily through the game.

31. Kurumi Ebisuzawa is one of the main personalities from Gakkou Gurashi!. In the anime, she is fair-skinned with purple, waist-length hair, and also violet eyes.

Her innocent looks might fool you because Kurumi is the main “zombie killer” and also is the most capable member that the college Life Club. She has actually killed the most zombies and is sent out on the an ext dangerous goals for the group.

32. Yuuki Konno first appears together a protagonist in the knife Art Series: Sisters’ Prayer. She also appears Mother’s Rosario and also her avatar online has actually long purple-black hair.

Yuuki contracted HIV during a cesarean ar which came to be a rumor about the school. Eventually, Yuuki’s immune system started to fail and also she underwent plenty of surgeries before spending 3 years ~ above an speculative machine.

33. Hotaru Shidare is the main heroine of the Dagashi Kashi series. She has shoulder-length lilac hair and blue eyes. Hotaru sets out to aid Kokonatsu Shikada through the liquid shop in she town, but every time the fails. Together the daughter of candy developer, Hotaru’s enthusiasm for liquid drives she to aid the Shikada candy Shop succeed.

34. Touka Kirishima is another purple haired anime girl native Tokyo Ghoul. She disguises herself as the alias, “Rabbit”, and also wears a long coat jacket, rabbit mask, and a blonde wig. Touka is beautiful woman with a dual personality that sweet and also rage. Eventually, she marries Ken Kaneki and also they have actually a daughter together.

35. Motoko Kusanagi is the mrs protagonist in the manga and anime series “Ghost in the Shell”. In the initial manga, Kusanagi has black hair, yet has switched to blue-purple hair. She is a cyborg and squad leader that Public defense Section 9 and earned she title as major Motoko Kusanagi.

36. Chisaki Hiradaira defined as having smoky violet hair wears her hair in a next ponytail. In the Nagi no Asu Kara anime series, Chisaki is a key female protagonist. She is kind and also hides she feelings for Hikari however he has actually feelings for her friend Manaka.

37. Kae Serinuma, indigenous the Kiss Him, not Me anime series goes through a massive transformation. She starts out chubby with small eyes behind big glasses and after a the loss of her favourite anime character loses a lot of weight.

She beginning wearing her violet hair down and stops wearing she glasses. Her brand-new found attractiveness gets her right into trouble when she end up dating four various boys.

38. Rika Furude is the key protagonist the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Thought to be only a secondary character, the other personalities discover Rika is behind many of the catastrophic occasions that occur. She has long, indigo hair through amethyst eyes and also is the daughter the Hinamizawa.

39. Misato Kutsaragi, a main character native Evangelion, has dark violet hair with bangs. She shed her dad after an expedition to Antartica whereby her father inserted her in capsule to save her life over his. As the work director in ~ NERV, Misato ultimately learns around their deception v a former boyfriend.

40. Neptune, the location character the the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, has short purple hair and personifies the fictional Sega console.She is also known together Purple Heart. However, her character surname was motivated by the never ever released Sega Neptune.

The series revolves about a video game in various universes and also dimensions way there are an ext than one variation of Neptune. Unlike other godesses in the game, Neptune’s console just improves and never changes.

41. Zakuro Fujiwara, a member the the Mew Mews, has purple hair and DNA combined with a grey wolf. She attended a presitigious school and had come take treatment of herself because of her parents gift busy.

As the fifth Mew Mew, Zakuro operated independently because she reinvented without comes in call anyone indigenous Café Mew Mew. She is a self-confident character and doesn’t at first join the group due to the fact that of her independence.

After getting to know this lone wolf fans of Tokyo Mew Mew love the character’s personality and style!

Villians and also Antagonists v Purple Hair

42. Minene Uryuu is indigenous the Future Diary anime in i m sorry she is the ninth Diary Holder and also has the escape Diary. She has actually purple hair through purple eyes yet wears and eyepatch. Her character prospered up there is no parents and also develops a solid independence with a hate for religion.

Because of her harsh childhood, Minene starts as a villainess and also turns right into an anti-villian in the series. Minene is an extremely tactical and also intelligent and also she offers her escape diary to aid her in situations.

43. Dokuro Mitsukai is an point of view of death from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan through purple hair. She was sent to kill Sakura Kuskabe before he discovers the formula because that immortality, but instead she end up falling for him.

Dokuro tote a spiked club and often kills Sakura either on objective or accident. She recreation him v her trademark, “Pi Piru Piru Piru Pi Piru Pi”. She can likewise be seen v blue hair.

