In "Finders Keepers" by Stephen King, there is a character named Andy Halliday and also he claims his lovelife has remained in the rearview mirror for end 15 years.

What does “in the rearview mirror” average in this context?



A rearview winter is because that looking behind you once you"re driving a car. So come say other is "in the rearview mirror" means that it"s behind girlfriend - in this context, in the past.

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You can examine the literal definition of "rearview mirror" at PhraseMix and Wikipedia, and also find plenty of metaphorical examples at BrainyQuote, e.g.:

I often tend not to invest a the majority of time spring in the rearview mirror. If you say, "Oh, i did "Hill Street Blues" or "L.A. Law" and also everything ns do needs to measure approximately some preconceived concept of that," it would paralyze you.

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In this context, "in the rearview mirror" is provided figuratively to average "in the past".

Here is an additional example whereby it is supplied figuratively:

With the midterm elections safely in the rearview mirror, Obama is on legacy patrol.

From Obama’s One Hand Clap v Castro

So in the text you"ve quoted, it means that he has actually not had a effective love life in the last 15 years.

Rearview mirror, as per precise means

A mirror mounted on the side, windshield, or instrument dashboard of an auto or other car to administer the driver with a check out of the area behind the vehicle

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A figurative meaning that a person has actually moved on and is no longer having a host on them.

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