The open-source Quantum Development Kit for Q# and Quantum enables you to develop durable quantum applications for quantum hardware today and for scalable hardware in the future. Optimization is a class of problems whose solutions are primary candidates for running on scalable quantum computers. The Quantum Development Kit also offers tools to formulate optimization problems to run on large-scale or hardware-accelerated compute resources in

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Q#: High level programming language that allows you to focus your programming at the algorithm level

Quantum computing simulator and resource estimator that provides real world costs to run your solutions

Ready-to-use libraries and samples for arithmetic, chemistry, and machine learning developed by industry experts

The Quantum Development Kit for Q# and Quantum

The Quantum Development Kit is the development kit for Q#, our quantum-focused programming language and Quantum, our quantum cloud platform. Build and run Q# programs on quantum hardware or formulate solutions that execute optimization solvers running on classical hardware on More on quantum computing and optimization


Q#: Quantum programming language

Q# is our high-level quantum-focused programming language offering an intuitive and modern approach to quantum program development. Q# allows you to focus your work at the algorithm and application level to create quantum programs.

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Develop with familiar tools

The Quantum Development Kit and Q# feature rich integration with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Jupyter Notebooks. Use Q# on its own, in notebooks, and at the command-line or use a host language with both Python and also .NET interoperability. Formulate optimization solutions with the Quantum optimization Python package.

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Learn quantum computing today

Build your quantum computing skills with comprehensive learning resources. Explore the fundamental concepts of quantum computing and learn to build basic quantum programs through learning modules and self-paced quantum computing tutorials. Get a customized recommendation for quantum learning materials based on your interests, backgrounds, and goals on our learning page.

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Contribute to the Quantum Development Kit

Collaborate with an emerging community of quantum programmers working on the open-source Quantum Development Kit in GitHub. Help an expanding community of developers to use Q# to deliver exciting new solutions and tackle complex problems with Q# libraries for arithmetic, chemistry, and machine learning.

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