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In History’s drama series SIX, premiering Jan. 18, Justified‘s Walton Goggins stars as Richard “Rip” Taggart, a former Navy SEAL Team six leader rotate gun-for-hire who’s recorded by Boko Haram alongside the students and teacher of a girls’ institution in Nigeria. The men previously under his command, currently led by his protégé, Barry Sloane’s Joe “Bear” Graves, inquiry the rescue mission.

inter-base.net TV spoke independently with Goggins and David Broyles, a army special work vet who co-created the collection with his father, screenwriter william Broyles Jr. (Jarhead, Apollo 13), to talk about the heart of the eight-episode season. Here are five things you require to know going in.

1. The story no just about the rescue mission. “It’s about the SEAL family and also the residence family and the push and also pull in between those families,” David says. Together opposed to many soldiers who go on long deployments, “These guys will go on goals like other civilization go on company trips,” he says. “One day they will certainly be in ~ a fertility clinic, and also then, 24 hours later, they’ll it is in parachuting into an ocean to take under a terrorist. ~ they do that, they’re back home 24 hrs later. That the an obstacle of maintaining both worlds, when you’re crossing in between them for this reason often and also so viscerally.”

Showing the home lives of the SEALs offers a full picture. “A lot of these movies and also shows about SEALs display them as superheroes,” Broyles says. “We acquire to watch them together the Michael Jordans of one-of-a-kind operations: We see them play the game, and they’re shooting three-pointers, they’re dunking from the free-throw line, however we don’t acquire to view what happens before and after that. Come me, the does a disservice to the men and their families, due to the fact that they’re not superheroes and they’re no bulletproof. They’re human, and also they have actually these concerns they resolve that we can recognize. Our goal to be to humanize them and show that they are world like us doing one incredible job under extraordinarily challenging circumstances, and to me, that’s always what do them heroic.”


5. While Goggins only had actually three work to prepare to play Rip (they reshot the character’s scenes in illustration 1 and 2 and went right right into Episode 3), the rest of the actors play SEALs had gone v training together prior to filming began. How the actors performed educated their roles: “Kyle Schmid to be a herbal athlete, and he required to the training nice quickly, and also that yes, really fit with Caulder’s character, who points come more easily to, therefore we included that a little bit,” Broyles says. “Barry Sloane, one Englishman, reached his breaking allude during the training, similar to everybody rather did, but he driven through it, and also we identified that graves is a grinder — the is walk to press through, kind of choose Barry did. And also then yes Ortiz , who we always thought was going to be the adhesive of the team, and Juan Pablo exemplified that. He was the guy who kept everybody together.”

At that time, Broyles was place scouting in north Carolina (Season 1 to be filmed in Wilmington, Del.), and he received reports every couple of hours from the show’s technical advisor, Mitch Hall, a retired marine SEAL who likewise worked ~ above the movies Zero Dark Thirty and Lone Survivor. One day, Jaylen Moore (aka Fishbait) hurt his knee during training and spent hrs hopping ~ above one leg and also being brought by the others. “I didn’t understand if they to be going to speak to their agent and also be like, ‘We’ve had it. We’re leaving,'” Broyles says. “We to be pushing lock to their limits, and one the the things we want to view was if they would certainly come together in the face of adversity. The totality goal was to really develop the bond and the brotherhood as quickly as possible, and also I’ve discovered personally, there’s two means to execute that: One is come maybe obtain in the boxing ring and trade punches, or two is common suffering. Come hear that they were coming with each other in that minute with Jaylen was really reassuring. At the point, i knew that they were going to do it.”

SIX premieres Jan. 18 in ~ 10 p.m. On History.

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