44. Road Kamelot is from D. Gray-man anime series, whereby she is the nine disciple of Noah, the reincarnation that Road, and represents desires of Noah. She has actually blue, violet spiky hair v eyes that turn amber when she is populated by Noah. Road’s personality deserve to be almost everywhere the ar from sweet and caring come possessive and sadistic.

45. Cornelia Li Britannia has actually the many vibrant, fuschia hair and also stars in the amine, “Code Geass”. Cornelia is a fierce character and refuses come accept any change. Eventually, Cornelia establishes into a much more neutral character and fights to defend her sister and also her name.

46. Ultear Milkovich is a violet haired character from the anime series “Fairy Tail”. The violet haired Ultear is ruthless and also despises she mother, Ur. She is mrs mage and has no problem sacrificing lives to acquire where she demands to go. She is a victim of one unfortunate background and is not truly evil.

Male violet Haired Anime Characters

47. Xellos, a main character in Slayers, reasons many hindrances to the protagonist, Lina Inverse. Through his violet hair, Xellos serves as the most an effective servant to Zelas Metallium.

His purple hair symbolizes Xellos’ trickery and also mystery. Xellos and also his intentions room a mystery because on number of occassions he has saved Lina and also the world. His character’s popularity grew throughout the manga collection and thus including the in the anime series.

48. Dark Mousy, deuteragonist that D.N. Angel, has long violet hair that partly hangs end his face. The famous phantom art thief steals art created by the Hikari family. He additionally steals various other paintings at the inquiry of his alter ego, Daisuke Niwa, and his family.

49. Future Trunks, the Saiyan and Earthling hybrid child of Vegeta and Bulma native an alternative future, has actually purple hair unlike current Trunks. The 2 Trunks live entirely different lives due to Future Trunks alternate the timeline.

Future Trunks is serious and also well-mannered and lives in an apocalyptic hell on Earth. The trains with Future Gohan as a teenager and becomes a at sight Saiyan.

50. James from Pokemon has actually periwinkle hair. James is part of Team Rocket with Jessie and also Meowth. The trio spends their time following Ash Ketchum and also trying come steal his Pikachu. James is just one of the many famous characters on this perform in the anime community due to the fact that of his funny and strong personality.

His an initial appearance is in Pokémon Emergency wherein the trio tried to trap Pokémon in the maintain center. James grew up in a formal setup to millionaire parents and was set to be married come Jessebelle, however instead ran away. The likes a lot of attention similar to his companion Jesse. ~ the an initial time conference Team Rocket fans dropped in love!

51. Much shorter Wong is from Banana Fish. That is the leader the Chinatown mafia and also he is Ash Lynx’s ideal friend.

Who is a an excellent anime character to cosplay v purple hair?

Make sure you have your violet wig because there room plenty that anime characters with violet hair to cosplay. Over there are few anime characters with violet hair that are male.

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If you desire to cosplay a male, any of the characters over are a perfect choice. There are more options including Shuu Tsukiyama native Tokyo Ghoul or Assassin indigenous Fate/ StayNight.

Male characters may trickier since they wear much more clothing and alternatives are somewhat limited, yet if excellent right, a masculine purple haired cosplay can turn heads.

If you want to cosplay one anime girl through purple hair 보다 you have much more options to select from. Any of the characters from this list have the right to be cosplayed if you have the ability to perform so.

Some favorites come cosplay encompass Hitagi Senjougahara, Neptune, Rize Kamishiro, and Yoruichi Shihoin. A cool costume might be Sheele if you have a big pair the scissors laying around. Mido Miko, Mew Mew Zakuro, Shinoa Hiiragi, Yoruichi Shihouin, major Kusanagi, seafarer Saturn, seafarer Mars, Yuuko Kanoe native Dusk Maiden that Amnesia, and Roberts from black color Lagoon are also good choices for an anime girl with purple hair.

What Does purple Hair Mean?

There are numerous anime characters with purple hair the end there the come in all shades and also lengths. Every character has actually their own style and also personality.

Purple hair symbolizes a multitude of things consisting of royalty, creativity, mystery, magic, and also spirituality. Countless of the personalities on the list today live as much as these meanings and have their hair shade play into their personality.

The symbolism of color can have a strong meaning on a storyline, therefore look the end for an ext interesting personalities with purple hair.

These anime personalities look awesome v their purple hair. So who do you think has the best purple hair? execute you have any other favourite anime personalities with violet hair? allow me know in the comments below!