Celebrate the holidays this year with this luxury 48-piece decorate ornament set. These ornaments showcase a timeless round shape in all different sizes through glittery accents and snowflake patterns in your selection of shade for a glam look. These ornaments are made from BPA-free plastic, and also they have actually a shatterproof architecture that's perfect for hanging in houses with small ones and also furry friends running around. Plus, every ornament in this set is topped v a silver- hanger, enabling them to conveniently sit on any kind of branch.

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Overall: 9.7'' H x 14.2'' W x 4.9'' DOverall Product Weight: 1.1915lb.

Ring in the begin of the Christmas season v this festive ornament set, a great way to offer your tree a touch of holiday cheer. Arriving in a set of 12 ornaments, this vivid collection is crafted native shatter-proof plastic, protecting it from inadvertently dropping and shattering. Its traditional round design features a pre-drilled lid that makes sure your accessories stay in ar for as lengthy as her tree is up. Plus, its weather-resistant product is perfect for outdoor use.

Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

This 24-piece set of ball ornaments is here to assist you deck the halls, whether you're pour it until it is full in part gaps on your tree or just gaining started. Each ornament is do from plastic, and the set features a selection of finishes, consisting of matte, glitter, shimmer, and sequin, happen extra glitz and depth to your Christmas tree. Plus, this collection is accessible in a variety of colors, so you're certain to discover just the right look. Each one is topped through a drilled and looped cap, and comes with eco-friendly floral cable for straightforward hanging.

Overall: 2.4'' H x 2.4'' W x 2.4'' DOverall Product Weight: 0.5lb.

This shatterproof ornament is made up of environmentally plastic material. There room 87 Christmas balls v a various size and also finish.

Overall: 12.8'' H x 15.79'' W x 4.9'' DOverall Product Weight: 1.7652lb.

Add part holiday flair v this red velvet timeless Christmas ornament pick. Each has actually 3 silk leaves 18 berries, one gold-tipped red cone, gold and also red sequined ball, and also a gorgeous red velvet gift box. These space perfect because that indoor and outdoor wreaths, garlands, trees, centerpieces, and adding pop to her wrapped gifts.

Add some holiday flair v this fill of Twelve 7" Red Velvet traditional Christmas Ornament PickEach has actually 3 Silk leaves 18 Berries, One gold tipped red Cone, a gold and red Sequined Ball and gorgeous red velvet Gift BoxThese room perfect because that indoor and outdoor wreaths, garlands, trees, centerpieces and adding pop to your wrapped gifts.Product Type: PickAttachment Type: Hanging Ornament

Eye-catching timeless 2" clear ball accessories are a standard for any home or business. 12 Pack includes 2" round ornaments, each through red, green, and also silver glitter heat design. Dangle these accessories from ceilings, trees, or your porch. This shatter resistant ornaments will create a warm, festive tone in any kind of area.

Overall: 2'' H x 2'' W x 2'' DOverall Product Weight: 0.0208333lb.

These dazzling accessories are excellent in 4 impressive finishes: Shiny, matte, sparkle drenched and holographic splendors sparkle. Shatterproof ornaments integrate the beauty and luster of genuine glass through the unbreakable practicality that plastic.

Overall Product Weight: 0.2lb.

Add a sweet touch come your house this holiday season. This adorable sheathe lollipop pick is sure to cure any kind of sweet tooth. Because that cleaning simply wipe down with a damp cloth, we recommended keeping the inner clean acetate box packaging for storage then placing your ornaments in a cool dry ar until next holiday season!

Overall: 1'' H x 3.5'' W x 12'' DOverall Product Weight: 1lb.

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This ornament with Drilled and Wired Cap

Overall: 2.4'' H x 2.4'' W x 2.4'' DOverall Product Weight: 1lb.