In the town of Myiddok, girlfriend will uncover a specific eccentric inventor called Welch Vineyard top top the eastern side the town, directly throughout from the tools shop. When you visit she shop because that the first time, you will check out a PA and automatically acquire her very first Quest as soon as it’s over (it is favor this anytime she has a new Quest available). Welch’s searches are important, because she usually provides you something in return the unlocks more Specialty Skills, i beg your pardon are required to carry out things favor Item Creation. Transparent the game, you can return to she to get an ext Quests from her, up to a complete of nine of them.

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Completing the pursuits you gain from Welch will always net girlfriend a specialty skill supplied for items Creation.

On first visit come Myiddok100 EXP, 100 Fol, 30 SP, compounding the worry (Compounding Specialty), Blueberry Potion

Your task for this quest is really simple, as you just need to bring earlier five Blueberries come Welch. If girlfriend don’t have actually the forced amount on hand, in case you supplied up a bunch of them on your trek to the town, then you deserve to simply purchase an ext from the shop in town. The reward for this is your very first foray into item creation, as the compounding specialty skill will be easily accessible to unlock; this one allows you to produce items to use in battle.

Drunk top top Creation

Finish If that Tastes choose Blueberries300 EXP, 150 Fol, 75 SP, Just enough Cooks (Cooking Specialty), Fishing: an Alluring Pasttime (Fishing Specialty), Lemon Juice

This is another very easy quest for Welch, together you require to provide to she both a Lemon and Spring Water. If friend don’t have either that them, you can purchase both from the same seller inside that Myiddok. Carry them both earlier to Welch to finish the quest, netting you no one new Specialty, but actually two…Cooking and Fishing!

Brute toughness of Blacksmith

Complete Drunk on Creation500 EXP, 400 Fol, 80 SP, Smithing the Night far (Smithery Specialty), dig Deep within (Excavation Specialty)

You will certainly likely uncover yourself having to hunting for several of the items because that this Quest, back you may have sufficient on hand. To end up this one, you have to turn in 3 Iron and also 5 wooden Sticks. The iron is the one friend likely already have many of, yet Apprentice Scumbags drop them frequently and can be discovered on the Resulian Plains. Likewise, there space some enemies that drop wooden Sticks ~ above the Resulian Plains, especially if girlfriend have access to the tougher enemies. Both Apprentice Scumbags and also Man-Eating Trees will certainly drop them. You get another two Specialty skills for perfect this quest, Smithery is an additional item creation one and Excavation is similar to Harvesting, yet with ores.

Speaking to Ceisus in Santeroule very first time800 EXP, 300 Fol, 100 SP, we All Scream for Alchemy (Alchemy Specialty), Alchemist’s Water (x3)

Welch is in dire need of some help, as it looks prefer her research is finally coming to an end, in addition to her laboratory. As a critical experiment, she desires you to go retrieve two items for her, a discarded silver- spoon and also the ashes of a two-headed Corrupt. Both the these will drop from unique enemies the will generate in Dakaav Footpath as soon as you have actually the quest in her log. Tinat that the Dawning Light will certainly be found on the center bridge in the direction of the northeast. Uen that the Midnight Wail , the various other enemy, is found at the location where you combated the Eitalon Leader. Your reward for turning in the items and also finishing the pursuit is the Alchemy Specialty skill.


Killing both Uen (left) and Tinat (right) will certainly net you the key items that you need to finish The finish of Welch’s Laboratory.

Speaking to Ceisus in Santeroule very first time1100 EXP, 700 Fol, 125 SP, Crafty Crafting techniques (Crafting Specialty), mental Bracelet

Welch needs three things from you for this quest, 2 pieces the Silver, one Ruby and also two sheets the Silk. The simplest item to obtain is the Silk , as you deserve to buy that from the one seller in town (they expense 1200 Fol each). Because that the Ruby , the Harpyia opponents in West/North of the east Eihieds will certainly drop them indigenous time to time. You can likewise get Silver native the excavation spots in the very same area, back you might need to boost the level that the skill to 4 or five prior to you’re maybe to obtain them. You’ll receive two brand-new Specialty skills from finishing this quest, Crafting and Ornamentation, the latter of the two being a brand-new Item production option referred to as Augmentation that allows you include stats and also other components to your accessories.

Happy funny Bunny Time

Speaking to Ceisus in Santeroule an initial time1600 EXP, 1000 Fol, 150 SP, Intro come Intelligent Item style (Synthesis Specialty), Vitalitea

In stimulate to end up this quest, girlfriend will need to lug five Bunnylicious Pies come Welch. These items require you to do them via items Creation and also requires food preparation at level 1. In order to make them, you’re walk to need one of each of the following four items: Wheat Flour, Nectar, eco-friendly Fruit and Red Fruit (so you’ll need five of each to make five of them). Nectar can be to buy in Myiddok and Wheat Flour can be purchase in Santeroule. That leaves the 2 fruits, both the which drop from adversaries in Dakaav Footpath. Adephaga will certainly drop green Fruits, while Polyphaga autumn Red Fruits. Do the pies and bring them back to Welch, earning yourself the synthetic Specialty skill, and a new Role (Bunny).

After you invade Eastern Trei’kur2000 EXP, 1300 Fol, 180 SP, The small Engineer That can (Engineer Specialty), Healing an equipment x3

You will need Emmerson in your party prior to Welch will market this pursuit to you. She needs of you a total of 5 Micro Circuits to end up this quest. Now, if you regulated to clean the Cryptic study Facility earlier in the main story of every one of its chests, climate you should have a full of eight Micro Circuits in your inventory, listed you didn’t usage or sell any type of of them. Otherwise, girlfriend won’t be able to find any until you go to the Symbological Facility element dungeon in the Rescue Mission ar of the key story, where they drop off of the Phantom Dragoon enemies. Your reward is an additional Item development specialty, referred to as Engineering.

Behavioral Study

After stepping foot in Trei’kur Slaughtery4000 EXP, 2500 Fol, 250 SP, The Pen Is Mightier (Authoring Specialty), Parchment

This quest is a lot easier than the vault ones, as instead of having to procure part items because that Welch, you simply need to loss a single enemy, also though she doesn’t point out this at all. If you review the quest description via her menu, you will view you should defeat something referred to as a Sanddozer. Luckily, this foe is rather easy come find, as it have the right to be located in the middle of the Trei’kuran Dunes. Loss it to get the opponent Report, then go back to Welch to complete the quest. You will unlock the Authoring Specialty skill for completing this question, which enables you to make skill publications for many of her characters, and consumable Signet Cards.

Keys come the present in the Past

After finishing the Cavaliero6000 EXP, 5000 Fol, 280 SP, equipped to manage Anything (Whetting and Fortification Specialties), Heroism Potion

This is the final quest because that Welch and is comparable to the ahead one, together you only need to kill a certain enemy. The foe is named Revenant Swordmaster Daeus and also is accompanied by a bunch of Malice Coalesced foes (the little dice-looking ones). Anytime you deserve to teleport come the north Territory that Sohma, you will certainly find all of the opponents right next to where you land. Loss them and also bring the crucial item ago to Welch to obtain the capacity to augment both weapons and armor now.

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