How to Wear Blue Pants and Brown Shoes and Look Stylish

A high-quality pair of brown leather shoes is a versatile accessory that is a must-have for every season and occasion. It is a great source of inspiration since it can be paired with various clothing pieces. However, the process of coming up with the perfect combination that goes well with brown shoes is mind-boggling. For example, even though it is a rule of thumb not to mix black and brown, there is always a way to pull it off with the aid of accessories such as dress socks, belts or sunglasses. The same goes for blue pants and brown shoes. There is always a way to mix and match the colors of the outfit, so that it looks like a perfect Milan fashion show runway look.

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A classic pair of brown shoes can be dressed up or down depending on the type of the occasion, time of the year, or even the event location. For example, brown shoes can look informal if paired with a plain white T-shirt, and a patterned shirt can add a touch of sophistication to the entire look. Of course, pairing the brown shoes with blue pants is one of the most classic outfit combinations. It works for any occasion, and any weather conditions. So, if you’re wondering what to wear in 60 degree weather, for example, just go with blue pants and brown shoes! 

Pro tip: keeping the shoes clean and using a shoe cream from time to time will help them keep their glow and look new for a long time. 


Source: menwithstyle

Different types of shoe materials, shapes, and sizes affect the clothing combinations. Also, the time of the year dictates what trends should be followed and which ones to avoid. However, this is a golden rule that goes for every season: for a look to be well put together, the colors, patterns, and materials need to complement each other, and the shoes need to blend into the outfit seamlessly. 

When it comes to the shoe style for your brown shoes, three basic styles are appropriate for different seasons and looks:

Chelsea bootsLoafersOxford shoes or brogues

Chelsea boots

These boots are a dynamic choice for cold weather that can look sassy and stylish at the same time. They can be worn both for a casual outing and for a formal occasion. A great way to dress up the Chelsea boots is to accompany them with a navy blue suit. The light brown suede is a perfect shade of brown that will accentuate the navy blue color. Pair brown shoes with navy blue pants and transform them into an edgy accessory. Dress the Chelsea boots down with denim jeans. To put a personal stamp on the look, tuck the denim jeans into the Chelsea boots.


Source: menwithstyle


Convenient for warmer days, brown loafers are easy to wear and easy to style. This type of shoes can be worn with or without dress socks, depending on your preferences. Brown loafers are a great alternative to sneakers because of the lightweight shoe design, which provides all-day comfort. At first glance, the design might seem old-fashioned, but navy blue chinos or skinny jeans can point up their versatile design.


Image source: tomfordmen

Oxford shoes or brogues

Oxford shoes are probably one of the most popular men’s shoes nowadays. They feature a very elegant design and a classic silhouette, appropriate for every social setting and situation. Brown Oxford shoes will lend a touch of elegance to navy blue pants or chinos. 

Some accessories like a brown hat, watch, or sunglasses can make the outfit complete. Pairing brown Oxford shoes with a black belt may seem like a bold choice, but it’s classic and timeless. Another amazing feature is that quality leather Oxford shoes can be worn all year round, thanks to their flexible shape. Some of them are made from thicker leather which makes them waterproof.


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Color: brown

Chelsea boots


Oxford shoes


Wet/dry weather

Dry weather

Wet/dry weather




Closed lace system


Ankle length 

Exposed ankle

Exposed ankle

Relaxed look - brown shoes with blue pants

To achieve a casual look, it is best to match navy blue pants with brown shoes and a white T-shirt. It is a comfortable yet stylish combination for a casual stroll through the town or running errands. Men’s magazines would probably classify shoes as an elegant accessory, but this doesn’t mean they don’t pair beautifully with a white shirt and denim jeans or chinos. It is not off limits to experiment with outfits and opt for something casual and lightweight to wear with brown shoes for warmer spring days. Different pastel T-shirt colors go well with the deep brown shoes: peachy orange, baby pink, sky blue or even sandy brown.


Image source: chrismehan

A good pair of blue denim jeans can look classy, accompanied by a pair of brown shoes. Tan shoes will accentuate the color of the washed-out denim, whereas lighter brown shoes pair beautifully with dark wash jeans. The combination of denim jeans and brown shoes is laid-back, appropriate for a casual outing. High-quality denim will never go out of style, and this clothing piece can be worn all year round paired with all types of accessories, from colorful leather belts to bracelets. However, if you want to opt for something a bit more elegant, tailored navy blue pants can always come in handy and elevate your look. You can choose from different types of pants, depending on the event you’re getting ready for:

Dark blue denim pants with light brown shoesWashed out blue denim pants with brown shoesTailored navy blue pants with brown shoes

Dark blue denim pants with light brown shoes

A fresh, modern look consists of dark blue jeans and brown shoe combination. Skinny ripped jeans and brown Chelsea boots, accompanied by a stylish trench coat is a perfect combination for a rainy or snowy day. The black and light brown combination can look chic with the help of a patterned shirt or a belted waist trench coat. Jeans can be worn cuffed if the accent is on brown shoes. 

