ICA_06_Announcement(1200x362).jpg Greetings Riders,We have already past the due day of the migration indigenous Nexon to inter-base.net. Give thanks to you because that riding with us again in inter-base.net and also we will make sure to give the best service that you will ever have.There are many promising materials this year and we will certainly surely deliver it come the community fully functional.For now, let"s gain the brand-new content update! Riders, our journey will never end, it constantly begins.Have fun and also let"s grind to max level and party up because that Yatuman Dungeon!Some inquiries will be answered by looking in ~ FAQ.- ICARUS TEAM

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Hello, ns cant go into the video game from the launcher, as soon as it send me come website ~ logging in it doesn"t to speak play game. Is it since of maintenance? .It is questioning me come download the game and also I currently been playing for a week. Assist me please.

good morning i have actually a difficult account on hike until now i have an open up tickt till today and no answer i shot to enter and also my character does not appear how have the right to i deal with this problem

hi - enter and also my personality does not appear -4 months have actually passed and also nothing-I would certainly appreciate clearing my doubts, many thanks for her time.

Hello. Have the right to you deliver accounts also after the migration"s due date? ns was max level, stop the video game for a year, yet came ago to watch this - no option to transfer. Ns messaged the suport, GMs - quiet no answer.

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Hello there, you know if our instance with th worry "Missing Characters" will certainly be fixed.? due to the fact that the next day the the migration day i can"t play...1.- basically 6-7 months without play...2.- I have been steam player due to the fact that 3 years ago, the exact same 3 years play Riders that Icarus... Why? Riders of Icarus to be my very first game on vapor and ~ above PC because before i was xbox player3.- ns a veteran player through 7070hrs that playtime...4.- i completed the migration sucessfully... I can play on vapor or with the inter-base.net"s launcher yet i have the worry "Missing Characters"...5.- I already contacted with the support long time ago.... 25 tickets!! and also 14 tickets only for what the assistance team answer me this: "Confirm to us that friend are originally a vapor player"... Native the ticket #15 come the 25 i sent my data, ns sent photos as proofs and nothing...NO more ANSWERS....You already transfered 2 batches that transfers/accounts ago to heavy steam and mine account wasn"t there...6.- with discord ns tried to contact with cm Athena and i to be ignored... I tried to contact with GM Phoebe and i was ignored...7.- If girlfriend want and can transfer earlier my full progress and data to my vapor account its ok... If girlfriend want and also can tranfer mine data for play through inter-base.net"s launcher its ok as well i can play ~ above both...8.- I already sent the kind with my data and characters names....im wait for a miracle...PLEASE HELP!!