The task is made up of 14 tracks, consisting of the singles “Trap catch Trap” with Young Thug and Wale and “She on my Dick” special Gucci Mane. Ross disses Birdman ~ above the chris Rock-assisted “Idols end up being Rivals.”

Other guest appearances come indigenous Raphael Saadiq, Nas, Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton.

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Rather You than Me is Rozay’s 9th studio album and also follows 2015’s black color Market. The recent controversy about Snoop Dogg pretending come assassinate president Donald trump card is not a new phenomenon together the MMG Boss caused a stir when he rapped around killing the mogul ~ above the black Market cut “Free Enterprise.”

Stream stack Ross’ Rather You 보다 Me below and keep scrolling because that the tracklist and also cover art.

Apple of my Eye (f. Raphael Saadiq)Santorini GreeceIdols come to be Rivals (f. Chris Rock)Trap catch Trap (f. Young Thug & Wale)Dead Presidents (f. Future, Jeezy & Yo Gotti)She top top My prick (f. Gucci Mane)I Think She choose Me (f. Ty Dolla $ign)Powers that Be (f. Nas)Game Ain’t based upon SympathyScientologyLamborghini Doors (f. Meek Mill & Anthony Hamilton)Triple Platinum (f. Scrilla)Maybach Music V (f. DeJ Loaf)Summer Seventeen (f. Yo Gotti)

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Another day, an additional piece that the puzzle the reveals the full picture of rick Ross’ Rather You than Me album.

This time, The Teflon Don (Ross, no John Gotti) has released the full tracklist for album number nine.

Ross had actually previously listed the guest attributes for the project, yet now we check out that he’ll be joined by Future, Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy top top “Dead Presidents” and that he’ll team up through Meek Mill and also Anthony Hamilton for “Lamborghini Doors.”

Comedian chris Rock — who freshly described Ross together “the greatest rapper alive” — will attribute on “Idols come to be Rivals.”

Check the complete track list below and also scroll under for an ext details about the album, i beg your pardon drops in march 17.

After recruiting his friend Martha Stewart come premiere the cover art for his Rather You than Me album, stack Ross is reflecting off much more of the names in his contact list the will appear on his new project, which arrives March 17.

For his nine album, Ross has enlisted attributes from some huge names in contemporary Hip Hop, consisting of Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug, Meek Mill, and comedian chris Rock.

Check out the complete list below.

rickyrozay) march 8, 2017

The two common some steamy moments once Tha Boss appeared on the Snoop Dogg-assisted show and also apparently preserved in contact.

Check out the cover art for rick Ross’ Rather You than Me album below.


(This write-up was very first published November 21, 2016 and also is below.)

Rick Ross announced his ninth studio album, titled Rather You than Me, yesterday (November 20).

The Miami boss wore a sweatshirt with the title of the job on it in ~ the American Music Awards together he to walk the red carpet.

Rozay additionally shared what appears to it is in the cover arts for the project to his Instagram. Rather You 보다 Me will certainly be his an initial release on epos Records and is expected in early on 2017.

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Ross’ last release was Black Market, i beg your pardon dropped last December. He likewise shared the Maybach Music team mixtape Priorities 5 last month.