The very first Lady is dead. The terrorists have actually shut turn off cell service in the blocks about the summit — and also hostages space lining the home windows of the building, exhilaration as human being shields native bullets. Things space not walking great.

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But before we address the mess that is the present, let’s go back a year come the second week of training, where Ryan and also Alex kick off the morning in bed together at the safe house, doing, um, bed activities. Alex gets a speak to from one unknown number and the voice top top the other end says a distribution is coming in 10 minutes — which is password for “Miranda is on her way.” Miranda demands to be briefed ~ above Ryan and Alex’s co-recruits to watch which are most likely to be enlisted by Instructor room for his “nefarious” agenda. (Once someone is embraced into the CIA, their background papers are locked, for this reason Miranda can’t search them herself.) Let’s run v it v them:

Harry Doyle: together Alex says, “He’s smart, cunning, and also charming when he desires to be.”Sebastian Chen: harry Doyle’s roommate is “like a park ranger,” states Ryan, “a tiny too great to be true.”León Velez: Ryan’s roommate appears to have done some time in the slammer. Ryan’s curiosity is piqued.Dayana Mampasi: “She wouldn’t it is in my pick,” Alex claims of she roommate. “She’s too tightly wound to go rogue.”

This is the last Ryan and Alex will certainly be seeing Miranda, as they’ll every be obtaining separate handlers. “You might be ~ above the exact same mission,” she cautions, “but you space not ~ above the very same team.”

On their very first day of spy school, Alex and Ryan arrive so late to a yoga session. Instructor Hall has actually his sights top top Ryan: “Out of everyone here, you’re the one I’m most curious about,” he states to Ryan. He’s a bit perplexed how Ryan’s fellow agent (Alex) to be ousted through the FBI, but Ryan got to just go ago to his job. “Perhaps if I focus on it,” he says, “I’ll find the answer.” (Is the a threat?)

After yoga comes their first foray into surveillance, as well as Owen Hall’s viinter-base.nets top top the subject. “Surveillance is the foundation of knowledge gathering,” he says. “While other agencies choose the FBI or NSA might emphasize just how to run surveillance, us at The Farm likewise teach you exactly how to prevent it.” the will aid them come to be invisible essentially. Course progresses right into a discussion of counter-surveillance formations: The rabbit is the human being being followed, the Eyes room the ones following — there are 4 of them; they make up the corners the a box-shaped perimeter — and the trigger is the one to run the totality thing. They continue to be closest to the Rabbit. (This is important.)



Meanwhile, Dayana’s appointment to she phone is ever-growing — and also mysterious. After ~ yoga, Alex apologized for no being approximately much and offered her a shoulder to cry on. To which Dayana responded, “I didn’t come below to do friends.” but maybe she’ll hear to Lydia, that runs into her on she phone. She wants her to pay an ext attention and also stop staring at the ground. She tells a weird and seemingly off-topic story around an assignment she to be on in Islamabad a years ago, yet it in which method segues into a conversation about Dayana’s backstory (convenient, since Dayana and also Alex plainly won’t it is in swapping secrets). Dayana graduated at the optimal of her class from Harvard, operated at one NGO for two years, and now functions at she father’s firm, representing human-rights cases.

Anyway, as Alex leaves to go set up her bank account, Harry philosophies her. He wants to gain a drink together; since she has to enter town anyway, she agrees. Together they’re commuting, Ryan is do the efforts to get info out of his roommate earlier at home. He speak him he discovered León’s NatGeo profile and also was curious about a gap in his work. “Did friend burn out?” the asks. (What that really means is, “Why did you go to prison?”) León claims nothing until he gets a text. “I’m an alleged to phone call you the we acquired an assignment.” their mission? monitor Alex.

Harry and Alex hit it turn off famously at the bar, what v Harry buttering she “You’re a true American hero!” biscuit. Alex states she deserve to be a CIA agent since no one would ever suspect it. She’s hiding in plain sight. Together they leaving the bar, Alex notices Ryan tailing her. She confides as lot in Harry and soon they spot Ryan, Dayana, Sebastian, and also León. However where, and also who, is the Trigger? Alex argues they split up to shed their ninter-base.netfound company.

Alex’s plan works, but not due to the fact that she’s an excellent at dodging. Dayana lost her once she had to take another phone call. Ryan lays right into her, and also when he’s finished, a townsperson philosophies to warning him he’s being followed. It’s none various other than Owen Hall, for this reason Ryan tries turning Hall right into his Rabbit. When he loses him, he receives a text blog post of a video clip someone (probably Owen) took of Ryan running down an alley. This guy is good.

Alex calls Harry come tell the she shed her tails and he responds by speak he thinks he found her Trigger. Shelby comes out of the bar. Once Alex provides her a watch of warning, she pretends to be a superfan and also asks because that an autograph. It seems prefer Harry purchase it. Alex, finally, heads for the financial institution as Ryan gets earlier to The Farm and is around to have it out with Owen — except Owen isn’t sorry. He says he’s make the efforts to recognize Ryan. And also his couple days of communication so far, the says, have actually led him to the conclusion Ryan left the FBI due to the fact that he has actually a problem with authority. How could you not? he wonders to Ryan. Liam betrayed you! yet I’m not Ryan, claims Owen. He wants Ryan to provide him and also his teachings a chance.

Ryan doesn’t obtain it or choose it. “You wanted a previous FBI agent that couldn’t clues a terrorist right under his nose for years?” he asks. Owen doesn’t see it that way. He claims he wants the Ryan Booth that “follows instincts instead of orders,” and also who “no matter how many times he gets shot because that it, still desires to offer his country.”

