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A write-up claiming The Queen that England is walking to dice on Saturday, January 5 has been questioned thousands of times by users about the world since it was very first uploaded in ~ the end of December.

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The original post has since been deleted and the Reddit user that posted it has actually disappeared - with his post and comment deleted.

But users have saved screengrabs that the turned off comments - stating whether it to be a prediction, or a threat.

People have likewise been investigate what the odds room of Queen Elizabeth II actually dying top top Saturday, and also what would take place if she did.

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The original short article was made just after Christmas job by a Reddit user referred to as Beefy_Cabbage.

It was upvoted roughly 50,000 times and also attracted 7,000 comments before it to be deleted, and beefy_cabbages account closeup of the door down.

Users, countless who have developed memes roughly the death of the Queen in the wake up of the post, say if the worst in reality did occur the original user would either it is in the star that a 'creepy predictions' phenomenon - or would certainly be pursued down by brothers intelligence force MI6. Others mentioned that MI5 deals with residential affairs in brother espionage, no MI6.


Reddit post claiming The Queen will certainly die (Image: Reddit/beefy_cabbage)

Reddit user BigTicketKAT wrote: "This is just one of those write-ups that's walk to it is in a component of a YouTube video clip called "creepy unexplainable reddit posts."

Alexandeadmau5 wrote: "Imagine if The Queen gets on reddit and sees this" when Sunghj118 said: "Plot twist, this is the queen's alt account and she's orchestrating all of this to fake she death and also pass top top the throne."

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User TheStakesAreHigh has actually said the odds the The Queen dying on Jaunary 5 space pretty low, adding: "Elizabeth II is at this time 92 year old. Via this website , the odds because that a 92-year-old woman to dice within the following year of she life is 16.06% (which will certainly be rounded up to 16.1% because that simplification). Dividing this probability evenly amongst all 365 days of the year (which is not exactly how it works, yet it's all the we need to go off of), every day of her 92nd year, the Queen has around a 0.04411% chance of dice on any given day.

"Now, in stimulate to fulfill /u/beefy_cabbage 's legendary prediction, the Queen would must NOT die before January 5th, and then dice on that day. There are 9 days prior to the fifth (27th-4th), for this reason the probability end up being:

"(100%-0.04411%) * 0.04411% (the first term representing the nine days she would survive and the 2nd term representing the day she would certainly die).

"By this expression, the Queen has actually a 0.04393% opportunity of dice on January 5th, 2019. This is about a 1 in 2276 chance. For this reason it's pretty unlikely (but definitely still in ~ the realm of possibility!) that she'll die then. God conserve the Queen."

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What will occur when The Queen dies?

The Queen's fatality will trigger an official 12-day duration of national mourning.

Union Flags will be flown at fifty percent mast throughout the country and also books that condolence will be opened at embassies across the world.

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The London share Exchange will be closed because that at the very least the work of the Queen's funeral and potentially for several days - possibly costing the economic climate billions.

The Queen’s body will certainly be required to Parliament, where she will lie in state in Westminster hall – favor the Queen mom in 2002 – till her funeral.

More than 200,000 people travelled to pay your respects to the Queen Mother and also that number is expected to it is in vastly gone beyond in the event of the Queen's death.

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Media coverage

The licence fee-funded BBC will certainly suspend every programming and also screen BBC One coverage of the event.

If she Majesty dies throughout the night, her fatality would supposedly not be announced till 8am, after ~ which her portrait will be presented on the display accompanied by the national anthem - together happened following the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

Other networks are not required to interrupt continual scheduling, but virtually certainly will.

The BBC will likewise suspend all comedy programming during the 12-day duration of national mourning.

The Beeb consistently practices just how it will certainly respond to the Queen's death.

It was throughout one exercise exercise once a BBC Urdu journalist wrongly tweeted that the Queen had died last year.

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The succession

As an initial in line to the throne, Prince Charles will immediately become King as soon as the Queen dies as the throne is technically never ever vacant.

However, the ascede council would have to be convened at St James’s royal residence to formally explain Charles the king.

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He would be asked to swear loyalty to Parliament and also the Church the England in front of the council.