Are you wondering what her beloved males will choose the most? What type of underwear will suit his liking and also make the a really warm surprise? Red or black? The eternal dilemma of females has ultimately been resolved! particularly for you, us showed males a few sets and asked them for your opinion.

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Find the end which lingerie color conquers the understanding of men and also why. study - what perform you should know about them?

Several dozens that randomly selected gentlemen took part in our mini-survey. Below we will offer you a couple of statements the may overview you to the winner before we announcement the results.

A large group of respondents knew in advancement what shade they preferred the most and chose underwear just from a given group, urged by preferences, associations and even... Memories. Check out what answer were provided by the surveyed gentlemen!

Casper 37 years old

\"Heavy but really pleasant question! It depends of course on the occasion. I usually favor black underwear, the seems more classic to me, yet I can\"t say the red rejects me (laughs). It\"s a really daunting choice, in this perform I\"m definitely betting on black color - specifically this tiny element appeals come me!”.

Tom, 28 years old

\"It\"s basic - my Kasia always wears black color lingerie and that\"s why I favor this shade the most. Generally, I choose all the black proposals”.

Peter, 32 years old

\"Black! definitely black. The associates me with sensuality, sex appeal and a touch that mystery. Specifically like this outfit\".

Gregory, 39 year old

\"Since I\"ve checked out the cover of Playboy with Kasia Figura in red underwear in ~ a really young age, I\"ve been dreaming about it in ~ night! Lingerie, not Kasia that course. However, this go not change the fact that since then a mrs in red underwear has end up being for me the personification that sensuality. If ns can suggest it out, the finest surprise because that me would certainly be my partner in this set! and also I currently know what she will obtain from me on she birthday...\".

Some of the gentlemen interviewed by us were no so radical in their opinions - they hesitated and were eager to evaluation all ours proposals, finding out their preferences.

Mark 27 years old

\"Hmmm, ns can\"t price this question, since both choices speak come me, however if I had actually to show which one I prefer the most, that would definitely be the red one - incredibly seductive and also stimulating come the imagination!

Adam, 25 years old

\"This is really interesting, I have to admit (a much longer moment of reflection). I\"ve never ever thought around what I favor more. I always like beautiful underwear, no issue what color, i don\"t have a favorite... However looking at this here, I pick this option. An extremely sexy and naughty set. I would say it assures a lot!”.

Mark, 32 years old

\"I assumed it to be red! however after these pictures, ns ask because that a adjust to black! it really works on the imagination. My favorite is absolutely this set! Is it possible to put on this gloves? (laughs) now I won\"t have the ability to fall asleep!”.


We currently know the answer - for this reason it\"s time for a summary, conclusions and verdict! much more than fifty percent of men shown black as the favorite shade of women\"s lingerie, paying special attention to its classic elegance, an facet of mystery, associations through Brigitte Bardot picture (we did not know that she influenced the tastes that so countless guys!), the choices of our partner or a gentle recommendation to the BDSM stylistics.

The red color of the underwear lost with only a few voices, while its supporters protected it hotly, stating that no other shade ignites the creativity so much and promises so much. However, over there were also those that absolutely refuse to choose, not wanting to discriminate against any the the colors.

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As far as our conclusions space concerned, we have to agree v one point - let united state be open up to experimentation! The entirety game is about an altering and matching the outfit come the mood. In every wardrobe, there should be an incredibly sensual black lace and a happy red set! only after a persuasive presentation in real life deserve to we speak the critical word. You probably recognize what us mean...

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