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HD. Segments: British soccer sex abuse scandal; an autistic guy who is the world Champion that Pinball; L.A. Dodgers legend Jaime Jarrin.

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HD. Segments: Bullfighting; Jeff Glasbrenner lost a leg, yet climbed Everest; tennis star Frances Tiafoe; video camer Perron's black Leagues quest.

HD. Segments: Chechen dictator and MMA titan Ramzan Kadyrov; fatality of the great Barrier Reef; baseball legend and also heart recipient rod Carew.

HD. Segments: NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith; youth take trip sports; baseball 'ball hawk' Zack Hample; an update on motorcycling's deadliest race.

HD. Segments: university "guarantee games"; Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton and also his brother; McDonough family; update on obsessive runners.
HD. Segments: Patrick Ewing; the state of sports betting; mass shoot survivors who uncovered solace in football; blind athlete Erik Weihenmayer.
HD. Segments: soccer hope for Refugio, Texas; Tom Byer's plan for U.S. Men's soccer; Doug and also Chris Collins; Surfing legend Kelly Slater.
HD. The sport has been part of Spain's culture for centuries, a spectacle of bravery and blood the disgusts some, even as the thrills others.
HD. Through pro sporting activities teams now a truth in las Vegas, 'Real Sports' looks in ~ the state of sporting activities betting and the possibility it could go nationwide.
HD. The boy of immigrants that fled a civil battle in their aboriginal land, Tiafoe has end up being this country's next an excellent hope in men's tennis.
HD. The 2016 civilization Champion of Pinball is a young man whose specialization is rooted in the autism the makes much of his day-to-day life difficult.
HD. Bernard Goldberg sits down v Baltimore Ravens lineman and also PhD candidate in used mathematics in ~ MIT, man Urschel. Host: Bryant Gumbel
HD. The explosion of youth travel sporting activities has fueled an unprecedented breakthrough and tourism eight worth much more than 10 billion dollars.
HD. Bryant Gumbel sits down with NBA legend Patrick Ewing that is return to his roots as the brand-new rookie head coach that Georgetown basketball.
HD. In this distinct year-end edition, Bryant Gumbel leads a spirited discussion of 2017, recapping the most significant stories the the year.
HD. A file of polarizing baseball pan Zack Hample, who's caught nearly 10,000 balls in the was standing of significant league parks approximately the country.
HD. Segments: so late NFL'er Kevin Turner; Baltimore Ravens lineman and also PhD candidate man Urschel; gun violence in Chicago. Host: Bryant Gumbel.
HD. Segments: Robert Kraft; Joe Maddon; cockfighting in America; Ashrita Furman. Held by Bryant Gumbel.
HD. Segments: A look at the lawless approach to control in the Dominican Republic; young triathlon brothers; domestic violence in MMA.
HD. Baseball hall of Famer and heart-transplant recipient stick Carew opens up about the exceptional story of the donor who conserved his life.
HD. Cash-strapped teams at historically black colleges play nationwide powerhouses, risking humiliation and also injury in exchange because that fat paychecks.
HD. An international warming has destroyed practically 50% the Australia's good Barrier Reef and also threatens the billion-dollar sport-diving travel industry.
HD. Sean, Ryan and also Terry McDonough talk about their household tradition working in the sports world that was passed under from renowned father, Will.
HD. The Isle of man Tourist Trophy is the most prestigious event in motorcycle racing--and additionally the deadliest.
HD. Soledad O'Brien meets 2 young guys who survived infamous mass shootings and also found solace through their common love that football.
HD. 'Real Sports' revisits cam Perron and also his pursuit to chronicle the forgotten history of making it through Negro Leagues baseball veterans.
HD. 'Real Sports' revisits the civilization of obsessive runners, consisting of Robert "The Raven" Kraft who routine has actually been the same because 1975.
HD. Segments: Troubled pitcher Matt Bush; former basketball star Juan Dixon on his household story; rick Ankiel. Hosted by Bryant Gumbel.
HD. A report on the biggest sexual abuse scandal in brothers soccer background and the system-wide cover-up plan to save it every quiet.
HD. Meet Formula 1 gyeongju superstar Lewis Hamilton and his brother Nicolas--who likewise races regardless of limitations native cerebral palsy.
HD. Bryant Gumbel walk one-on-one v NFL football player Association executive director DeMaurice Smith.
HD. Glasbrenner lost a leg as a boy, yet still came to be a champion in wheelchair basketball, finished countless Ironmans and even climbed Everest.
HD. Jaime Jarrin--the Spanish-language voice of the L.A. Dodgers because that the past 59 years--talks about his incredible journey in baseball.
HD. Bryant Gumbel goes to Chicago wherein the murder and also gun violence that once spared players from Hoop dreams era now threatens players today.
HD. A rarely interview through Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov around his MMA struggle club, his alleged purge that gay men in the Republic, and also more.

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HD. File of the previous NFL'er end the 6 years he deteriorated native ALS--which doctors think was brought about by football. Host: Bryant Gumbel.