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Product information

Manufacturer:Hiya Toys
Series:5 Inch action Figure
Original:Planet the the Apes
List Price:3,667yenabout33.41USD
Sales Price: 3,000yenabout27.33USD
Points Acquired: 30pointsOther Currencies
Item inter-base.netde:2340

Anime Robot/SFX > various other Models (Overseas Character/Movie) List"> Non-Japanese Character>Other Models (Overseas Character/Movie)
- brand-new Toys from China manufacturer Haiya (Hiya Toys) movie ofAction numbers is here!- The lineup to be the hero of the story is a sequel come Caesar and also to revolutionize led the monkeysEdge the the brutal nature which could be key.Sort head of each hand components of the sort is included. Caesar is also in the play accessoriesIncluded.It is a number of the eagerly-awaited in this work-related was only a little percentage of inter-base.netmmercialized in a huge hit!
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