The ARCADE agree Scooter is packed with the custom materials every young rider loves. Hard 3D stamped fork, practice neck, quiet nylon brake, rapid ABEC 7 bearings, concave deck and exciting colors and graphics. The Arcade is developed to conveniently take the entrance level rider from beginner come advanced.

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A practice Deck that Takes you Seamlessly indigenous Beginner to Next-Level

Our practice Arcade Deck attributes a One level Concave Design. It’s mellow enough for beginner to learn the skill of gliding together with solid foot placement, however offers the adaptability for as soon as they’re brave sufficient to shot those an initial tricks! Made from 6061-T6 plane Aluminum, this deck is as difficult as that is light! They may not it is in hitting big air or rapid whips ideal now… yet we’ve draft the Arcade to it is in 100% ready once they do!

A Smooth, Safe agree Ride for Kids

Everyone knows you can’t go quick with sticky low power bearings, and also there’s nothing more satisfying together the sound the smooth wheels on a smooth surface, right? While most entry-level kick scooters feature lousy non-Rated Bearings, the Arcade is fitted with ABEC 7. Due to the fact that everyone deserves high precision bearings… and also especially beginners! Not only are these wheels safe and also smooth, but additionally they’re very quiet.

Dynamic Designs because that Cool Kids.

While everyone else rattles around their scooters, your children will look at ultra cool gliding past on your Arcade scooter. We’ve teamed up through pro riders and top designers to lug epic colorways and also fresh graphic treatments to her scooter. Because what a TRUE Stunt Scooter kid really wants is to look just like their pro-riding heroes. Racing Red, excellent Blue, Metallic Gold and Raven Black! go ahead and choose her favorite color now.

No “Off-the-Shelf” Parts, simply Durable and also Light ‘Arcade-Custom’ Components

We’ve taken the best parts of luxury scooters and customized The Arcade into an affordable ride that lets kids feel agree Level.

– Customized Neck for Max Strength.

– 100mm wheels (our practice brake and forks permit for 110mm wheels too!).

– heavy Poly-carbonate core Wheels with High rebound 88a PU wheel skin.

– Responsive, behind Nylon/Steel Brakes.

– irradiate 3D Stamped steel Fork.

– ABEC 7 Bearings.

– 117mm Arcade practice Rubber Grips.

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– IHC Compression System.

Size and also Weight Specifications

The Arcade cheat Scooter is a light, yet solid 7.5lbs – built for beginner and intermediate riders, children aged 7+. However it can take the weight of mom and also dad too!