Image source: gentlemanscreative

Washed out blue denim pants with brown shoes 

It’s all about the contrast between blue jeans and dark brown shoes. For an urban, rugged look choose loafers or Chelsea boots over Oxfords since their design can be too formal. Washed out denim is perfect for summer days, and the dark brown loafers will elevate the look and inject personality into the outfit. Loafers and denim jeans are a perfect match for a casual summer walk or a gathering with friends.

Image source: niklinio

Tailored navy blue pants with brown shoes

For attending a formal public event such as a wedding ceremony or a birthday party, brown shoes can be a great asset for a more elegant, clean-cut look. What color pants to wear with brown shoes? With the aid of a navy blue tailored suit, brown color of the shoes will come to life. If the suit is in the darker shade, opt for a lighter brown for your shoes. Navy blue formal pants can easily become a go-to choice for a night out or dinner at a fancy restaurant. A blue slim fit suit with a narrow leg opening can emphasize the color and the shape of the brown shoe.

Image source: teensgents

What other colors can you wear with blue pants and brown shoes?

There is a perfect color for every occasion that matches the right shade of the brown shoes. In terms of elegance, the right color can either take your look to the next level, or make it more relaxed and casual. Every color you choose to be the central part of the outfit sends a message and has a certain vibe it gives off. Not every color and shade is suitable to pair with blue pants and brown shoes. The following list consists of our top five choices and colors that match beautifully with blue and brown outfit:

Light blueDark blueBaby pink - pastel coloursPatterned shirtWhite

Light blue 

A bright color such as light blue will bring out the darker shades of the navy blue pants. There is absolutely no second-guessing here, since this is a classic combination that will always work well. The contrast between the colors is only making them more prominent. With the help of a dark brown belt and high-quality brown loafers or Oxford shoes, this combination will transform from a laid-back outfit into a must-have outfit for an elegant dinner

A common mistake people make is wearing a tie when there is no need to. Wearing a dark blue tie on a light blue shirt would take away from the entire look, and instead of making the look more exciting, it would draw people’s attention to the tie, instead of the entire outfit. 

Source: menwithstyle

Dark blue

On the opposite side of the chart, there is dark blue. For a more coordinated look and a style-coherent representation, another option is to pair the blue pants with a dark blue shirt. For this combination, a lighter brown belt would break the monotony of the look and lend it a touch of elegance

It is not easy to pull off this monochromatic look, however, with the aid of accessories, it is not impossible. A dark brown leather belt pairs beautifully with dark brown loafers or Oxford shoes. Also, the style of the outfit is affected by the choice of pants. If the navy blue pants are denim pants, the look leans more towards a comfortable and informal outfit, and if the navy blue pants are formal pants with a vertical crease, the look becomes more graceful and stylish.

Source: menwithstyle

Baby pink

For those who think outside the box, and are not afraid to experiment with fashion, the bold combination of blue pants and a baby pink shirt is a real show-stopper. A piece of advice for a formal outing is to tuck the shirt into the navy blue pants and pair it with a dark brown belt. A combination of a baby pink shirt with brown shoes and a light brown belt would look washed out and not defined. 

On the other hand, the definition and effect of a cinched waist is achieved with a dark brown waist belt. If you want to add a touch of class to the look, roll up the sleeves and embellish your wrist with a brown leather watch that goes well with brown loafers. Sleeves can be rolled up or down depending on your preferences and the style you’re going for.


Patterned shirt

Mix patterns and solid-color navy blue pants for an unforgettable look. Put your own stamp on the outfit by opting for a patterned shirt. Patterns are a tricky upgrade to your outfit that can either look amazing, or ruin the entire look. A patterned shirt is an eye-grabbing clothing piece which means there is no need for any additional details, otherwise, it would look exaggerated. Furthermore, a patterned tie on a patterned shirt is a risky combination that should be avoided at all costs.

For instance, florals or dot pattern is how you refresh the look for a summer night out, but wearing floral shirt pattern in the winter would definitely raise a few eyebrows. Even though it is not set in stone, plaid or tartan are more formal patterns that are usually worn in the winter days. 

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A quality white shirt is a must-have for every man"s wardrobe. It can be styled in many different ways and it can look fashionable for every occasion and every time of the year. Whether you wear it entirely tucked in, only one side tucked in, or over the pants it will still look like a timeless staple of wardrobe. A high-quality white buttoned shirt never goes out of fashion. The classic look of a white shirt is an impeccable choice for people who play it safe. However, with this combination, adding a blue or a grey tie to your outfit is a great way to spice up a basic white shirt and give the entire outfit a more sophisticated look.

