According to a notice on the Red Leopard"s facebook page, the event "Stormy Daniels: make America Horny Again" to be canceled Monday, 3 days prior to the adult film star to be to take facility stage there.

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Daniels insurance claims to have had an affair with President trump card in 2006 and most recently gave details in her "60 Minutes" interview, i beg your pardon aired march 25 on CBS. She additionally appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in early March. The White House has denied the allegation.

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Tickets to check out the Satellite coast show, which was part of Daniels" nationwide adult society tour, were $15 in advance and $20 in ~ the door. Advancement posters and also posts on society media feature the adult film star in various costumes, the American flag and also Trump.

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James Jacobsen, owner of Red Leopard, had declined an interview request in an previously FLORIDA now story about Daniels" appearance here.

Monday night"s short article on the Daniels event listing said, "Do (sic) come unseen problems STORMY DANIELS has been cancelled full refunds in ~ the club. I m really sorry for any type of inconvenience ..."

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