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“When nature make theblue-birdshe wished come propitiate both the sky and the earth, so she gave him the color of the one ~ above his ago and the hue of the various other on his breast.” —John Burroughs

Spotting a masculine eastern bluebird to add a distinct thrill to any outdoor excursion. That patriotic plumage — lively blue back, rusty red breast and also white belly — renders it among the many colorful pets in the herbal world. Perhaps for this reason, it has the rarely honor of being the official bird of two states: brand-new York and also Missouri.

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While a treat for birdwatchers, the male eastern bluebird’s beauty has a an ext important duty — to attract a woman bluebird. Come prove he is a responsible mate, that takes part very rudimentary strides to develop a colony in a tree cavity, frequently a hole created by a woodpecker. That spends many of his time perched close to the hole, flapping his azure wing to “hook” an interested female. He pipeline it entirely up to she to complete the housekeeping — gathering and also fitting together the twigs and also grasses to build the cup-shaped nest.

Once the 3 come 7 egg in a typical brood hatch, the masculine helps feeding theyoung. The common bluebird diet consists of insects, fruits and berries, although castle havebeen recognized to chow down on salamanders, snakes and also tree frogs.

Unlike many bird species, east bluebirds frequently hatch 2 broods a season. The very first batch is moved out the the swarm in the summer. Those born in the 2nd hatching have tendency to overwinter through their parents. Sadly east bluebirds have a an extremely high mortality price — many die within the an initial year that life indigenous starvation, freezing or falling food to various other animals. Still, your overall population has remained fairly stable.

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How have the right to you aid Eastern bluebirds? If your yard is reasonably open — lock don’t favor shady, forested locations — consider building a colony box. Girlfriend can find tips for this here. And also stop using pesticides: the bluebirds will certainly take treatment of your lawn’s insects.

Male eastern Bluebird (Photo: Patricia Pierce on Flicker (CC through 2.0)
Male east Bluebird (Photo: rick from Alabama ~ above Flickr (CC-by-2.0)
Male & woman Easter Bluebird (Photo: Claudine Lamothe top top Flickr (CC by-NC 2.0)
Male eastern Bluebird (Photo: mark Theriot on Flickr (CC by-NC-ND 2.0)
Male eastern Bluebird (Photo: Walter Keenan)