Reddit enables you to create your very own profile banner that reflects up behind your alien avatar. This is comparable to how on Twitter you deserve to make your very own header for her profile. However, this is a bit more daunting and tricky to execute without a reminder or template.

There\"s a many confusion ~ above the appropriate size and ratio that fits their required dimensions. Your Reddit avatar additionally covers up part of the image you use for her banner. We created a template and laid the end instructions on how to make your own banner.

Add her images and designsDelete the black location holder and also textExport and also Download her bannerUpload come Reddit

Step 1: open up the Reddit Banner Template

This design template will work on her phone or ~ above your computer – just click the embedded button down listed below to begin.

\"*\"\"s Reddit profile Banner Template
The dimension for the Reddit profile banner is 1000 through 300 pixels or a 10:3 ratio. There is a little black rectangle just to the ideal of the middle, that will be extended by your Reddit avatar. If you\"re no working v words or a design where everything needs come be viewed for the full effect, you have the right to ignore these assets by merely deleting them now. They room in there to aid guide friend so girlfriend don\"t have something in your architecture that\"s covered up by her user avatar.

Step 2: include Your Images and also Designs

You deserve to import any kind of image indigenous Google search, which is neatly developed directly into in the height toolbar under \"Images.\" once you\"ve found photo that suits you, girlfriend can add it come the project. You\"ll notice it\"s covering up the black color square and text – to send your photo to the back, pick your image and also hit \"send backwards\" until the black color square is visible.

Step 2: adding images to her Reddit profile cover

You can include as many text, images, or boundaries as you like. Here\"s my perfect design. Can you tell i failed my student in the first year year design class? hopefully my ceo doesn\"t review this paragraph...

Almost perfect Reddit file banner

Step 3: Delete the black Placeholder and Text

After you\"re happy with just how your banner looks and also you\"re ready to export, delete the black square and also text by choosing them and either hitting the delete crucial on your key-board or hitting the trash icon on the layers panel on the bottom ideal of the screen.

A perfect Reddit profile banner

You might want to go back and add some more things after seeing the black square deleted. Don\"t worry: also if you change your mind and want to add an ext to the banner, you deserve to hop right ago into your project and also add or delete layers.

Step 4: Export and also Download her Banner

When you\"re completely ready come send this banner to Reddit, click the export Image button on the optimal right and also then click download once it\"s excellent processing.

Exporting your Reddit profile banner

Now, you have actually a perfect Reddit profile banner that\"s all set to be added to her user profile and shared through the world!

Step 5: Upload her Reddit file Banner come Reddit

After you\"re logged into your profile on Reddit, click your username or head to your profile\"s page.

How to upload your Reddit profile banner

You\"ll see a pencil icon to the ideal of your Reddit avatar. Click that and upload your banner that you simply made. You\"re every done! Now, anyone that clicks on her Reddit profile will certainly see exactly how nifty and an innovative you are.

Now the you\"ve learned just how to upload and create your own profile banner for her Reddit account, your personal branding has actually leveled up and also your account is one step over the following person.

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