Source: menwithstyle

Shirt colour

Pants colour


Light blue

Navy blue 

Dark brown belt

Dark blue

Light brown belt

Baby pink

Brown leather watch


No accessories


Blue tie

Which men"s socks should you wear with navy blue pants brown shoes outfit?

This unconventional type of accessory is especially great for fall or winter when they keep you warm. Socks are a great accessory because they complement the outfit or accentuate its colour. If the navy blue pants you’re wearing have a shorter hem length, socks are not going to be concealed. That is why it is important to choose an interesting pattern or a fun color of socks. 


For a formal occasion, the color of the socks that matches brown shoes and blue pants is dark brown, or dark blue or gray, which will look professional. If the event is casual and you want to show off your quirky side, choose crazy sock patterns and have a blast answering questions about your sock choice.

How to wear blue pants with brown shoes throughout different seasons?

Different seasons call for different stylings and different types of shoes. The combination of navy blue pants with brown shoes can be incorporated into every look and steal the show every time. Whether your goal is to look chic and elegant or you’re aiming for a casual look, we’ve got you covered for every time of the year. If your fashion style leans more towards minimalism, just wear the outfits and don’t opt for any accessories. This is an easy but effective way to tone it down a bit.

Blue denim pants, leather jacket and white T-shirt for springBrown boots with blue pants and a white polo shirt for summerBlue suit, turtleneck and brown shoes for fallBrown trench coat, dark blue pants and brown shoes for the winter


Spring is the best time to take your look to the next level and experiment with your looks. It is still not too hot, so you can dress in layers. It is the time of the year when you can allow yourself to unbutton a few buttons on your shirt, and still look classy. Throw a white cardigan or a black leather jacket over your T-shirt. For example, instead of wearing the cardigan, you can also let it loosely hang down your chest or tie the jacket around your waist. 

Of course, accessories are necessary if you want to run away from the ordinary look. Brown sunglasses, brown leather belt, or brown bracelets can accentuate the skinny fit design of the jeans and brown boots. 


Summer is the season of mixing different colors together. Basically, whatever color you choose as your outfit’s accent colour, it will blend into this combination perfectly. It’s up to you to choose between mint green, neon yellow or pastel pink. A mixture of comfort and style is matching brown Chelsea boots with dark blue pants and a polo shirt. This casual combination that is both stylish and easy going can be accompanied with a variety of accessories such as sunglasses, a watch, denim jacket around your waist or all of the above. If you feel like the weather is too hot for a denim jacket, just take it off and enjoy your new look.


Fall is the season where dark brown color and all shades of brown come to life. Turtlenecks in all shades of brown accompanied with brown shoes can look very elegant. If the occasion is formal, like an important meeting at the company, wear a blue suit with the turtleneck. However, if you are going for a drink with colleagues after work, just take off the blazer and you will still look stylish, but dressed down. Take it up a notch with accessories such as a brown leather watch, brown belt, or a white handkerchief when you’re wearing the blazer.


Another name for winter is layers. If you gained a few extra pounds, it is easy to cover it up by wearing more clothes than usual. A perfect combination for a chilly winter day is a brown coat, dark blue denim pants and brown shoes. Instead of looking very plain and usual, this combination can actually look stylish with the aid of a brown belt, and a collared camo shirt underneath the coat. You can also wear another shirt under the camo shirt, but choose a single coloured pastel shirt or a plain white one, so that the entire outfit isn’t overshadowed by the color of the shirt.

Accessory glow up

For a complete look choose some of the accessories. If you are able to wear them all at the same time, sometimes it can look extremely fashionable. Play with the look, and add more dimension and depth to it with the help of these accessories.

SunglassesBrown leather beltBracelet


Different shapes, sizes and colors of the sunglasses tell a different story. Oversized square sunglasses will draw everyone’s attention to your face, and make a real fashion statement. Tiny vintage sunglasses will emphasize your facial features. With both of these glasses, you can match the color of the frames with the color of your other accessories.

Brown leather belt

A high-quality leather belt is a must-have for every stylish man. Not only is it practical, it is also versatile and pairs beautifully with brown shoes and pastel colored cardigans or shirts. It is the easiest way to highlight your wardrobe and not look too extravagant. A brown belt pairs beautifully with navy blue suits, dark blue pants with brown shoes, and even the bracelets.

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Last but not least, this is something not everyone dares to wear on a daily basis. You can wear a single bracelet accompanied with a watch, or you can choose to wear three rows of bracelets on both wrists, it’s up to you and the style you choose. This is a great way to stand out in the crowd and show your fashion sense to the world.

Important tips to remember:

Clean and polish your brown shoes for a better lookAccessorize your outfits Do not wear patterned tie with a patterned shirt

If you still aren’t sure about what style works best for you and your personality, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. The one you feel most confident in is the right style for you. In the meantime, try out styling navy blue pants with brown shoes, take a few pictures, and we are sure you will fall in love with the outfits and the colors!