When Alex emerges from the bank, harry is waiting and the jig is up. He reveals he was the create — which, honestly, feels choose something Alex never ever would have actually missed at Quantico. Alex simply led him ideal to she drop area. (So that financial institution account to be just component of the game, as well?) and just favor that, one more week of training is wrapped. As soon as the college student head ago into the classroom, it’s Dayana’s name at the bottom that the leaderboard.

Later, as Ryan provides Dayana a pep talk around actually committing herself to training (even despite he’s not even committed to training himself), Alex top to the safe home to accomplish up through Shelby. She runs right into Lydia, that tells she she did well today. Alex is surprised — by both the compliment and also the viinter-base.netpoint. She’s quiet beating herself up end Harry. Lydia assures her it’s much better than she did in her an initial week the training, before explaining the reason she’s so hard on Alex is since she trust in her potential. It’s nice, but additionally odd Lydia and also her dad have chosen the exact same day to lay on the love v the two undercover FBI agents in their class?



Ryan’s handler ideologies him if he’s to buy wine because that the safe residence (lol) and it’s a familiar, much-missed face: Nimah! She tells Ryan come cancel his plans with Alex and insults his an option of red. It’s no going to it is in smooth sailing for the Alex-Ryan ship.

We leaving the past behind as Lydia and Owen start their dinner in ~ home, León hides something in the earlier of a snapshot frame in his and also Ryan’s room, Dayana ignores a contact from work(!), and Harry googles Alex. He finds a photo from Simon’s funeral of Alex and also Shelby, and also is really amused by the charade native earlier.

Last week, us left the existing moments before very first Lady Todd was eliminated — and also we pick up ideal after. Alex is crouching in the hallway make the efforts to get cell service, and also when she realizes she can’t, she pulls out a gun from her waistband. (I intend this answers the, “Is or isn’t Alex Parrish quiet in service?” question.) The pistol is the end of bullets.

Miranda is steering to job-related with her friend (more on this later) discussing the nightmare the is their day, when downtown the terrorists space lining the home windows of the 39th floor of 28 Liberty through their hostages. They’re tightening collars on every of them: If everyone tries come run, Raina describes as she proceeds to act as the group’s translator, the collar will certainly tighten and also the test escapee will certainly die.

As Ryan watch around, he it s okay a final count of who from The farm is here: “Dayana Mampasi, Lydia Bates, León Velez, Sebastian Chen” and, of course, bother Doyle, whom us spotted critical week. Six CIA operatives don’t just find themselves in one room ~ above accident, Raina points out. Ryan agrees, including that this is how he to know he can only to trust Raina. “And Alex,” she responds. “She can still be here, sominter-base.nethere.”

Speaking that Alex, she’s happens upon a police officer — the one who welcomed her right into the perimeter. He’s to be shot and as she help him, he tells she there’s one NYPD bunker underneath the block they’re on. As they collection off, Shelby is at headquarters calling Alex ~ above repeat to no avail. She joins a conference of Miranda and also other high-ranking officials — part domestic, like the police commissioner, and also some foreign, like a brothers aide. Miranda explains to anyone the reason the terrorists have done this is come “sow fear and also disrupt the nations of the G20 together they dismantle their monitoring programs and prove the spying is necessary.” They desire to prove nations should actually escalate their levels that espionage to ensure the what’s keep going this minute can’t ever before happen again. Lofty goals, eh?

Shelby has arrived come let Miranda know of Vice president Haas’ location. It’s on Air force One, operation in a comparable manner to 9/11 as soon as President shrub over the country for hrs until our grounds to be secure. Miranda’s friend enters the room and we finally get his business-card info. “Paul Burke, Deputy Chief national Security Council,” the says, prior to letting everyone recognize he just talked to the VP and she wants any surveillance clip from within the building. Also, she wants to it is in debriefed — however only by Paul. Miranda is no pleased.

Which is specifically when Shelby records up come tell Miranda she thinks Alex is inside the perimeter. Miranda desires this preserved on the DL — but she’s confident that if Alex surfaces, castle can start gathering intel top top what’s walk on downtown.

Speaking the Alex, she’s virtually to the bunker. She and also the NYPD officer are moving slow since of his injury and after one close speak to with the terrorists top top patrol, they acquire to the door the the for sure room. Other than the terrorists are best behind them! The officer flings open up the door, shoves Alex inside, and sacrifices himself. After ~ Alex gathers herself she watch it: a phone!

Upstairs, Raina and Ryan have noticed a pattern. The terrorists usher teams of hostages in and also out, and also when lock come back, Raina is encouraged the terrorists have switched places with the hostages, pull in plain clothes. Throughout her own rotation, Raina pretends to trip and scratches the assailant alongside her ~ above the wrist. She thinks she has significant him, yet when she comes back in the room, every single person top top the 39th floor now has a reduced on his or she wrist. Among the attackers walks end to her, grabs she wrist, and also marks her as well — v a machete. “Why haven’t they killed me?” she asks Ryan.

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Miranda answers Alex’s contact immediately and tells her she requirements to gain to safety. “If I want to execute that, i would have done it already,” Alex responds in the many Alex solution ever. For this reason Miranda speak Alex she requirements her to gather intel on exactly how countless terrorists are there, what sort of weapons they have, how plenty of hostages room there, etc. Alex warns Miranda she might not make it back to this phone. Before hanging up, Alex tells Miranda that Jeremy miller was one of the terrorists. “This is exactly the type of attack we believed they’d execute one day,” Miranda says.

We’re left through the photo of a terror receiving a text: “Alex Parris is inside,” that reads native MIRANDA. Space YOU KIDDING?

What to be León hiding in that snapshot frame?Is Owen and also Lydia’s recent liking come our lovebirds a ploy, or are they being taken into consideration for invites to join the hall family’s nefarious agenda?If Miranda is tipping turn off terrorists about Alex gift inside, to be she to run the scheme all along?